Chrissy Don't Play

Chrissy Lee Polis was not attacked for using a restroom. A teenaged girl (who assumed Chrissy was female) started a fight with Chrissy for “talking to her man”. Chrissy had already used the restroom without incident when the confrontation occurred. There was no bathroom incident and the confrontation had nothing to do with bathroom usage and did not occur inside, or relating in any way, to the bathroom. Chrissy was treated exactly the same as a female because the teens assaulting him thought he was female. He was beaten “as a woman” by a woman who accused “her” of talking “to my man”. That’s why the teens called him “she”, “her” and “bitch” on the tape. According to Chrissy he was attacked as a woman by a teenaged girl for talking to her man.
A female McDonald’s employee broke up the fight but the teen returned and when Chrissy defended himself and ripped out the girl’s weave and put the teen in a chokehold the girl’s friend got involved and the beatdown accelerated. Nothing to do with a bathroom. This “beatdown” video, like hundreds (thousands?) of others was posted online. Go to YouTube and search “beatdown” or even “McDonald’s Beatdown” and you will see what I mean. There are hundreds of them. Public violence filmed on cellphones is a huge infotainment trend.
The confusion seems to stem from the fact that Vernon Hackett, the dickwad who filmed the skirmish, a McDonalds employee, knew Chrissy was transgender and said on the recording Yo that’s a man, not a woman. And when he uploaded the video on YouTube and linked to it on his facebook page (what a shit fuck) he was apparently confronted about his ethics and tried to “defend” his actions by stating that Chrissy was a man, not a woman, a crossdresser, not a transgender (as if crossdressers aren’t the biggest category of transgender!), had not had SRS and had a penis and testicles, not an acceptable neo-surgi-hole, and that the incident was over bathroom usage. None of which was true according to Chrissy.
Chrissy was regarded as female by the police and the Baltimore Press, and his transgender status was never mentioned in the initial reporting of this incident. The fact that Chrissy was treated as female was very confusing to transgenders.
Chrissy was outed as being male by the website of “sex worker” and pornographer BrittanyTS ( NSFW) which was then picked up by Bilerco, who outed Chrissy as male to the wider media.  “This is absolutely disgusting. After an unidentified transwoman tried to use the bathroom at a Baltimore McDonald’s, two patrons started attacking her in full view of other customers and employees” they erroneously reported. Then The Smoking Gun outed Chrissy as Chris and posted his criminal history of prostitution and public disturbance (resulting from a complaint of assault against a woman). Bilerco outed Chrissy because they believed at face value the facebook posts by the amateur videographer that Chrissy was a male crossdresser with male tackle who was confronted in a bathroom incident and they thought use of Chrissy as a figurehead for the transgender bathroom meme of “women being horrible oppressive abusers to men” would be helpful to the transgender agenda regardless of Chrissy’s wish not to be publicly outed or placed in such a public role. Facts couldn’t stand in the way of their agenda.
“She was beaten for trying to use public accommodations by people who thought she had no right to do so, Cathy. And bystanders laughed – you can hear that on the video – because they thought she had no right to do so either. That you ignore that obvious fact and try de-railing says a lot about your wilful blindness on this issue. Zoe Brain | April 22, 2011 11:10 PM”
Dozens of posts and thousands of comments ensued from transgenders filled with self-righteous rage about the inhumanity of woman to men. And hundreds of incredibly racist comments about the female teens. An eruption, as it were from male transgenders towards females and blacks and especially black females. There were so many racist comments on various trans sites that  Bilerco  wrote a post to address them.
“this is why black people are all scum and white people have class an decency. f****ing black animals.”
