9 thoughts on “MOAR Simplr

  1. Somebody has to spell this out clearly… MTFs and fun fems believing that gender = sex, or that masculinity and femininity are “performances” when actually they are political categories of domination and submission. Just like when dominant country A takes over submitted country B– that is called colonialism. When men dominate and women submit in the home, that is patriarchy. It means the colonized people (women) have to endure male tyranny 24/7, but even worse, they have to pretend to actually like it.

  2. I also had the feeling that people use “gender” as a synonym for “sex” because they are uncomfortable with the word “sex.” Gender, the word, also once again makes women invisible.
    Women’s studies thus becomes gender studies, which takes away from 100% of the attention being put on women… can’t have that in patriarchy.
    MTFs take note, male women’s studies professors take note… they are big on the use of the word “gender”–no surprise there I guess.

  3. Haha this is great! Yes, the point really is that simple isn’t it? Gender is a social construct meant to control behavior, especially that of women. That’s all it is.

  4. Did you listen to the Sheila Jeffries podcast ? After her definition of masc/fem and how she was not going to do either, her comment:
    “I am a conscientious objector to gender”
    I liked that.

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