NHS to begin controversial Chemical Castration Studies on Gay Children as result of Transgender Lobby

Transgender activists have successfully lobbied the UK government to fund chemical castration studies on twelve year old lesbian and gay children. In a stunning success for transgender lobbyists the NHS this week approved medical experiments which will chemically castrate gay children in attempt to correct gender-nonconformity. The children have all been referred for psychiatric treatment due to non-compliance with sex-based gender stereotypes. The large majority of these “feminine male” and “masculine female” children are not transgender, but homosexual. The experiment is designed to test the effects of powerful sterilization drugs on gay children, preventing natural puberty from occurring. Trans activists say this is important because it will increase the attractiveness and gender-conformity of a tiny minority of these children who may be transgender, by preventing natural puberty from ever occurring. They claim that the long term physiological and psychological effects on the predominately gay and lesbian kids are acceptable casualties for such an outcome.
From the Mirror: “The controversial treatment halts puberty, stunting sex organs and preventing the growth of facial hair and sperm in boys, and breasts in girls.
The injections, previously available only to over-15s with gender identity disorder, are being made available to younger people under an NHS study after pressure from families and doctors.
Doctors admit most children with the problem do not go on to have a sex change, often turning out to be  gay.”
The experiment will follow the effects of stunted sex organs on gay children. It is expected to cause atrophy of sexual organs and gonads, eliminating hormone production, causing cessation of menstruation, halting sperm production, stopping bone growth (and height/growth spurt), decreasing bone density (leading to possible osteoporosis), preventing normal body fat distribution, interrupting natural insulin resistance and other unknown effects, some of which will not become apparent until years after the gay children are exposed. It will also track the psychological and social effects of preventing children from undergoing natural puberty at the appropriate age and the elimination of the onset of normal adolescent sexual desire. Since the vast majority of children referred with gender compliance issues or GID = Gender Identity Disorder become asymptomatic in adulthood (and largely homosexual) the studies will also test whether GID symptoms will be prolonged with treatment.
Transgender lobbyists claim that male transsexuals have a harder time “passing” as female if they are allowed to undergo natural puberty and then desire sex change surgery as adults, and that 1 to 10% of these children may turn out to be male transsexuals in adulthood. The psychological and health effects of chemical castration on the majority non-transsexual children are considered an acceptable price for the increased future “attractiveness” of the tiny minority of the boy research subjects who may wish to adopt transsexuality and “pass” as female as adults. The tiny minority of females who may grow up to be transsexual will partially “pass better” as male because breast growth will be halted, but aborted bone growth will cause decreased height causing them to be shorter than most females.
Studies on children seeking treatment for GID (a psychiatric diagnosis introduced in 1980) before these chemical castration experiments are scant. According to the overview of research in Current Problems Adolescent Health Care 2009 “GID in Children and Adolescents”:

“The studies clearly show that the majority of children

with gender dysphoria will not remain gender
dysphoric after puberty. Children with extreme gender
dysphoria or GID are more likely to have persistent
GID than children whose behavior and cross-gender
identification is weaker or less persistent. Concerning
sexual orientation, there is a strong linkage between
GID in childhood and later homosexual orientation or
bisexuality, as most children with GID later become
homosexual. It should be noted that there are no
reliable predictors of continuing GID or gender dysphoria.”
“One could argue that,
from the point of view of psychosexual development,
in early adolescence, a teenager’s clarification about
his or her own orientation in sexual desires and
fantasies should precede any fixed identification with a
prospective adult gender role. As puberty-delaying
hormones are suppressing libidinal impulses, this process
of clarification about libidinal object orientation is
likely to be inhibited, too. Other arguments against
early hormone treatment are that the effects of puberty-
delaying hormones on brain development are not
yet known, that the children are too young to make a
decision of such far-reaching consequences, and that
many children with GID have serious comorbidity or
live in extremely adverse life circumstances.
The majority of children outgrow their wish to change sex and gender.”
From “Gender identity disorders in childhood and adolescence: currently debated concepts and treatment strategies” (2008):
” Gender identity disorders (GID) can appear even in early infancy with a variable degree of severity. Their prevalence in childhood and adolescence is below 1%. GID are often associated with emotional and behavioral problems as well as a high rate of psychiatric comorbidity. Their clinical course is highly variable. There is controversy at present over theoretical explanations of the causes of GID and over treatment approaches, particularly with respect to early hormonal intervention strategies.
As there have been no large studies to date on the course of GID, and, in particular, no studies focusing on causal factors for GID, the evidence level for the various etiological models that have been proposed is generally low. Most models of these disorders assume that they result from a complex biopsychosocial interaction. Only 2.5% to 20% of all cases of GID in childhood and adolescence are the initial manifestation of irreversible transsexualism. The current state of research on this subject does not allow any valid diagnostic parameters to be identified with which one could reliably predict whether the manifestations of GID will persist, i.e., whether transsexualism will develop with certainty or, at least, a high degree of probability.
CONCLUSIONS: The types of modulating influences that are known from the fields of developmental psychology and family dynamics have therapeutic implications for GID. As children with GID only rarely go on to have permanent transsexualism, irreversible physical interventions are clearly not indicated until after the individual’s psychosexual development is complete. The identity-creating experiences of this phase of development should not be restricted by the use of LHRH analogues that prevent puberty.”
An upcoming conference of The Royal College of Physicians Lesbian and Gay Interest Group “Transgender:Time To Change” is scheduled to address lesbian, gay, and gender issues in psychiatry. Transgender activists are planning to protest the discussion, another chapter in the increasingly adversarial rift between lesbian/gay and transgender political, social and activist agendas.