“Haven’t we reached a point in this country where it is entirely okay to knock a bitch out if she’s on the verge of killing someone? Negroetta easily had 60 pounds and a sidekick on the trans woman.”
“This has nothing to do with race, it is transphobia. They are transphobic, horrible bitches.”
But come to find out Chrissy wasn’t playing. Rather than playing victim he made a video statement about how he was attacked as a female talking to another female’s man. And how he was fine except for a bruise on his knee and a faint facial bruise and the stretching of his earlobe piercings which now caused his heavy earrings to fall out. He was most upset about his privacy being invaded and his governments being dredged up online. Chrissy wasn’t following the script at all but was telling the truth. Chrissy was not dumb enough to follow the advice of privileged middle-aged males who wanted and needed to make him into a victim martyr for the idea that females violently oppressed him by treating him as female. Chrissy was used to passing as female and being treated as female and didn’t have the male sense of outrage over the female treatment he received from the teenage girls who gave him the beatdown. Chrissy wasn’t playing and faking a head injury and making up a violent bathroom attack the way the transphobic McDonald’s employee filmographer and the transphobic outing transgenders at Bilerco wanted to believe. Chrissy said it was NOT a fight over a bathroom, was NOT a fight over being transgender, but rather over a presumed female talking to the teen’s “man”. Because Chrissy wasn’t a liar, and had some pride. Unlike the haters and Bilerco posters. And misogynist transphobic Pams House Blend blogger Autumn Sandeen too, who called for a national campaign against female bathrooms to be called “the Chrissy Lee Polis Bill”.  Nevermind the fact that the fight had NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH BATHROOMS, or even being transgender. Never let a good story get in the way of the truth.
Over and over the trans decried the way McDonald’s employees were all transphobes who did nothing to stop the fight, despite the fact that a black male employee is clearly seen on film physically breaking up the fight when it first occurred, and another black male attempting several times to put himself physically between the combatants after that. They only saw the white woman stepping in, and hailed her as a hero. Which maybe she was. Same as the black employees who put themselves in the middle. But not to the transjacktivists. The black defenders were invisible.
The trans wanted a figurehead for their meme that females are brutal oppressors of males but what they really protest is a MTF being treated as female. There are no cases of female violence against trans, even in bathrooms. The only violent trans bathroom incident I’m aware of involving male transgenders is the one in New York years ago when a woman told a male crossdresser to leave the ladies room and he punched her in the face and knocked out five of her front teeth and went to jail for it. He’d had a long violent felony history prior to that event.
So Chrissy wasn’t used to lying and pretending and playing victim like fake-ass upper class trans activists who wanted to use him and lie about his experience of being treated like shit: like female. He was drunk, he went to McDonalds to use the bathroom, he exchanged witty repartee with fellow customers on the way -one of whom apparently had a jealous girlfriend, he used the bathroom without incident and then got attacked on the way out of the restaurant by a female who took umbrage to another female talking to “her man”. Trans-activists are desperate for any example of how females are tormenting them for being male. But Chrissy aint playin. He took his experience as one encountered by females, which is how he presented, and viewed himself. Hard for many transactivists to understand.
A “protest” was held last night across from the McDonalds by transjacktivists and a few members of Chrissy’s family showed. But Chrissy didn’t. Chrissy just wanted to live his fucking life, and is too smart to get pimped into some bullshit. LEAVE CHRISSY ALONE !  If you really give a shit just send money, don’t try to use a person. Cause Chrissy aint playin.

