Transgender: Time To Change

A meeting organised by the
Royal College of Psychiatrists’
Gay and Lesbian Special Interest Group
Friday 20th May, 2011
15 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PG

“This will be an extremely stimulating meeting exploring the most recent academic, clinical and contemporary thinking on transgender issues, for all people interested in this field.

Domenico Di Ceglie M.D. Dip.Psychiat (It), FRCPysch
Domenico Di Ceglie is Director of Training Development and Research, Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, London and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, University College London.
Previously Director, GIDS (1989-2009) and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in the Adolescent Department, Tavistock Clinic; Honorary Senior Lecturer, The Royal Free and University College Medical School, London; Visiting Professor in Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Perugia, Italy (1992-1996); Psychotherapist (retired) Lincoln Centre for Psychotherapy, London.
He has a longstanding interest in adolescence and has worked in adolescent in-patient units and has been widely involved in consultative work to organisations and to professional networks.  He has been Organising Tutor of an MA course accredited by the University of East London in Adolescent Mental Health for professionals.
In 1989 he founded a specialist service for children, adolescents and their families facing gender identity issues at St. George’s Hospital, London, now based at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust. He was the service Director until March 2009. The GIDS provides a multi-disciplinary service countrywide, consultation, training and research and has been nationally designated and funded by the National Specialised Commissioning Group, UK. He has developed models of care and treatment for children and adolescents with gender identity disorder and has been involved in research projects.  He has published papers about his work and edited a book “A Stranger in My Own Body – Atypical Gender Identity Development and Mental Health” (Karnac Books, London).  He was highly commended in the Health & Social Care Awards, 2004.  He gives frequent lectures in the UK and abroad and has undertaken extensive research in the area of Gender Identity

Julie Bindel, Journalist
Julie Bindel has been involved in campaigning to end violence against women and children for 30 years. She is the co-editor of The Map of My Life: The Story of Emma Humphreys, Astraia Press, 2003, and a number of chapters and papers on topics such as domestic violence and homicide, rape, stalking and harassment, and trafficking and prostitution. She currently divides her time between research and journalism. In 2010 Julie was named by the Independent on Sunday as one of the 100 most influential people from the lesbian and gay community in the UK.

Christina Richards BSc (Hons), MSc, MBPsS, Senior Specialist Psychology Associate
Christina Richards is Senior Specialist Psychology Associate at the WLMHT Gender Identity Clinic (Charing Cross) where she practices individual and group psychotherapy as well as psychological assessment. She is also a part time postgraduate lecturer on sexuality and mental health. She has published several chapters and papers and, along with Dr Penny Lenihan at the WLMHT GIC and Dr Meg Barker at the Open University, will have her first book: Sexuality and gender for counsellors, psychologists and health professionals: A practical guide published by Sage in 2012
James Barrett, Lead Clinician, Gender Identity Clinic
James Barrett is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer and is the Lead Clinician at the West London Mental Health Gender Identity Clinic (Charing Cross). Over the last 25 years working in this field he has assessed and treated about six thousand patients. He is the Editor of and main psychiatric contributor to: Transsexual and Other Disorders of Gender Identity: A Practical Guide to Management, which is the standard text in the field.  He is also a General Medical Council Assessor and Supervisor, a College Fellow and Examiner, a keen cyclist and the holder of a British Cheese Society Diploma.

Az Hakeem, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
Az Hakeem has run a specialist psychotherapy service for patients with transgender and other gender identity disorders from the Portman Clinic for over a decade. The service is the only one of its kind in the UK’s NHS and covers a national catchment area. Patients are seen for assessment and psychotherapy either individual or group of a modified analytic model specifically tailored for gender identity patients on which he has published numerous papers over recent years.
Az Hakeem is also the Head of The Dartmouth Park Unit, a specialist Mentalization Based Personality Disorder Service which he was instrumental in setting up for Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust five years ago. He is a Tutor and external advisor for the College and also delivers teaching to medical undergraduates at University College London.  Az Hakeem also works as a psychiatrist for the media and has been involved in a number of television programmes both on and off screen.”


This upcoming conference of gay and lesbian psychiatrists on the topic of treatment modalities for transgender clients has the trans-jacktivist communities up in arms.
Dominic Di Ceglie has long stated how problematic current transgenderist “treatments” of drugs and surgery are for the youth population he treats, a full 25% of whom rapidly drop the whole transgender philosophy upon entering talk therapy. Not to mention the overwhelming majority of gender role non-conforming  children (98%) turn out to be homosexual or to a lesser degree hetero non-trans adults.
Az Hakeem is the author of “Transsexualism: A case of The Emperor’s New Clothes?”, “Changing Sex or Changing Minds: Specialist Psychotherapy and Transsexuality”, and “Deconstructing Gender in Trans-Gender Identities” as well as other psychiatric papers and remains one of the only practitioners of psychiatric treatment available to transgender patients in the UK which integrates analysis of cultural gender norms.
Predictably, pro-medical/surgical treatment trans-jactivists, who have long fought to prevent any further scientific study of, or alternative treatment for transgenderism are responding with the usual tactics of abuse and harassment. Notably, M2Ts have singled out feminist lesbian journalist Julie Bindel for the most egregious abuse.
Anti-Gay and Lesbian and Anti-feminist Trans-jacktivist Paris Lees

Trans-Jacktivist Paris Lees

Spokesman for UK non-profit The Gender Trust:

Has started an online campaign called “Julie Bindel’s Genitals” on Facebook and WordPress:
Paris Lees' campaign

Like many tran activists Mr. Lees has confused a diagram of the female reproductive system with “genitals”. This is common among a male population that believes cosmetic surgery that transforms their penis into a rough visual approximation of exterior female genitalia “makes them women”. Anti-feminist activist Mr. Lees, who claims on his YouTube page that he is employed by the Millivres Prowler Group , has not included any of the male conference participants in his campaign nor their genitals or reproductive systems. Mr Lees main objection to Bindel seems to be her feminist analysis, as he states:
“And furthermore, I am a rad fem. I am reclaiming the term. There is nothing radical about Bindel’s rather stale and circular brand of feminism. She and various other bigoted cis ‘thinkers’ have suspected for quite some time that trans women who identify as feminists are merely trying to enter women’s ideological space. So let’s do it.
Henceforth, ‘rad fem’ will refer to a trans person who believes that the personal is political, that biology does not equal destiny, that human beings deserve bodily autonomy and that it is morally objectionable to place meanings and judgments onto other people’s gendered bodies. It means a belief in equality and judging people on their words and actions – and not their appearance. In short, it will now mean everything that the words ‘Julie Bindel’ do not.
Enjoy Julie Bindel’s genitals.”
"Transwomen" raped by own genitals

Seems this upcoming conference (or at least Julie Bindel’s invite to speak) has the anti-organic treatment option crowd up to their usual tricks. This is yet another split among the increasingly failing transgender political coalition, as the minority of trans who agree with increased treatment options get tossed yet again under the bus by pro-surgical anti-feminist transgenders.