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  1. Children can’t take part in these trials without parental consent can they? And how can a child have GID in the first place? They’re CHILDREN! Damn it where are their parents.

  2. “Gender identity disorders (GID) can appear even in early infancy … .
    Are they refusing to wear their diapers with the thick part to the front (boys) or with the thick part to the back (girls)? What could it possibly be that these experts in child behaviour have spotted, these men who have wives, nannies and mothers to look after all that ick. What the hell would they ever know about what was normal or not in a child?

  3. This is atrocious. How did it ever get past the ethics committees?
    Diagnosing GID in children is a relatively new thing. That is, we dont know what the effects will be when they are grown up. How many of them will end up resenting the unnecessary treatment foisted upon them by doctors and their parents?
    Trans activists should be verrrry concerned about this. Because I can guarantee they’ll be a few children who years from now will resent these treatments, and you can bet their stories will be far more high profile than any of the “successful cases”. The media loves any story about medical malpractice, and it especially loves anything about gender. But the transactivists are too short-sighted to care. I bet they’re cheering over this as a victory.

    1. I agree. There are ZERO outcome studies for these experiments. And zero long term medical studies. These children are true guinea pigs. And even though they KNOW the broad majority of these kids “GID symptoms” will self-resolve if left alone, they are going to perform these incredibly invasive medically dangerous studies anyway. And for what? To increase conformity with conservative outdated sexist gender stereotypes. The trans ARE celebrating this. It’s all part of their gender-believing fantasy world, and if a bunch of children have to be physically maimed to affirm the right-wing beliefs of adult transgenders, than so be it.
      I saw a middle aged hetero white male blogger, an adult transgender, defend the “rights” of these twelve-year-old kids to give informed consent to these treatments with the “right” of children to produce CHILD PORNOGRAPHY OF THEMSELVES. Seriously. Can’t make this shit up. The sickness. It burns.
      I saw another tran debating about what percentage of these kids being chemically castrated would have gone on to drop the whole gender “problem”- is it 80% or 98% ???? AS IF IT FUCKING MAKES A DIFFERENCE. The delusion. It burns.
      The short-sightedness, totally. Kids are already using “tranny” as a word for gender absurdity. As in “What do you think of this shirt?” “Tranny.” or “the new Rihanna is tranny.” lol.
      Can totally see some huge class action lawsuits coming out of this.

  4. This is horrifying! How *DARE* they fuck with the future of CHILDREN like that? I don’t think I can even find the right words to express my disgust, my outrage, my despair that all this is being done for GENDER IDENTITY? On KIDS that might not even have a problem with GENDER so much that not conforming to the hetero mandate means treated so badly in this world.
    And how the HELL can they look at a baby and say “oh yes, little Molly wants to be a man. We better go get syringes full of bullshit and inject her with it.”
    Outrage. Outrage.

  5. The tranz agenda is so obviously homophobic isn’t it? And the fact that they have no problem having children mutilated who will actually turn out to be gay/lesbian does not worry them one little bit.
    The other schtick from the transjactivists is that they claim they are soooo discriminated against. Fucking bullshit. The UK govt brought in all the GID recognition (like amending birth certificates) so bloody quick smart, with little debate or controversy. This is at a rate 10 to 30 times faster than women getting the vote FFS, who had to create a lot of stink to get the vote. Tranz just raise their little pinkies and the politicians just drool all over them. Discriminated against, fucking bullshit.
    Gender identity disorders (GID) can appear even in early infancy with a variable degree of severity.
    The biggest fucking bullshit ever.
    The last 20 or so years has been far more gender(role)-conforming that an at any other time (within my lifetime, including when I grew up in the 60s). Society has regressed dramatically.
    This is in part due to the backlash to 2nd wave feminism and its gains, and largely due to ‘curing homosexuality’ – that is the main reason the establishment have been falling all over themselves to get this tranz stuff passed.
    Children often say stuff like “I want to be a fireman/ballerina when I grow up”. Do adults really take them that seriously? Why should “I want to be a boy” be taken any more seriously from the words of a child? They are children, with a simplistic view of the world. A girl that says she “wants to be a boy” does not mean she literally wants to be a boy, but as a girl, she knows boys are treated better, she wants that treatment. Which would be the core of feminism.

