Life Size Barbie = Scary

College student Galia Slayen created this Life-Sized Barbie as a visual aid for her activism educating the public about eating disorders in young women. The figure stands almost six feet tall and has measurements of  39″ bust, 18″ waist, and 33″ hips.
From BarbieFest: “Barbie is wearing the actual skirt that Galia Slayen wore when she was a sized-zero cheerleader because Galia wanted to show the world some of the pain she felt as a result of her own struggle with eating disorders and the pressure to look perfect that she felt as a cheerleader.”
From her HuffPo article: “Barbie would have a BMI of 16.24 and fit the weight criteria for anorexia. She likely would not menstruate. If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions. Slumber Party Barbie was introduced in 1965 and came with a bathroom scale permanently set at 110 lbs with a book entitled “How to Lose Weight” with directions inside stating simply “Don’t eat.”

7 thoughts on “Life Size Barbie = Scary

  1. A good attempt at raising awareness, but I would have liked to have seen Babs scaled up more accurately from her actual proportions, with females standing beside her (preferably average sized females).

  2. The bust confuses me a bit. I have a 43″ bust line (or there about) and I would hope I don’t look that frightening. 😡 Is it just the super thin waist that makes it look so weird? I’m a bit concerned about this now, lol.
    It’s funny, too, because I think most people would look at the Barbie doll and say she is attractive but then look at the life size one and say she looks like a freak. Maybe this just goes along with how us real women can never be “perfect?” Or even just in the middle on anything. You’re either too thin or too fat, too short or too tall, too flat chested or too busty. There’s no middle. There was a big deal made about some blog posts a while back talking about the negative side of having large breasts. I think the general consensus made was that there is no perfect cup size, you’re too flat chested until you suddenly become too busty. Kind of like how rail thin women can sit there and say they’re fat with a straight face because on some level it’s true, someone somewhere would call her fat (also with a straight face). Being a real-life woman automatically makes you imperfect, and there’s no way to fix that. Airbrushed, unnatural women in the magazines are praised as the standard of beauty and real women with real bodies are unnatural and in need of constant change to try and fit some beauty sweet spot that either doesn’t exist or keeps shifting.
    I would hope this kind of thing would help those with eating disorders, but since I’m running on more pessimism than optimism these days I pretty much think it’s a cute idea but it won’t change many minds. :\

    1. lol, well she uses it as a visual aid for her body image presentations directed at young women and girls.
      Your 43″ bustline includes your trunk, ribcage, etc. Barbie doesn’t have any of that which is why the breasts look so strange on her.
      Brilliant comment on how females can never be “perfect”, thank you.

  3. Somebody once said that the ideal patriarchal image of a woman is to look like an insect. They have no waist, long skinny legs, a huge chest, like an ant. This comment kind of creeped me out, but it seems to be proving true. Right after I read that, the fashion industry came out with these lobster heels that look like insect pinchers. I can’t even begin to analyze what the sexual attraction to insects would be.

    1. It can surely only be that the male (of the human species) think of themselves as bugs or insects?
      Worthy of squishing I reckon. 😛

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