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  1. The distorted ‘reporting’ of this has done no favours to anyone least of all to Chrissy who has rightly kept well out of the picture. I’m glad he isn’t playing anymore.
    The racist abuse by the awful Brittany (I noticed in the link he’s fine with having PIA with a black man), clearly shows how messed up the head many trans are. No one questions the account Brittany gives, simply taking it at face value. Ergo the jump has been made to petition that trans can use female restrooms without discrimination. All based on an event that had nothing to do with it. It just shows they will pounce on anything to nail through their agenda. They just have to get their way.

  2. Pretty much figured a lot of this was over hyped. Good to see Chrissy has the common sense and decency to know and let others know that this was due to how well he passed as female and not because of some special snowflake oppressed trans status. I mean, really, if this was just a plain old FAAB that had been beaten up on this video no one would give a shit. There’d probably be tons of posts of people LAUGHING at the victim and mocking her (oh, wait, that’s already happened numerous times, no need to be hypothetical about that). No outrage over how those women were assaulted or how some employee just sat around and video taped it. We may have not even heard about this incident at all, if it wasn’t for Chrissy’s status as trans.
    But, of course, no one really cares about that. Best to go on making something out of nothing to further the trans agenda at the expense of women’s public safety.
    I also find the obvious racism wrapped up in these filmed fight incidents to be amazing. It’s ALWAYS there. Anytime a fight between two women is filmed there is always a huge helping of racism to go right along with it. Welcome to post-racial America?

  3. gendertrender, have you thought to may be _ask people_ if they know that media outlets spun it as a transgender issue contrary to chrissy’s testimony before you accuse them of _conspiring_? Hmm? Don’t add to the cauldron of douche.
    It’s perfectly reasonable for people to even propose, given minimal information, that even when the teen said “are you trying to hit on my man” that it was just an excuse, a prelude to violence to come. After all, people make up bullshit excuses to engage in bigoted actions all the time.
    Such as calling a presidential candidate “Kenyan,” or a “communist” to attack him instead for being a powerful black man.
    They might, say, accuse a person of hitting on a boyfriend so they can assault them, believing that themselves to be the only ones that know the person is transgendered.
    See what I’m getting at?
    I also find it odd you call the pams house blend author transphobic, considering how pro-trans the blog is, and that the blog’s founder herself is trans.
    And nowhere in the pams house blend page you linked does autumn say the transphobic bill should be called the chrissy bill! Nor a pro-trans bill. She suggested that people should think of Chrissy when thinking about the bill to understand that the bill is just another form of violence against her and all transgendered people.
    Autumn’s article is the _opposite_ of what you made it out to be. What the fuck is wrong with you?

    1. Yeah, I see what you’re getting at. You’re getting at the idea that any incident involving a trans is due to the trans being victimized. Well dream on. Your comment is all kinds of wrong. I stand by my reporting. You say “And nowhere in the pams house blend page you linked does autumn say the transphobic bill should be called the chrissy bill! Nor a pro-trans bill.”
      Bullshit! The exact quote:
      “Sen. Rich Madaleno has promised to, next legislative session, to “pre-file a new version of the Gender Identity Antidiscrimination Act that includes provisions for housing and employment, as well as public accommodations in the hope it can receive a full debate and vote in the Senate before the last day of the session.” I’d suggest renaming the bill “The Crissy Lee Polis Civil Rights Act.”
      And if Pam of PHB is trans why did she just suffer through a hysterectomy?
      Get a clue before you come round here w/ yer bullshit.

      1. Yeah, my eyes bugged out on that “cauldron of douche”
        Could that expression *be* any more misogynist & sexist? Well, only if you worked “bitch” in there somewhere I suppose…

  4. A totally brilliant post GallusMag.
    You have clearly laid out how the transjacktivists will lie and twist any incident, and label it twanzphobia!!11!!!
    Transjacktivists were desperate for this incident, to *finally prove* that everybody, esp FABs are all sooo twanzphobic. When the facts (boyfriend jealousy) got in the way, they were more than happy just to make stuff up, to suit their narrative.
    And Zoe Brain? Jeez, the M2T that now declares himself intersex, yet only focuses on tranz issues, and never about intersex ones. Also another who likes to tinker with the facts.
    Brilliant post Mag. Just had to say that again.

  5. Brilliant.
    Thank you for all the work you have put into this. This is feminist history unfolding: your analysis and coverage.