    1. Such a good point. Kids have imaginary fucking friends fer christsakes. They want to be magic unicorns. But no one goes running off diagnosing THAT. But all the sudden when it comes to JJJJeeennnnddddeeeerrrrrrr it’s like the fucking gospel, a serious matter, let’s involve the docs and the schools, etc.
      It’s all such a lie.
      “I want to be a dinosaur” well you can wear your dinosaur suit then! Enjoy!

    2. Totally agre, my child says she wants to be a dolphin. It’s such a total phase for children to imagine themselves in different ways….it does NOT mean their lifetime physical health should be risked for a few scientists who want to make a name for themselves. This article is horrifying and disgusting. There is nothing wrong with people who don’t fit into societal conceived gender fashions. It’s like the people throwing a fit this week about the ad with little boy painting his toenails pink with his mom. The ad is criticized for being “transactivist.” Totally psychotic! There is nothing “transactivist” about a boy who likes pink toenails–it’s a little boy having fun with a mom who isn’t making a big deal about made-up gender fashions.

      1. It’s true that that boy is just a kid having fun and the mom is right to just let him be. But the context this is happening in is within an extremely gender-regressive society, where tranz activism is seizing on every single little thing like this to prove that their fantasies and delusions are based on reality. The delusionists are getting away with framing the debate to really be about trans or not trans instead of normal childhood behavior. Regular, run-of-the-mill people are starting to wake up to the transjacktivists steady march to the sea and protesting against it. It’s a freakin’ confused mess at this point.

      2. That scenario is soooo common. Three of four little kids, and they all want their toenails painted. There’s no gendering going on, it’s just fun. Kids love slopping paint around, making washable tatooes on themselves and each other and toenail and fingernail painting is part of it. Of course, some dad or older boy will make the remark, and the little boys never want to do it again. In fact they get really angry and scared the next time the polish comes out. They just want to be kids.

  6. Whooo SYNERGY!!! I love it when we’re thinking about the same topics at the same time. 😉 Track backs and shit don’t work at UP (except for every once in a while but it’s entirely unpredictable), so Ima drop a link to this post in my comments under “Trans childrens,” k? Great!
    FAB said:

    The tranz agenda is so obviously homophobic isn’t it? And the fact that they have no problem having children mutilated who will actually turn out to be gay/lesbian does not worry them one little bit.

    OMG, SRSLY!!!111!!! There’s a RIGHT way and WRONG way, people. *Heteronormativity*–hear the angels siiiiing!!– is the RIGHT way and the rest of us are doing it WRONG. Are they serrrrrrious?? Yes. Yes, they are.
    As to what Jilla commented about, I can’t think of an analogous precedent for parental consent to such INVASIVE and IRREVERSIBLE medical procedures, can you?? I mean, hello, CHILD ABUSE!!11!! There is NOTHING physically necessary about it. Can someone please bring a lawsuit???? The only person I can imagine having standing for such a challenge would be one PARENT at odds with the other parent who is hell bent on chemical castration. And even so, I bet they could only hope for an injunction in the specific case, not a CLASS suit that would prevent the practice for all children. In pondering this, I would like to suggest the EXTREMELY SPECULATIVE idea that MOTHERS *in general* may be more vulnerable to the EMOTIONAL appeals of transjacktivists in terms of their child’s “social acceptance.” Doesn’t that thought HURT? Ouch! But seriously, women are conditioned to CARE that way, aren’t they? I mean, I’m sure you could argue the other way too with fathers being committed to social norms b/c of the benefits to males. I’m kinda making this up as I type. Hope the sisters don’t mind my wild speculations! 😉 Kind of an interesting rabbit hole to contemplate…

    1. ” I can’t think of an analogous precedent for parental consent to such INVASIVE and IRREVERSIBLE medical procedures, can you?? I mean, hello, CHILD ABUSE!!11!! There is NOTHING physically necessary about it. Can someone please bring a lawsuit????”
      Couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately it looks like the child victims will be the ones suing, years from now.

      1. Actually it’s really hard to sue. I was badly injured by Lupron and my doctor just denied everything, so my lawyer dropped my case. The drug companies have powerful legal teams and corrupt federal judges on their side, plus the statute of limitations is only two years in most states. American kids won’t be able to sue. So they will be mutilated and left with huge medical bills too. Every adult involved in this travesty is SICK.

  7. More thoughts! A class action suit MIGHT be possible from a group of ADULT survivors of chemical castration who are aggrieved by their parents’ decision to permanently alter them. If this EVER happens it will be a long time in the future. As Miska mentions, there will be regretters (as there are now), but whether these people will be willing to crucify their parents in the public eye is complicating matter to be sure. (sorry to be so litigious. though possibly unpleasant, it’s in my conditioning and I can’t help it!!11!!!!11 Jk, jk.)

    1. They won’t have to attack their parents- the parents are just following the medical advice of the professionals. It’s the researchers doing this to kids that will be sued for millions by the adult survivors.

