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  1. Pete Burns, rather curious. I had remembered that song from the 80s, and know his current face, but had not put two and two together (possibly because I am not that interested in pop or celebrity culture).
    Anyway, Burns started off as the posterchild for androgyny (following on from Adam Ant, and Gary Glitter I guess). But, clearly Burns is genderqueer (the part in the interview where he says what is on the outside is not on the inside). Burns does not ‘identify as a woman’ even though he minstrelises it.
    Burns also admits to the ‘plastic surgery addiction’ and that it won’t stop. This puts him in the body dysmorphia group, the only difference here is that he aquires female features or probably more correctly, obliterates the male features. He is sexually attracted to males, so his case may also be rooted in homophobia, so there is internal conflict going on there that will never be resolved by all the plastic surgeries in the world.
    His ‘trout pout’ lip reaction was an inflammatory auto-immune reaction, and some people do have overactive immune systems (good for fighting diseases, but can also be bad when the body fights its own normal mechanisms).
    Overall, I would put Burns in the category of Drag Queen, a male-indentified-male who is sexually attracted to males, and who is minstrelising on a 24/7 basis. He is a usurper of females, seeks to replace them not join them, and considers himself superior to FABs. Very similar to Elagabalus.
    Burns is probably a good example of why genderqueer and tranz don’t really mix from an ideological standpoint. Although they all consider themselves to be “look at me” speshul snowflakes. Whatevs. They can all fuck off out of our bathrooms and demand to have speshul snowflake bathrooms of their very own. I can imagine their speshul snowflake bathrooms will end up like this.
    On a final note, all these genderbending/androgyny poster boyz from the 70s and 80s; Glitter, Ant, Burns; none of them can be regarded as sane. Some are also dangerous too, notably Glitter and Ant.

    1. Glitter turned out to be a pedophile.
      It’s interesting how androgyny is basically a male phenomenon. Females are rarely ever considered androgynous. More often they are considered dykes except in cases of overt heterosexuality, like I’ve seen Annie Lennox referred to as being somewhat androgenous, but not the same way males are. I think androgyny is mainly reserved for males, not a true option for females. I did see some awful (and sad) F2T try to assert that Patti Smith was “transgender” because she did not exhibit commercialized femininity. Probably more to do with the mindset of why that person started injecting testosterone than anything else. I’d say about 98% of the time “androgynous” is a term reserved for males and not for females regardless of how they present.

      1. You are right, I don’t think females are ever considered truly androgynous, when they refuse to perform femininity they are regarded as dykes usually. When males do it, it is seen as edgy and experimental, when females do it, it is considered dykey and non-conformist. All to do with the privilege of males, and to keep those uppity females firmly in imprisoned in their gender roles.

      2. I should probably have checked up on Ant, who is a manic depressive (I vaguely recalled him being involved in the Camden incident), I thought he had also been done for child porn, but I was confusing him with someone else (other than Glitter, who is a creepy pedophile). I blame my oversight on the lack of caring for celebrity.
        Ant was lucky that the armed response team did not show up, the armed response team have a habit of shooting dead those who wave around guns or immitation guns, around in the streets.

      3. Wow. Really? Like HELL Patti Smith is twanz!
        There is no question that biological females are socialized differently from MtTs. Years ago, succumbing to the pressure put on women-loving BIOLOGICAL women of all sorts, and particularly lesbians, to date twanzwomen, I did so. “She” was a lot younger than me and totally caught up in what I now recognize as the Tumblr Speshul Snowflake way of thinking, tho I don’t believe Tumblr existed then, this was a while back.
        The ex may have passed as a young woman while wearing dresses, etc., this was true for this person even before hormonal transition, but mentally, the male-born entitlement was 200% there. I recall an incident on a work night exceptionally well. The ex had me over and I said I had to go. It was after midnite, I had work in the AM, the train to my house was not 24 hours and the last one was due in 15 minutes. The ex did not give a sh1t, truly. In fact, the ex demanded I stick around and fellate the “ladypeen” for another hour, thus showing male privilege arrogantly and fully in the following ways:
        1. Did not understand why I wasn’t keen to walk home alone at 2 AM as a woman in the city, because the ex had not been socialized female and did not understand the dangers experienced by all female-born women. (I was raped once by an entitled prick after I came out, yes corrective rape is REAL, and also mugged when I myself was in my early 20s, that this entitled little shit, now in hear early 20s, could not see the issue as it was, was a huge part of my “problem” with our dating.)
        2. Did not understand that as a woman, I cannot be late to work because, working in the male-dominated field of software, my presence is already RESENTED and I am constantly being scanned for signs of not-belongingness which are used against me.
        3. Insisted that I exist for the purpose of pleasuring male genitals, that I am a fuckhole with a fuckhole for a mouth. See also: “Cotton ceiling” debate, which I, stupidly, allowed myself to become sympathetic too, and years before it was even vocalized as a thing too! What a stupid, useful idiot I was.
        So gross. So very entitled. So very not female. That night was the turning point. I dumped the twanz ex not long after. Ex knew what was coming and turned on the dysphoria/suicidal ideation/you don’t accept me blah blah blah of course but I was strong enough to shake it off and go my separate way.
        p.s. Twanzwomen fuck like men too. With total and complete entitlement. I have never, ever EVER had a biological female girlfriend/partner/SO who acted in bed the way my twanz ex did. Going forward from this period of my life, which was clearly marked by a serious lapse of judgment, every time a twanz says lesbian women (and all BIOLOGICAL FEMALES who love women) are “twanzphobic” for not wanting to fuck them, I will point to this incident — and the others like it such as the many outlined on this blog — and then I will call myself a proud TERF.
        Remind me to tell you the story of me debating a twanz on funfeminism sometime, with the former party sticking to the story that since funfems are soooooo “trans positive” and “doing so much for trans rights” there is “nothing to complain about.” (!!!!!!)
        Fuck this shit, females deserve better.