  6. Thank you, Gallus Mag. You said all the things I was thinking when I read about this incident. And OMG, the woman hating in so many of the comments on the internet! I actually felt nauseated. There was a lot of racism too, but just this never ending meme about how violent and evil women are and what should be done to them for this assault, in graphic detail. I swear, half the outrage was because Chrissy was originally a boy and what if women started getting the idea that it was okay to beat up men? I mean, OMG, those girls need to be taught a lesson before women start getting crazy ideas!
    I felt some respect for Chrissy, for refusing to play the game, for setting the record straight. And I admire those women who tried to intervene. It always astounds me when something horrible is happening and all these big strong men (sarcasm) stand around watching, or worse, film the damn thing. It’s always some elderly woman or a teen age girl who steps up to the plate and tries to do the right thing.
    In reality this is a non story. It was simply a fight between girls, idiotic, foolish, especially over a stupid man, but not really news worthy. The way it’s been blown out of proportion and exploited is simply mind boggling.
    A few weeks ago I broke up a girl fight at a basketball game. I tried to put myself between them physically, but these were a couple of tough girls, so I got out of the way pretty quickly. In exasperation I said from the side line, “if you’re fighting over some boy, go ahead and kick each others ass, because you’re both a couple of morons!” They stopped immediately and looked at me, before all these tears started. It was kind of funny, because sure enough they were fighting over some loser with chicken legs who thought he was hot stuff. If I ran a high school and had unlimited power I’d put up posters that said things like, “boys are not a prize” and “girls need to hold hands and buddy up in the world.” We need to teach these things to girls from day one.

  7. This is excellent, Gallus. Thank you so much. I’ve been arguing all day on a thread where the “Radical Feminists,” along with the LGBTQuerty media are almost calling for lynching the girls without even asking for their side. Unbelieveable. When men and boys rape, like the huge group who gang-raped a 15 year old girl for hours at a Richmond High School, and texted their friends to come and join in, they were actually called “victims too” at a rally afterward. No matter what evil a male does, he’s a “victim,” but a girl should be locked up. This response was so sexist, racist and classist. For all those who’d seen the early reports knew, it could have been that the man had threatened or attacked those girls in the women’s bathroom. No one even thought to ask. No one cares, really, except for a very few — the support all goes to men, whether they claim to be women or not.

  8. Thanx, GallusMag, for the update. I kinda figured the facts were being twisted. Too bad SCAMs, or for that matter, men in general, aren’t Pinocchio. Their noses would stretch around the world twice.
    The overt sexist/racist comments I’m reading as I go from site to site, are over-the-top. The language speaks for itself. It leaves little doubt that those who identify as LGBT are racist, anti-female, anti-feminist and downright white male supremacists. As I said elsewhere, it really doesn’t come as a surprise being 3 out of 4 of the letters in LGBT are male dominant, with the L getting smaller and smaller as the SCAMs (surgically/chemically altered males) take over that one too.

  9. Also, transjacktivists were waiting for radfems to condone this beating (none have) which must piss them off. We just don’t live up to the “evil haters” that everyone makes us out to be.

  10. My posting had absolutely nothing to do with bathroom equality, racism, or trans anything. It had to deal with the fact that instead of breaking up the fight the employee decided to film it and then inform the attackers that the police were on the way. I was merely pointing out who the person was hiding behind the camera.
    As far as the comments left on my site, I didn’t right them. I am far from being racist. As it has already been pointed out, I have worked with races other than white in the adult entertainment industry. This had nothing do, for me, as a black or white thing. The comments may be harsh but everyone is entitled to their opinion and I won’t stifle that on my site.
    I am sure plenty of you couldn’t care less about my point of view but it’s all good. I would really like to thank you for mentioning me in your article though. It got picked up by my comment crawler and showed me this article. I have returned the favor and sent the link out to a fair amount of folks who will really enjoying reading it.
    Have a most wonderful day 😉

    1. I agree with you Brittany- you didn’t try to politicize this as some sort of bathroom meme, nor did you out Chrissy as trans to the mainstream media- that was done by Bilerco. I hope you don’t think I mischaracterized your actions in my post. I’m glad you outed the prick that exploited this incident. Thank you for your comment.