      1. Oops, sorry. I didn’t mean that the kids will name the parents as defendants; I agree it will be the professionals’ competency that will be called into question (and the $$ damages sought from pharm manufactures who said the blockers were safe “enough”). I only meant that the parents’ names will surely be dragged through the mud and their decision-making processes harshly interrogated– at least in the public eye, if not the courtroom. Parents who institutionalized their children at the urging of doctors who “know better” (because of a child’s developmental delays, just for example) are demonized *now* despite their best intentions. It’s emotionally complicated, I think. And not in a manner that’s conducive to whistle-blowing or truth-telling. Sorry to be unclear!

  8. So, let’s get names. Who is the PI on this trial, who developed the drug they are trialing, what lab.
    First, please, the name of the PI. That should be public information.

      1. Since this is taxpayer funded, I’m wondering if Brits here can complain to their MPS, to the Royal College of…Men in Linen Suits, or who? I’m trying to think who I’d complain to here, in Canada, with a similarly funded healthcare.
        I looked on a site for lesbian and gay parents. Guess what? They advocate for trans.
        Now I see the problem. We should have been sterilizing all potential parents. We obviously don’t know shit.

      2. Funded on the cash-strapped NHS, when lots of people (women esp) are waiting for years for hip replacement surgeries etc? wtf

      3. Can someone tell me why Dr Carmichael is letting this happen despite knowing that most of the children diagnosed with GID don’t go on to have a sex change when adults?
        I swear to God trans people do this shit so they can create transsexuality and then point and say “LOOK WE WAZ BORN THIS WAY”. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  9. What is this I don’t even?!
    All I can think about is little 10 year old me who hated the color pink, only liked to play sports, hated things like My Little Pony and Barbie and only wanted to grow up to be a paleontologist or an astronaut. What would have happened to me if I was born 15 years later? Is there a chance someone would have shot me full of shit that my body didn’t need just because they thought I was really supposed to have a penis?
    Why is there no mention of these kids parents? Who okay’ed this? I really want to know if these are parents who are so scared of their children growing up to be different or if these parents were pressured by the trans and medical community to force their children to undergo this because it is what their children “NEED”. I can imagine, if I was a parent and had no information about what trans was, that if doctors kept telling me that my kids was heading down a road where they would be constantly depressed and in pain and this was the only way to make sure they were happy later in life I would probably agree to it. Threatening a kid’s happiness and well being is a great way to get parents to agree to unnecessary medical testing.
    Ugh this is really upsetting. >(

    1. “… if doctors kept telling me that my kids was heading down a road where they would be constantly depressed and in pain and this was the only way to make sure they were happy later in life I would probably agree to it. Threatening a kid’s happiness and well being is a great way to get parents to agree to unnecessary medical testing.”
      And this is exactly what trans and the doctors who make a living promoting trans body mods do. They claim that performing behaviors that don’t align to strict sex-based “gender” stereotypes will drive men to suicide. But that simply is not true. More trans commit suicide after “transitioning” than before. And co-morbidity for trans in general is very high. Of course the idea of females committing suicide due to lack of “femininity” is an artifact of the male-supremacist mindset inherent in transgenderism. Female transsexuals don’t have elevated suicide rates. And the high rates of suicide claimed by trans are a myth, an urban legend. Otherwise emergency rooms and mental hospitals would be filled to overflowing with trans post suicide attempt commitments. They aren’t. There have been very few reputable studies on objective outcomes for trans. From those that have been conducted we can calculate that there are 55 trans suicides per 100,000 transsexuals.
      This constantly repeated myth is part of the way these men bully the public, the medical industry, and the parents of gender rebellious (usually gay) youths into agreeing to such hideous and barbaric “treatments”.

    2. Speaking of lack of research, doctors and surgeons have been performing “sex changes” for 60 years. This week the FIRST study of long term effects of SRS was released. THE FIRST. And it only had 77 participants. It showed that 50% of post SRS males suffer from chronic bladder problems and/or incontinence, and that almost 8% of the fuck-holes created between the prostate and rectum from inverted scrotal tissue and held in place by scar tissue prolapse, causing surrounding organs to become displaced in the abdominal cavity. Unsurprisingly (because females are essentially inconsequential to transgenderism) only 4 of the study participants were female.
      I can think of no other profoundly invasive surgical procedure being performed for 60 YEARS with MINIMAL outcome research being done. And are trans lobbying for such research? OH HELL NO.

  10. Coming soon for children everywhere:
    Gender re-education camps where lucky inmates compete for the Tranz Seal of Absolute Gender Conformity, brought to you by the cowardly new world of Tranz Nation, where up is down, black is white, and whatever they say a word means is what it means. It’s the new and improved Patriarchy! now with more gender conformity and less liberation for women! Coming soon to a gulag near you.

  11. This post needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Seriously.
    Personally, while it was a number of things that made me really start questioning the trans movement, the biggest one was the increasing number of children being diagnosed as “transgender” and groomed for transition. It’s messed up enough as it is, but I had been reading a lot about how most kids with “GID” grow up to be gay/lesbian, so the whole just reeked of ex-gayism.
    Trans activists suck as gay rights allies and feminist allies, no matter how they portray themselves.

