CNN reports- “Missing” 100 Million Women may lead to “Future Consequences”

I was reading CNN’s article about a just released Canadian Medical Journal report on the gender imbalance in Asian countries. Not surprisingly, the sex-selective abortion, infanticide and murder of 100 million women has led to vast unnatural gender gaps in nations when such practices are commonplace. The recent report shows that up to one forth of females have been eliminated in regions of India, China and Korea. Also shown is the profound correlation between sex selective abortion and the birth of a “first born” daughter. “If the first child is a girl, couples will often sex select to ensure a boy in the second pregnancy especially where low fertility is the norm. A large study in India showed that for second births with one preceding girl the SRB is 132, and for third births with two previous girls it is 139, while sex ratios where the previous child was a boy are normal,” the study explains.” The natural sex ratio is 105 males to 100 females.
As reported by CNN, there is a down-side to genocide of females: Potential future male unhappiness.
From CNN: “The problem with all this researchers say, is that there can be consequences to an imbalanced sex ratio.  Many of these men will not marry or have children in a society where marriage is universal. These men, researchers say, may be psychologically vulnerable and prone to depression, aggressive behavior and violence.”
Gendercide may lead to male unhappiness if there aren’t enough females around for every man to own one! Oh noez!  NOW there really is a reason for concern.
According to a story reported by CBC NewsThe outlook for a generation of males entering their reproductive years in the next 20 years is “grim,”
So grim. Grim. Grim.Grim. What a terrible outlook. No female slave to bare your seed and abort your daughters. That’s really tough on the males. They’ve killed all the females and now it’s hard to find someone to rape and oppress. How depressing for them. Poor them.
And I wish I was making this up. Really, I do. Oh how I do wish it. But I didn’t: The CBC also helpfully reports the “up-side” to female genocide. The positive side: “The team also pointed to potential pluses of sex selection, such as an increase in the proportion of wanted births, and placing a higher value on women as their numbers in society fall.”
A higher value.