  11. It shows that the trans agenda is being pushed by the patriarchy in order to gain access to women’s spaces,so there’s nowhere for us to re-group, relax and escape the misogyny.
    The fact that the trans activists honestly don’T realize that getting beaten up for trespassing on another girl’s turf is par for the course in the world of teenagers tells us how little they know about FABs.
    The fact they think this could *only* have happened because Chrissy was a trans woman shows (again) that there is a big difference between what they think women are like, and the way we really are.
    All they have to go in is the fantasy bubble . The entire basis of their movement is the misogynistic fantasy. When they actually *do* get a glimpse into the reality of the oppressed sex they feel personally affronted because it doesn’t match their imaginings.
    And the way they’ve tried to portray women as evil beings who go around beating up transsexuals *because* *they’re* *transsexual* truly disgusts me. Patriarchal reversal.

    1. Yes, the M2T view of what ‘woman’ is like, is the outsiders view. When they do pass as a FAB, it comes as a bit of a shocker as to what it is all about, then they mislabel that as transphobia, when all it is is garden variety misogyny.
      The outsider view is also why I used laugh at M2Ts a few years ago when they claimed to have known they were ‘women’ from the age of 4 because they liked playing with Barbie. Oh my how they love their artificial jendah roles…

  12. Is Chrissy the same person as the dude who did the “leave brittney alone” vid?
    Anyway. Your vid is gone now Mag. Crissy seems to have locked it down.

  13. I often have the impression that trans people who are not as involved in queer/feminist politics seem to have a less distorted image of themselves than their activist peers. I cannot help but have the impression that a trans activist would not have been as rational in the assessment of the situation as Chrissy considering some of the troubles that followers of queer theory seem to have with making a distinction between sex and gender.
    In contrast, I have seen “regular” trans people speak about not being born a woman/man without trouble, e.g., Haruna Ai, the winner of an international trans beauty contest, who said in an interview video that her new music project (LOVE, something like an alter ego) depicted everything she would have been if she had been born a woman. Haruna obviously knows the difference between being born a woman and modelling oneself after an image very well.

  14. Other than not respecting Chrissy’s preferred female pronouns, this was one hell of an article, I must say! I was also first informed of this as basically a “transphobic bathroom attack”. I avoided it at first because I don’t really care to see violence, but when I finally took a look, I knew what was going to come, and I really didn’t feel like sifting through racist and misogynist comments… from trans and non-trans folks alike. Ugggh.
    And OF COURSE the trans decides to spin this into a bathroom issue (with no remorse about outting their own kind… we’ve seen that plenty of times before!), while simultaneously justifying their desire to be racist misogynist fucks. In a way, I feel more disgust when I see this from the trans kind cause well… if you’re transcending gender or w/e and you are an oppressed minority, umm… shouldn’t you be CALLING OUT the fucked up shit that goes on, not carrying it out yourselves?!
    Really, while I don’t agree with everything radfems have to say, you have to wonder when well… you get this shit more right than the trans people who would rather blindly just call everything out as TRANSPHOBIA and not maybe read and understand their “enemy’s” POV?!
    Sorry about going on. I’m very glad you did make this post either way, since prior to this, the only thing I’ve seen was “TRANSPHOBIC BATHROOM ATTACK” and “IT’S A MAN, THOSE BITCHES ATTACKED HIM CAUSE HE’S A MAN” when it makes far more sense that “NEITHER WAS THE CASE!”. I’ll be sure to correct anyone who is ready to deem this a “transphobia bathroom issue”, although some people are so far gone in their bigotry it might not make a difference..
    One last thing, I remember hearing a while back about some trans man who got attacked by a bunch of lesbians or something (reportedly black as well, so you know how that would’ve turned out) at some bar or whatever. I don’t recall the details very well, but I do remember it was spun out to be a “transphobic attack by hateful black lesbians” or some shit… fucking hell people.
    Okay, final final note! If this was a case of a woman being beaten because she was perceived as a woman, wouldn’t that mean the transgenders should be glad it wasn’t a transphobic incident? Or would that mean they’d have to acknowledge and work to do away with the misogyny and racism they so hold dearly…
    Anyway… great post! Thumbs up, A++.

