Licensed Nurse "Freshly Charles" Gives Illegal Injection of Class III Controlled Substance on YouTube

We’ve all heard about FTMs  taking illegal Testosterone injections either using a friend’s prescription or buying black market. They do this to avoid liver function and endocrine screening required to prevent adverse reactions. Possession of   unprescribed class III substances is illegal and subject to up to three years incarceration. So you figure only a total idiot would go around advertising their illegal testosterone usage. Or brag about it on YouTube.


But what do you call an idiot who is a licensed nurse and not only brags about distributing and administering illegal schedule III injections BUT DOES IT ON CAMERA ON YOUTUBE. Well for one thing you have to assume they are ready for a vacation from the nursing profession. It is illegal for nurses to administer medications without an Md’s order. It is HIGHLY illegal for a nurse to supply AND administer injections of unprescribed schedule III controlled substances. And this person, claiming they are a licensed LPN or RN posts a video of themselves on YouTube doing just that. Unbelievable. It’s the internet, folks! Your employer can see it. The State Nursing Board of California can see it. Duh.
Intervention, STAT.
freshlycharles youtube

From the YouTube video:
Freshlycharles (FC): I’m gonna give Wesley a shot.
Adhamh Roland (AR): Cool, like today?
FC: Yeah.
AR: First time?
Wesley Flash (WF): Yeah, maybe even like, on the internet.
AR: (gasp)
WF: what? Everyone else does it.
FC: Do you feel peer pressure?
WF: No, not at all this is something that I’ve been wanting to do.
FC: This is Wesley Flash’s first T shot but it’s gonna be the most unique t-shot ever shown on the internet. It’s called the double team T.
WF: It’s also underground slash-double slash- I don’t have a prescription, haha.
FC: Using some street T.
WF: I’m using street T, oh yeah that’s funny.
FC: AKA my T. This is true trans solidarity, brotherhood, gayness…
WF: Peer pressure.. just a little peer pressure. I’m doing this for you, I’m doing this for the art.

0 thoughts on “Licensed Nurse "Freshly Charles" Gives Illegal Injection of Class III Controlled Substance on YouTube

  1. Good gawd, if that vid does not spell out trans as being anti-dyke, I don’t know what does.
    You can see they are totally caught up in the counter-culture of the whole thing, joking about “T” like it is a recreational drug or something. It’s all a game to them, a joke.
    I gather that FC has been taking it since puberty?

    1. Nuts, huh?
      CODE BLUE…. freshlycharles’ nursing career… CODE BLUE… get the crash cart!!!
      I can’t believe someone would risk their whole career like that!

      1. Well yeah, there is that. Career meet bedpan.
        Of more concern is the possible risk of death, if that was the first shot for the one on the left, and it was a double, how dumb is that?
        The trendoid factor is where the tranz appeal is for the young, the ‘rebellion’, the edginess, yaddah yaddah. And kewl labels!!11!!
        Can’t they just sit around smoking joints, giggling, thinking they are hip and clever?

      2. Bedpan- LMAO.
        Damn, she pulled the video. Don’t know why she bothered- it was up for ten days before I saw it, and hundreds have already seen it. Next time I won’t embed, I’ll post a cut and paste link. Oh well. We still have the screenshots to enjoy.

  2. OMG! I’m almost speechless. WTH is “street T”?? Seriously?? We’re mainlining testosterone now as some sort of recreational drug? So let’s all do something really counter culture and radical and start worshiping testosterone and phallic symbols? I mean, that’s never been done before in the history of mankind, right?? Geesh! The Brotherhood? OMG.
    Good grief, besides the moral, spiritual, political objections I have to this, it’s downright dangerous.
    Thanks for this blog. I really thought I’d lost my ability to be shocked anymore. Believe it or not, it’s actually kind of refreshing for an old cynic like me to know I can still have my eyes opened to some things I wasn’t even aware of.

    1. I’m there for you YTTIK, lol. Yeah, the illegal T injections are fucked, huh? The lameness of the whole “synthetic hormones are sooo transgressive that all the kool Berkeley nurses are giving them illegally”.

