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  1. I love Fran Lebowitz — Social Studies is one of my all time favorite books!!! Leave it to her to tell the unvarnished truth: Candy “fell into the clutches of Andy” and “a 25 year old man who becomes a 25 year old woman is not a woman at all because a woman first has to be a little girl… Candy was never a girl, Candy was a fantasy she created for herself.” Pretty much says it all. Oh, that and seeing who the champions of this train wreck were and are.
    I went and found a review of the movie in the NYT and it said this: “A high school pariah rejected by her homophobic father, Candy Darling, even at the peak of her ‘fame,’ lived hand to mouth and slept on people’s couches…The movie’s matter-of-fact truth teller, the writer Fran Lebowitz, who spent time in the Warhol orbit, remembers the grim era when being a female impersonator on the streets of New York was against the law.” That, and his obsession with female movie stars (completely pure, I’m sure) made Slattery (his real name) a perfect prop for the bizarro and vehemently anti-woman Warhol world. But pointing this out is transphobic doncha know. We should just take the endorsements of Andy Warhol, John Waters, and Tennessee Williams and shut our mouths. LMAO

  2. So the Valerie Solanas clip is her appearance in Warhol’s film “I, A Man”. The “privilege” of improvising this scene was what Andy offered as recompense for losing the only copy of her script (for the play Up Your Ass). Turns out they found her manuscript in one of his storage boxes when he died. At least that’s how I recall the story going.
    I had never heard her voice before. It is uncanny how perfectly Lili Taylor’s voice resembles hers. Not just acting but the voice itself. Freaky.
    I lol’ed when she asked if he slept with men and he said no and she said “So why should my standards be lower than yours?” lolol

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