  15. “Other than not respecting Chrissy’s preferred female pronouns”
    Why do we have to call him “she”? I will not address people with their preferred fantasy pronouns.
    Cizz from europe

    1. I didn’t say anyone HAS to, just that it’s considered respectful. I’m not always “respectful” either so maybe it would’ve been better to have retracted that statement.
      My original feelings about the article still stands though. 🙂

    1. Your post IS by far the most clear and complete account of what’s actually going on with this incident. I’ve been using your info to debate with crazies in other places and I can’t thank you enough for the work you put into this to make it what it is. It’s a great reference to link to so all the ignorant masses who jumped on that bandwagon can come and get schooled.

  16. I’m having trouble trying to figure out the purpose of this post. It seems like you are attempting to find a rationalization for hatred you have for some other group that you consider inferior to yourself. Maybe we can break it down.
    If ‘Chrissy’ identified as female and her attackers believed her to be female, then why do _you_ use male pronouns? Is your contempt for trans* people so great that you can’t conceal it even when trying to say that transphobia doesn’t exist? You are both holding this person up as your straw man and disrespecting their identity at the same time.
    You seem to be trying to convince us that because this one person was attacked for reasons other than their gender identity that abuse due to gender identity somehow doesn’t exist because they weren’t filmed. Your contempt for the trans* activists sounds no different from the people who argue that the situation with Rosa Parks was staged. What benefit is it to you to try to tear down their icons? Is the bathroom at McDonalds really to be considered sacred and holy space wherein only certain people may be allowed to poop? Have you considered where a racist might take your version of events? Perhaps they might say, “It wasn’t motivated by gender. This just goes to show that if we still had racial segregation, there’d be less violence.”
    How can YOU say for certain that the attackers were not at least in part motivated by gender? Perhaps you’ve lead a sheltered life, but I’ve run into a few bigots in my day. Most of them are smart enough to hide behind plausible deniability for their actions. Answer this question: Why did TWO women attack the transgendered person out of jealousy about a boyfriend? Doesn’t really add up. If the one was that jealous, wouldn’t she be even more suspicious of her friend who likely has more access to her boyfriend? It is much more plausible that the attack was clique-motivated, be it because the victim was white or trans or spoke with a midwestern accent or catholic or whatever. Does it matter? Bigotry is still bigotry regardless of what aspect(s) of the victim triggered the assault. Does it invalidate the claims of holocaust survivors if it was determined that someone seen as a martyr to the nazi regime actually ended up in a death camp because she was a feminist or a communist or polish? I don’t think so.
    So.. I ask again. What good was served by your post? As far as I can tell, it seems to be nothing but an attempt to justify your own bigotry. Though if that’s true, this comment will probably be deleted rather than commented upon so hopefully I’m mistaken. Otherwise, I’ve foolishly wasted my time.