  12. I cannot express my anger at this. I can only second joy’s comment. THIS IS GODDAMN BARBARIC.
    Trans idiots have made it possible to obviously give some psychiatrists the opportunity to experiment on humans again. Because we really didn’t have enough of that in the last 100 years. They also give the, AFAIK, still sizable proportion of pro-homosexual aversion therapy folks in psych a good opportunity to further their goal of complete gender conformity.
    I call for all transpeople who are not delusional fools to protest this. Otherwise, in the future, you will be known for having crippled children in their natural development for your own gains.

    1. I call for all transpeople who are not delusional fools to protest this.
      Yes, this, exactly. We are calling on rational trans people to join in protesting against this as an attempt to obliterate gay and lesbian children/adults. You want to be taken seriously as members of a larger activist community? Well let’s see it folks. Come out for equality for lesbian and gay children and work against this barbaric research.

      1. Dream on. Transgenders would throw every gay and lesbian kid under the needle to promote their agenda. They’re all for this. How do I know? They write me and tell me in incoherently blathering messages like this gem from a guy calling himself “Spacial” (can’t make this shit up): “Reading this blog and some of the comments, I’m just pleased our society is governed by rational intelectuals, rather than the narrow minded, calvanist preverts represented here.” [sic]
        What the fuck is a narrow minded calvanist prevert????? Google fails, see reversal.

  13. he article said: “Doctors admit most children with the problem do not go on to have a sex change, often turning out to be gay.”
    That’s a total misrepresentation of the facts. By age 12 a child’s gender identity is firm. The Dutch gender program that’s been around almost 20 years have NEVER had a child change their mind. They all completed the program and are happy and healthy. That’s why the NHS has had to change it’s tune, because the program has been wonderfully successful elsewhere. Mirror: Stop the LIES.

    Does someone know what this program is?

    1. Humans are absolute aces at telling themselves and everyone else that they’ve made the perfect choice once that choice can’t be undone. It’s one of our dozens of cognitive biases that would account for this behavior (along with an interesting one called irrational escalation, where people justify increased investment in a decision because they’ve already invested so much in it, despite new evidence suggesting that the decision was probably wrong). In other words, the humans directly affected by this are too irrational to be counted on for accurate information about it.

      1. You’re right. Half an hour googling this “Dutch gender program” and I’ve only read about how it has a 100% success rate. No clinic name, no name of psychiatrists, nothing.
        There is ample reason to be suspicious every time a 100% rate is mentioned because it’s almost never true.
        And if this should turn out to be true it’s still no cause for celebration because I suspect that this gender program is doing something that the studies metioned by Zucker in his paper which showed that GID kids were to 99% homosexual were not doing, namely administering hormone therapy. Which means transsexuality is artificially created by psychiatric care. A new form of homosexual aversion therapy! GODDESS HELP US ALL.

  14. This is just sad and barbaric. It’s child abuse.
    I can understand parents being confused, parents wanting their kids to lead “normal” lives. The problem is that serving “normal” to the point of forcing plastic surgery on your child or breast reduction or hormone therapy, is just sick. It’s not much different then forcing FGM on girl because you want her to be “normal” and able to make a good marriage. At some point people have to stand up and question “normal,” because all through history we’ve committed a lot of atrocities against people under the guise of hoping to make them “fit in.”

    1. It’s not much different then forcing FGM on girl because you want her to be “normal” and able to make a good marriage. At some point people have to stand up and question “normal,” because all through history we’ve committed a lot of atrocities against people under the guise of hoping to make them “fit in.”
      Absolutely brilliant yttik, it is EXACTLY like FGM, both physically and the rationale used to perpetuate it.

  15. The parents must be doing the same things some do when doctors tell them their kid needs neuroleptics. Who are they to say no? These people are DOCTORS, our modern priests! The transjacktivists are using the children to make themselves fit in, and his most useless of medical professions, the Mengele-psychs, are once again taking any opportunity to appear to be legitimate medicos. Christ, and the medical colleges call chiropractors quacks!

    1. Yes, this: These people are DOCTORS, our modern priests! And they have magical powers to FIX children who are aberrant and don’t fit nicely into little boxes.
      And this is exactly what’s going on: The transjacktivists are using the children to make themselves fit in. They have ridden the coattails of the L/G political movement, used all our strategies, and now they’re popping out of their closets to stab us all in the back. They support this kind of thing to make it look like it’s a perfectly normal step in the process of accepting people who are different than the hetero-norm, when they are actually working against that. It’s absolutely sickening to watch, but it’s totally confusing to the average person out there who is just now starting to hear more about this. It’s those people the Stalinist tranz are trying to reach.

  16. I don’t know that there would be studies, but there is a history of giving children puberty delaying drugs for the purpose of gymnastic competitions.
    That whole Olympic event drug testing body of rules and regulations was developed because of this sort of thing done to children without their knowledge or consent.
    In the US men are mad as hell that they got their foreskin chopped off without so much as a by your leave. Now these parents are going to chemically castrate their children and expect that to be perfectly okie dokie?
    This is complete madness that would experiment on children suspected of being homosexual in this fashion. Did the NIH hire Joseph Mengele?

