Man Wearing Skirt Protested, Censored

This photo of a male wearing a skirt in protest of restrictive gender norms caused a shitstorm of outrage from transgenders after it was posted on the Equality Maryland facebook page. From one activist: “Do the cisgender people who posted this image realize how insulting it is to transsexual women? ┬áIt’s no different than if I attended, say, one of Martin Luther King’s rally in blackface and claimed to be an ally. It’s insulting.”
“We aren’t interested in redefining what it means to be a boy or a girl.” complained another.
“I think part of the issue here is that you can’t get past the fact that most trans women generally aren’t invested in caring about men stepping outside of acceptable masculinity.”
“The haters are going to have a field day with this pic. Again, mocking the trans again. So, so, cis.”
Trans-jacktivists have become increasingly vocal about protesting media images of gender-nonconforming males and drag performers. This despite the fact that crossdressers and drag queens are included under the political banner of transgenderism. In recent months trans have protested an actor wearing a wig on the Craig Ferguson Show, protested and attempted to censor the Comedy Relief benefit performance of Susan Boyle’s duet with drag performer Peter Kay, and protested a Drag Bingo benefit for an LGBT rights organization.
Trans activism increasingly centers around protesting males who crossdress and impersonate females without claiming an internal self-reported male “female identity”, as well as media images of transgenders who fail to conform to conservative female gender roles and presentations. We are witnessing the increasing conservatism of the transgender movement, the prime tenet of which is the belief that males and females have differently gendered neurological brain “sex identities”, and that such speculative brain differences form a biological basis for sexist cultural gender roles. Transgenders who identify as non-binary “genderqueers”, and the largest demographic of the transgender umbrella: heterosexual male crossdressers are not only being pushed to the margins politically, but are actively being shunned and silenced by the current transactivist movement. This reflects a general tendency in trans people to consider some trans (themselves) “true” transgenders (males with “female brains”) and others “false” transgenders (pretenders and “mere” female impersonators). The trend of censoring images of all people who fail to follow conservative social gender traditions is the latest iteration of the highly conservative and sexist transgender philosophy, as is the trend of protesting gender performers who do not claim to possess an “opposite-sexed brain”.

Autumn Sandeen "Good"- claims to have "female brain"

Peter Kay "Transphobic"- does not claim to have "female brain"

The photo of the young man in a skirt was removed from Equality Maryland’s website as a result of the outcry from trans activists.
First ‘Drag Bingo’, Now…