    1. My, my, my halfcircle. Or as I like to call you, “missinghalfadeck”. I’m posting this comment as a good example of the sort of deranged comments I get around here. Mercy me. This one has it all! The usual accusations of “hatred” (which is pretty funny cause quite a few trans folks enjoy my blog), confusion over the blog’s pronouns policy, totally ignoring the information posted, garbled incoherence, bizarre conspiracy theories, and the invocation of both Rosa Parks and Hitler (!) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL This one takes THE PRIZE for today (and I’ve seen some doozies too).
      You win THE PRIZE halfadeck !!!!!!!1!1!111!!!onehundred!!!and!!!!eleven!!!!!!!!
      Oh MY.
      Whoooooohooooooo!!!!!!! Somebodies been swiggin on the cough syrup (and it aint me) !!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha TOO fuckin funny.
      All you other deranged deleted fucks- like the one who said discrimination against trans is “ableist” “because we have a birth defect” and the one who said “should people call you an ‘it’ because that isn’t your preferred gender pronoun?” and the one who explained “If transsexuals believed in gender there wouldn’t be lesbian transwomen, or even feminist transexuals at all – after transitioning.” (Whaaa??) Or the one who said “Your opinions are only your opinions” (Yah think?) and all the others LOSE because halfadeck is the most ill-begotten commenter of the day. Don’t even try to top this one folks. Step away from the keyboard for reals because we already have the WINNER !!!!!!!!!!!
      OMG Rosa Parks. I’ve already seen Chrissy compared to Kitty Genovese, and Emmett Till, and the Bmore McDonald’s called “Trans Stonewall 2011” so I’ll just add poor Rosa Parks to the list. Dear Christ.
      Chrissy Lee Polis is no Rosa Parks. He is a 22 year old who has been charged with seven distinct criminal clusters over a two year period, including check forgery, malicious destruction, theft, prostitution, and charges of assault against three different people- all of whom were women (one was his grandmother). If trans want to help Chrissy they should step up and help him keep his nose clean and mentor him before he ends up in penitentiary. Get him off the streets and into college so he’s not stumbling drunk into McDonalds at eight o’clock on a Monday night. And no I’m not blaming him for that girl attacking him. I’m saying help the kid and STFU with your Rosa Parks bullshit. So all you oh-so-concerned trans: I look forward to updating this story in a year and hearing how Chrissy’s college course-work is going and all you have done to mentor one of your own.

    2. Answer this question: Why did TWO women attack the transgendered person out of jealousy about a boyfriend? Doesn’t really add up. If the one was that jealous, wouldn’t she be even more suspicious of her friend who likely has more access to her boyfriend? It is much more plausible that the attack was clique-motivated, be it because the victim was white or trans or spoke with a midwestern accent or catholic or whatever.
      OK, you asked for it halfadick.
      Teen girls fighting over boyfriends/jealousy is the No.1 cause of teen girl fights, you would know that if you were brought up as a girl. This reason IS the reason that makes the most sense. Boys tend to fight more over dominance and pecking order issues (which is what you are trying to make out happened between girls and one passing as a teengirl/YW). Clique-motivation rarely brings out that (sustained) level of violence in girls, who generally use verbal and emotional insults.
      Due to the socialisation differences between girls and boys, and what is perceived as the ‘greatest threat’ between them, mainly only the greatest threats tend to result in the physical altercations. Boys = pecking order, girls = jealousy over bfs. As far as trying to play the class card, I think all involved were local. Again, females don’t generally tend to beat up persons for those reasons, that is a male thing (which also comes under dominance issues). The generalisation of the motivations is due to sex role socialisation (not actually inherent maleness or femaleness as such). At a guess, I would think that the 14yo involved was the sister of the 18yo, as being some sort of relative would account for the four year age gap.
      So any wonder your male-socialised brain cannot handle the actual reason, the reason given by the victim even.

    3. Hello there, GM.
      My apologies if this is barging, If so, please vanish me, no biggie.
      In the interests of disclosure, I enjoy the topics you blog about; some of them being very near and dear to my heart.
      With that said, if this isn’t boundary-stepping, I’d like to address half, no make that completely transparentcircle for a moment.
      I’m having trouble trying to figure out the purpose of this post.
      Gee. What is up with this statement? Something is amiss. I wonder what it is?
      Answer this question:!!!!111
      You reek of a being a young, mabtastic, and completely clueless lj Teegee. I can smell you…halfcircle…and your tone comes across as completely MAABtastic, due to the blatantly demanding tone which wafts off your prose. Could you out yourself, any LOUDER, perhaps?
      If it is not presuming too much, in present company, I would add also that you clearly have no idea, at all, whatsoever what the underlying issue here is!
      It is not about racism. It is not about the restroom. It is not about Hitler (!!1) (way to god-win from the get-go as well) see also, fail
      It is about FAAB-socialisation and relationship boundaries! (see also, jealousy
      That angle has apparently gone right over the heads of like, 99% of you clueless lj/reddit TeeGeez.
      Otherwise, I’ve foolishly wasted my time.