  17. So taxpayer money is funding this child abuse. Outrageous. This is in line with Nazi experiments and, I agree, FGM.

    1. Yes. And in some provinces in Canada, universal healthcare is funding the pretense of sex/gender change. While women pay for birth control, any meds out of hospital for post gyne-mutilations aka FGM, while women with disabled children live in poverty without physical disability helps, and other physio/exercise therapy/occupational therapy helps, home care help for seniors, budget cuts to the core for food and diaper budgets in care centres (where diapers must have a certain weight before they can be changed), while MtT get social services while being mutilated, preferred rent, all meds covered, free counseling, recreation (not so much for your raped teen forget it), free facial surgeries and dental reworking to female teeth.
      The list is longer.

  18. There has been a big movement with the genuinely intersexed, those who were born with real genetic issues that made their gender ambiguous. They didn’t want their parents, doctors, surgically forcing a gender on them as babies or children because they can hit puberty and adulthood and develop differently then what was expected. For years we had this really cruel practice of choosing a gender for these kids at birth and surgically enforcing it so they would “fit in.” Many of these grown children have now advocated for a healthier way, where you let nature be and allow these kids to develop naturally and to keep their gender as fluid as possible until they can have a say in the matter. Some even go on to live their adult lives as intersexed people, as a third kind of gender, where they resist being forced to chose to conform as one or the other, since they feel like they were born as both or neither. While transactivists are busy enforcing rigid gender roles, these people are busy rejecting the alleged importance of them.
    It really bothers me the way transactivists try to co-opt genuine intersexed people’s experiences, by claiming they are emotionally or psychologically intersexed themselves. Talk about transprivilege! Trans people are adults, their relationship with gender is now a choice. It’s a whole different world if you have others surgically or hormonally imposing their own belief system on you before you have any say in the matter.

    1. The trans appropriation of intersex and children with disorders of sexual development is legion. They have taken over and forced genuinely intersex people out of their own organizations. The largest “intersex” group in the world, OII, was started by transsexuals to colonize and silence intersex people. In fact intersex groups have been forced to adopt the DSD moniker to groups that actually provide educational and social support for parents of intersex kids.

  19. What suddenly hit me right in the face while I read everyone’s excellent comments about this is that parents now don’t have to wait to find out which part of the brain holds the gay/lesbian part (or the gene that causes it) to get rid of that in their kid, they’ve found another perfect method.
    We’ve been talking for decades about what would happen if science did find the “gay/lesbian gene” — would doctors advocate for either doing something to the fetus to make it heterosexual (because you know research into possible intervention wouldn’t be far behind) or find a way to not let that gene in the parent ever express itself or would parents simply have a good reason to abort, etc. Or what would happen if the part of the brain was identified — what lengths would doctors and parents go to? All of that was chilling to consider (would they be able to wipe out L/G people relatively easily and quickly from the gene pool or at least from society?), but it seemed remote somehow.
    Now it’s not remote at all. Researchers have found the answer and doctors and parents are anxious to implement it. As a lesbian, this sickens me to the absolute core of my being.

  20. “http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/04/12/us-vaginal-weakening-can-affect-transsex-idUSTRE73B6KV20110412”
    This link is very interesting! I never thought that the problems with a store bought vagina are that worse.
    Cizz from europe

  21. Noanodyne, as a mother, this sickens me. I think this is non-specific sickening. Any thinking female, lesbian, straight, some gender-straight males too: this is just plain sickening, of its own. And every act these surgically mutilated mentally ill males take, just proves they are male. Men will not take no for an answer. This is typical male behaviour.
    No surprise that they chose a woman for PI on this. They do that regularly on the defend-HRT and Gardasil studies. This would be the only work they get?

      1. Thanks FAB- that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. It was one hell of a kick-ass interview wasn’t it. Dear god the brain on that woman.

      2. awww, you are lovely too Mag.
        We radfems get a lot of criticism for being haters and such, but when it comes down to it, we actually do care, we don’t like seeing people harmed – which is what patriarchy, the medical profession, and the trans agenda are all doing.

  22. Because children still young enough to be financially reliant on their parents, are never abused or coerced! Because there are no parents sick enough to want to sell their children as novel sex slaves!
    Has the UK government abandoned all principles and sense, such that they listen to advice from doctors whatever they say?
    None of this should be allowed on any person who is not yet old enough to vote and therefore is not fully franchised within our system. Sixteen is too young, to allow these procedures unless these children also have a vote and the financial means to live separately (without having to resort to prostitution) from their parents. Because what concerned parent would really advocate such procedures for their children?
    The government must get a grip on these issues, we are slipping dangerously toward an abyss.

