Licensed Nurse "Freshly Charles" Gives Illegal Injection of Class III Controlled Substance on YouTube

We’ve all heard about FTMs  taking illegal Testosterone injections either using a friend’s prescription or buying black market. They do this to avoid liver function and endocrine screening required to prevent adverse reactions. Possession of   unprescribed class III substances is illegal and subject to up to three years incarceration. So you figure only a total idiot would go around advertising their illegal testosterone usage. Or brag about it on YouTube.


But what do you call an idiot who is a licensed nurse and not only brags about distributing and administering illegal schedule III injections BUT DOES IT ON CAMERA ON YOUTUBE. Well for one thing you have to assume they are ready for a vacation from the nursing profession. It is illegal for nurses to administer medications without an Md’s order. It is HIGHLY illegal for a nurse to supply AND administer injections of unprescribed schedule III controlled substances. And this person, claiming they are a licensed LPN or RN posts a video of themselves on YouTube doing just that. Unbelievable. It’s the internet, folks! Your employer can see it. The State Nursing Board of California can see it. Duh.
Intervention, STAT.
freshlycharles youtube

From the YouTube video:
Freshlycharles (FC): I’m gonna give Wesley a shot.
Adhamh Roland (AR): Cool, like today?
FC: Yeah.
AR: First time?
Wesley Flash (WF): Yeah, maybe even like, on the internet.
AR: (gasp)
WF: what? Everyone else does it.
FC: Do you feel peer pressure?
WF: No, not at all this is something that I’ve been wanting to do.
FC: This is Wesley Flash’s first T shot but it’s gonna be the most unique t-shot ever shown on the internet. It’s called the double team T.
WF: It’s also underground slash-double slash- I don’t have a prescription, haha.
FC: Using some street T.
WF: I’m using street T, oh yeah that’s funny.
FC: AKA my T. This is true trans solidarity, brotherhood, gayness…
WF: Peer pressure.. just a little peer pressure. I’m doing this for you, I’m doing this for the art.