  17. your last paragraph GM. Beautiful. Especially this:
    “Get him off the streets and into college so he’s not stumbling drunk into McDonalds at eight o’clock on a Monday night”
    Could it be that the only people who regard trans women as human beings are radical feminists?
    I quite like that Chrissy insofar as he had the integrity to admit that what he experienced was a normal FAB experience and nothing to do with trans.

  18. *CORRECTION* My bad- the first McDonald’s employee to break up the fight was not a black female but a black dude with a hair bun. May be a minor point but I’ve corrected the post.

  19. This thread just gets better & better! Y’all have made my day when it’s just barely even started. 😛 and xoxox

  20. I would like to make a comment to all the lurkers on this thread to say that I used to be unsure whether I should be accepting of the trans-movement and womyn-only space that didn’t include transwomen as well. I used to think replies to people who respectfully disagreed (not on this site, but elsewhere) were unnecessarily harsh.
    It wasn’t until I actually meet radfems in person–and lots of ’em–as well as my own experiences with transfolk, that I came to support the radical feminist position on trans. That, and a lot of reading from every perspective out there.
    I came to the conclusion that the radical feminist analysis is the one that makes the most sense. Would people be undergoing SRS in a gender equal world? I think not.

  21. Didn’t the boyfriend initiate the “conversation” with Chrissy? Seems to me an unexplored aspect of the whole situation was a dude trying to get two “chicks”(probably HIS term) to fight over him. Wonder if he knew his girlfriend would do that and was egging her on? Is he shown on any of the videos?
    (Great post and commentary)

  22. How many times have we been told about the plight of fatherless Black American families? WOC are fed up with their men going “upmarket”. Crissy Blonde smiled and indicated she’d be back (casual hand palm).

  23. Halfcircle said: “‘Chrissy’ identified as female and her attackers believed her to be female, then why do _you_ use male pronouns? Is your contempt for trans* people so great that you can’t conceal it even when trying to say that transphobia doesn’t exist? You are both holding this person up as your straw man and disrespecting their identity at the same time.”
    Unlike the two women, we don’t have blinders on and know Chris is male. The proper pronouns for males are “he” and “him.” Forgive us for speaking proper English. But I see. We should disrespect 70% of the world’s population (women) in order to humor a tiny percentage of males? How ’bout we do something radical instead? Put women and their respect, first.

  24. Hi, I had a day or two to think about this some more, and I just wanted to thank you AGAIN for this post. If it wasn’t for this, I’d have bought into the transgender spin that this is a TRANSPHOBIC ATTACK CAUSE OF BATHROOMS OH NO since my search of the interwebs have shown that all the transgenders are INTENT on making this a bathroom issue when THAT’S NOT THE CASE AT ALL!! And if you could see the surprise that registered with some people when I told them this was NOT a bathroom or trans issue, no matter how much you’d like to make it this way!!
    So thanks again Gallus Mag. This is a MUCH NEEDED POST in a sea of delusion and confusion!

  25. Good post.
    The most valid point made is how, if Chrissy was a female, nobody would even care about this (except maybe for those who love to squawk about “reverse racism”). It would probably be filed away under the “Greatest McDonald’s Catfights of All Time” category… and yeah, most dudes would be sick enough to find it amusing.
    Now, imagine if the perpetrators had been two dudes. Quite a different tune would be sung; this would be shrugged off with the classic “shit happens” meme that men are so famous for. In fact, there is video footage on YouTube, of a girl getting punched in the face by a dude, at McDonald’s.
    I’ll give you two guesses as to what the most liked comment consists of.

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