  2. Jake, a gay man, certainly did not think it through, particularly the part about reducing the dating pool. Going M2T certainly reduces the cruising opportunities…

    1. It was good of Jake to speak up and give comfort to other trans who have made the same mistake of letting surgeons get ahold of them in their time of confusion. There are plenty of them out there but there is such a taboo against them speaking out. Quite a lot of transsexuals simply grow out of the whole idea after a time but they are hounded and attacked by the fantasists and wannabes whenever they speak up. I will be doing posts on this.

      1. This is really the main concern about tranz today, that it is being pushed on younger and younger people, right down to children.
        Most people over the age of 30 or 40, absolutely cringe at the stupid shit they did when they were teens or in their twenties, particularly when they look back on the fashions and trends they followed.
        I don’t consider anyone below 25 to be truly adult (as in fully knowing their own minds), they are proto-adults – neither teens nor fully adults. It is about 25 for females, and usually 30* for males (*if ever!).

  3. Part of what I think is so interesting about these two videos is the sense of body modification as being transformational, profoundly transformational, almost as a form of transubstantiation, re-creation, rebirth, and then the failure of that magical fantasy and the resulting medical butchery and the physical reality- which unlike perspective or self-image is not reversible. And what you’re left with is incurable mutilation.

    1. and then the failure of that magical fantasy and the resulting medical butchery and the physical reality- which unlike perspective or self-image is not reversible. And what you’re left with is incurable mutilation.
      Yes, so true. 🙁
      Definitely more regretters need to come forward, although it is truly embarrassing for them.
      The cult of plastic surgery also needs taking to task.

  4. Look at the angry comments to his videos! These guys call this hoax, acting and lie. What idiots! They mocking him because he regrets! Unbelivable! It’s like a weird cult were you can’t get out when you regret.
    Cizz from europe

  5. It’s so sad. For both men. Although they have taken femininity to the extreme it’s a warning to all fabs what patriarchial compliance can do to you if you bring it to it’s extreme logical conclusion. And you will always get some Dr Abuse to carve you up. Always.

    1. I have met some very creepy surgeons over the years, not plastic surgeons, just regular surgeons.

  6. The doctors are the common element in all this. That profession particularly as regards women really needs to be put under the radical feminist microscope. Ahem. They, all, because it’s not one rotten apple, in the barrel, but systemic, all regard women as sub-human, weird protoplasm compilations gone wrong, that they god-creatures, must tinker with. Even when they go wrong, oopsie, they’ve still improved us. It’s not actually a didactic question on the “getting into doctor school” application, but it’s sussed out. It is so complex. I wish GM and Fab you’d look at it. No one has done it although, there were some early attempts in the ’70s but that did not focus on the taking down what’s so sick about the medical profession, rather on guerilla gyne.

  7. That’s really sad. These men should have gotten some help and guidance from the medical profession, but instead they got nothing but exploitation. Mary Daly got a lot of flack for comparing it to Dr Frankenstein, but that’s exactly what it is. Those doctors didn’t give a crap about the people they were operating on, they had their own agenda, some perverse belief that they were like gods and had the right to “improve” a human being.

  8. Yes Fab. This is why MtT get so angry with FAABs. It isn’t working out, must be a woman’s fault. They never take out their rage, anger and failure on other MALES. Specifically, those who enabled them into this mess, and those they want to f*ck. Who are probably one and the same.

  9. maggie, I share your sadness.
    The fact that Jake is getting anything but support and compassion from trans supporters just goes to show how insecure they are in their beliefs about gender and sex. People who are secure in what they know to be true do not feel so threatened by those who are speaking something different that they go on the attack. People who are threatened by disagreement do not truly seek the truth.
    I hope more and more of the Jakes of the world find the courage to speak out.

  10. I found this page about regret:
    -“Their language is illusory. You fundamentally can’t change sex”
    -“The surgery doesn’t alter you genetically. It’s genital mutilation.
    -“What’s scary is you still feel like you have a penis when you’re sexually aroused. It’s like phantom limb syndrome.”
    (Jake told something about this too)
    Cizz from europe

  11. Sorry guys I just noticed what kind of website I’ve posted. I do not agree with all the other things on this site.

  12. Yes, male surgeons: don’t trust them as far as you can throw them.
    It’s in vogue at the moment to call women in for minor operations on their labia, to remove pre-cancerous cells for example, and to excise her clitoris *without* *even* *asking* *her* beforehand. THis is in developed countries, usually Australia,
    Here’s just one example
    I read one incident where the surgeon whispered into the woman’s ear “I’m going to take your clit too”, just before she slipped into unconsciousness from the anaesthetic.
    I’d rather take my chances with death than a surgeon.

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