  23. curing lesbianism would be the most efficient way to eliminate radical feminists too wouldnt it? assuming noan’s newest graphic is accurate, group:lesbian has the highest per-capita radical feminists of all groups of women.
    this is horrifying in so many ways. of course, i feel more sorry for the little girls, bc it *does* absolutely smack of FGM, and all the myriad ways little girls are routinely and sickeningly punished and abused from the day they are born. i cannot imagine being taken from your treehouse one day to the doctors office, and being a fucking gender-trender guinea pig from then on, with medical appointments instead of playing outside with your friends or siblings, or just imagining or drawing or reading on your own. children should not be tied to the medical establishment this way, unless its absolutely critical, especially girls. i feel sick.

  24. Little late to the lesbian/gay child *wake*.
    This is just horrifying. And Gallus, it is absolutely Munchausen by proxy, isn’t it?!
    I feel sick too 🙁

  25. And you know what, this is so fucking western urban! Or did I already sort of say that? Where I grew up it was rock scrambling, paddling a canoe, running over the Tundra, playing “girl geologist” trapping and skinning rabbits, filleting the fish we caught with homemade line and hook, “cross-country” skiing and snowshoeing, cleaning and carpentry and ‘storm’ windows, and swhovelling the snow and helping sew and knit and eviscerate the geese; everything! Wear a skirt except for rare “special” occasions? Are you KIDDING? Freeze to death in the winter, be bitten to death by mosquitoes and no see-ums in the summer. The MengelePsyches would have had a field day with us. We were all over the place with transing. Yeee haw!

  26. “(…) patriarchy, the medical profession, and the trans agenda are all doing.”
    Which have WHAT in common, again? Let’s hear it. Louder.

  27. This is really chilling. Someone’s got to stop the rot in the patriarchal medical institution.
    All those wrecked lives and bodies because the white male grey-heads with all power are homophobic and enjoy chopping up children, women and vulnerable men and/or dosing them with unecessary hormones.
    BIG profits to gain for the pharmaceutical companies.
    I REALLY hope the Gay and Lesbian lobby groups see trans for what it is now.

    1. Manchester UK transgender activist Maggie Fiona Fox on the TS-SI website demands: “The absolute right of a child (from eight) to obtain puberty delaying drugs prior to corrective surgery at 16 without permission from the medical profession.”

      1. Well, are the transjactivists also taking 8yo’s seriously when they say they want to be a dragonfly, or an astronaut? Because, if they are going to take a child’s view as a serious goal, then better perfect the dragonfly wing attachment surgery.
        These people have a screw loose.

  28. lets see its a crime to not let transsexuals transition in most countries. psychology says its disorder note this for treatment we are not crazy. it can be seen in some liberal areas as child abuse if you dont let them transtition. science has proven homosexuality and transsexuality exist in nature. if you look at say christinity it exists whether i read the greek or the origenel i dont get sodom as being gay remmber the city has done many crimes remmber to make a devil is to have sex with angel so homosexuality on itself is illegal. what lot did throw his female daughters out to have sex with the gays would have not happened it goes agaisnt a lot jewish laws and when jesus your god did jewish law no more which means all not cherry picking osme. then theres jesus eunach here and there and no its not celibacy language doesnt work that way interpretation i studied history note i am not a historian or acadimic but was studying to be one. all pagans have their views on gays and transsexuals that includes atheist but on a whole accept it. god is said look to law of land meaning sometimes religous law is outside government law, he also had eunach teeach the gospel in that time a eunach was gay or transsexual.i myself dont believe this article as transsexual woman. its not a phase i knew when i was 7 consioully and i believe i could go younger unconsciouslly so then that means theirs countless children out there who is transsexual. testing drugs on gay would be illegal on international law one theirs an idea to cure would be hormones and most transsexuals want gays to be gay so if the are transsexual then be transsexual. this article was made by a bigot. what probally happened is this idea andro person or gender queer transtitioned yes some who may appear gay may have a form of transsexualism. are you a doctor, are you a politecean who can conform such atrocities if not shut up and stop being a bigot. and on god prove your god outside of faith and book if you cant science wins

    1. science has proven homosexuality and transsexuality exist in nature
      Yeah. Righty-o Aaron. 🙄
      Just because a few species spontaneously change their SEX (not their gender, their reproductive sex) does not mean that it is applicable to humans, a totally different species with different reproductive set-up. Plus, these sex-changing species do not get plastic surgery or take synthetic hormones to change their appearance, they go through a natural biological change to change their reproductive function so the comparison between these sex-changing species and human transsexuals and transgenders is null and void.
      The entire point is FUNCTION not APPEARANCE (the latter of which is what transsexualism and transgenderism in humans is all about). It is about REPRODUCTION and not recreational sex.
      So don’t quote your cross-species natural nature crap to justify playing human dress-ups and sexual mimicry.

  29. It’s scandalous. The doctors want to make undergo to the children punishments that even the worst paedophiles and rapists don’t have to be afraid.
    it’s totally against human’s and children’s right.

  30. I was badly injured by ONE shot of Lupron (a GnRH agonist). There are Lupron Victims groups all over the internet. Anyone who gives these drugs to children is SICK! and probably being compensated by the drug company.