    1. I know! Besides the complete and utter illegality, what sort of clinical judgement do her actions display? If she’s willing to do this ON camera, what is she capable of doing OFF camera? Scary to think about.

  3. When kids on YouTube see a licensed Nurse like FreshlyCharles giving out un-prescribed synthetic testosterone injections like they were candy it really makes them think it’s safe. She’s a nurse after all, she wouldn’t give people a “jab of T” if it wasn’t a harmless act, right?
    Sadly, their impression would be wrong. People who take black market or street T can and do have adverse reactions, including death.
    How horrible that someone entrusted legally with the public well-being is promoting such a deadly misperception among young gender-questioning females. Sick.

    1. As you say, wholly irresponsible.
      Adding on the other layer of TWO injections, particularly for someone who has not taken it before, doubly stupid. Double risk (or more) of side effects, complications or possible death.
      The endocrine system is a fairly delicate-balance, feedback system of various hormones that interact with one another. Even small changes can have a big effect, and it does not take much to put the system out of balance.
      It is on the same level of dumb as the ‘pumping parties’.

      1. It’s TOTALLY on the same level as “pumping parties” where groups of transgendered males get illegal silicone injections from unlicensed mercenary providers, often resulting in disfigurement and death. However, in Freshly Charles’ case, she claims to be A LICENSED HEALTHCARE PROVIDER !!! I’ve never heard of a single licensed healthcare provider doing pumping parties, much less broadcasting them on YouTube. But this actual licensed nurse Freshly Charles? Dangerous- check. Potentially life threatening- check. Highly illegal- check. Broadcast committing the act on YouTube and other video sites? Check!
        Let’s face it Freshly Charles is a whole other level of fucked up. And what’s with the pants off on night shift pics taken in the storage room at work? Seriously, this person appears to be beyond unsafe and unprofessional as a nurse licensed in the state of California.

      2. Dangerous- check. Potentially life threatening- check. Highly illegal- check. Broadcast committing the act on YouTube and other video sites? Check!
        Very true, but very LOL (if it was not so damn tragic and fuckeded-uped).
        Let’s face it Freshly Charles is a whole other level of fucked up.
        An artform of fucked-upness?
        A pinacle of fucked-upness?
        And what’s with the pants off on night shift pics taken in the storage room at work?
        That one certainly had me scratching my head.
        FC should not be tempted to tick the ‘sane’ box anytime soon.

  4. putting her career on the line is really a stunning sacrifice isnt it? kinda (KINDA!) like the MTFs spending all their student loans on SRS…then crying “discriminashun!” when they arent able to find jobs later on, and have to prostitute themselves. of course, i am WAY more sympathetic to the FAABs doing this, because they are going to have it a whole lot worse, as FAABs always do. she has already put herself at tremendous risk for health problems by having top surgery (and as someone said, taking the “T” herself for what looks to be YEARS at this point?) and NOW shes going to be out of a job, and wihtout health insurance too. it gives me the shivers.

  5. Just what we need.
    Even MORE misogynist health care providers to fuck up even MORE women’s bodies.
    Fuck you, “Charles”.
    (I’m glad I couldn’t watch it, frankly.)

  6. really really really disturbing.
    this kind of display/attitude of the whole tranzition process is rampant in the young ‘queer’ community. and so telling.
    *just discovered your blog, so glad i did.

      1. yeah i followed the trail to your blog. which of course has now lead me to a khole of radfem stuffs to read on.
        i’ll be busy avoiding work for awhile now.

    1. It means female-to-WTF (“what the fuck”). A declaration of gender-bendy hipsterism. Unlike entitled males, most female transitioners drop the whole “I’m a man” thing at some point after doing body mods. FTMs aren’t exactly fighting to register for the draft or the right to be incarcerated in male prisons. 😉

      1. I suspect that most FAB trans people are more interested in not being women than they are in being men. Hence why female “genderqueers” are so much more common than male ones.

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