  31. This is terrible! I wish I had known about it much sooner. The LGB really needs to cut out the “T”. These freaks advocate for medical experiments on perfectly healthy children in order to uphold sex-roles. This is no different from Iran, a country who forces gays, lesbians, and other sex-role nonconforming individuals to get sex-reassignment surgery or be executed.
    The truth is, the “T” rode on the coattails on the LGB and now that want us to be wiped from existence No child or human being period should have to undergo unnecessary medical procedures period and surgery and forced sterilization are not a cure for a mental disorder or for society’s insane obsession with making everyone comply to sex roles.
    Well, the next time anyone says anything supportive of transgenderism, I will make them read this article; every last fucking word of it. So, even though a small portion of these children will retain their GID/sex dsyphoria as adults…we should experiment on them all. This stuff just gave all the unethical, wannabe Nazi medical professionals an excuse.
    And as for GID/sex dsyphoria…there are other body dsymorphic disorders, yet the medical profession doesn’t tell people who feel ugly to get cosmetic surgery.

  32. I am completely accepting of bi, gay, lesbian, poly relationships. While I have lived my life as a het, i believe in kinsey’s scale and am more likely bi and think more people would be if society were more accepting and maybe people have feelings/attraction for the same sex but they are not quite strong enough to act on them or seek it out. That said i have a difficult time understanding the transgendered. you fall in love with the person on the inside, the outside shouldn’t matter. The outside is window dressing. I am a big believer in self acceptance – the inside as well as the outside. I buy organic food, and believe in doing things naturally. I don’t like the trend of buying your kid plastic surgery ( anose or boob job ) as a teen. You should be accepting of the person you are. So I don’t understand why people want to have a sex change and take hormones. You shouldn’t alter yourself for anyone. Even those who might say”, you’re too butch why don’t you become a boy!” How do you even know you would like such a drastic and permanent change once it’s done. I’ve heard of those completely changing their sexual orientation afterward and / or changing their mind after they transition. It’s noone’s business how you feel on the inside and what image more masculine or feminine you want to project. As a child i was not girly and played with cars and dinosaurs instead of dolls but i know I’m a woman. My son dresses up, paints his nails, dances, and even says he wants to be a girl when he and his sisters are pretending but he also hammers nails, plays in the mud, (his sisters did the same), plays with cars and trucks and complains when i don’t have boy things for him (in a basket of stuff from the $ store they can get for doing chores and practicing their music). Lots of young boys do the same thing. But no one questions girls doing more male types of activities yet boys are if it’s remotely female. I have a friend whose child is a transgendered boy. In middle school she came out as gay and later they changed pronouns. They tried to push their opinions of my son’s sexuality/ gender on us when he was 2. He’s now 4. “His” sister (my friends child not mine) was always very girly but now seems lost in trying to compete for her parents attention in their zealous support of their “son”. Making herself look more butch to get attention. I don’t agree with bigotry towards trans persons or her son but her attitude is so hostile towards everyone else that I can’t be around her anymore. She expects people to freak out and acts extremely prickly becuase of it. I could not refer to my own daughters as girls, she thought I was referring to her children and chastized me for the gender reference. She does not know my personal views on the subject because it or her own feelings on her journey to acceptance were never open for discussion. So I’ve had to let the relationship go because i don’t like constantly walking on eggshells.
    As for this new study, this is horrifying! It is child abuse! But many won’t see it that way they just think all the new acceptance / political correctness is on the same wavelength as tolerance for gays. To think that my child could be subject to some school counselor’s “diagnosis” of gid because he doesn’t like football or something and then doctors forcing stuff on them is insane. I would much rather have him grow up to be gay or bi.
    I don’t blame parents because of medical coercion and I’m sure there will be cases of “you’ll lose custody of your child because you are not doing what is needed medically”. They’ve claimed medical negligence with parents in lots of other cases. It’s just a matter of time. Whatever happened to gender roles don’t matter??? Girls and boys can do whatever they want? I can totally see how the LGB movement is being co-opted by the trans movement. It’s anti gay but people don’t see that. And in many states where gay marriage is illegal, it’s perfectly legal if one of you has undergone a sex change!
    Now it is my understanding that the intersexed are different. They have something genetically wrong and so are neither sex fully. But from what I’m reading trans people are not intersexed and vice versa. And intersexed also are not for sex change operations generally speaking? Am i getting this right? Or at least not during puberty. I want to make sense of these issues because i don’t believe in going with the crowd. I like making my own decisions thank you very much.

  33. Yeah we are in an age where it’s better to trans rather than gay or lesbian. The translobby is dangerous. We should all work to ensure they are defeated – no matter where we live in the world.

  34. I can’t begin to describe how pseudo intellectual this article is by inserting confusing terminology where things can be said simply in order to appear frightening or scary. Postponing puberty for children who experience dysphoria until they are old enough to choose if transitioning is right for them is not a goddamn nightmare.
    And given that there haven’t been enough studies on it, you can’t then assume the outcomes of studies never conducted.

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