CNN reports- “Missing” 100 Million Women may lead to “Future Consequences”

I was reading CNN’s article about a just released Canadian Medical Journal report on the gender imbalance in Asian countries. Not surprisingly, the sex-selective abortion, infanticide and murder of 100 million women has led to vast unnatural gender gaps in nations when such practices are commonplace. The recent report shows that up to one forth of females have been eliminated in regions of India, China and Korea. Also shown is the profound correlation between sex selective abortion and the birth of a “first born” daughter. “If the first child is a girl, couples will often sex select to ensure a boy in the second pregnancy especially where low fertility is the norm. A large study in India showed that for second births with one preceding girl the SRB is 132, and for third births with two previous girls it is 139, while sex ratios where the previous child was a boy are normal,” the study explains.” The natural sex ratio is 105 males to 100 females.
As reported by CNN, there is a down-side to genocide of females: Potential future male unhappiness.
From CNN: “The problem with all this researchers say, is that there can be consequences to an imbalanced sex ratio.  Many of these men will not marry or have children in a society where marriage is universal. These men, researchers say, may be psychologically vulnerable and prone to depression, aggressive behavior and violence.”
Gendercide may lead to male unhappiness if there aren’t enough females around for every man to own one! Oh noez!  NOW there really is a reason for concern.
According to a story reported by CBC NewsThe outlook for a generation of males entering their reproductive years in the next 20 years is “grim,”
So grim. Grim. Grim.Grim. What a terrible outlook. No female slave to bare your seed and abort your daughters. That’s really tough on the males. They’ve killed all the females and now it’s hard to find someone to rape and oppress. How depressing for them. Poor them.
And I wish I was making this up. Really, I do. Oh how I do wish it. But I didn’t: The CBC also helpfully reports the “up-side” to female genocide. The positive side: “The team also pointed to potential pluses of sex selection, such as an increase in the proportion of wanted births, and placing a higher value on women as their numbers in society fall.”
A higher value.



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  1. Holy. Fucking. Shit.
    Yeah, but it never works out in the way of “higher value” for surviving females.
    How it ends up is that one female has to ‘service’ a bunch more males than they otherwise would have been forced to service. Females in places like India find themselves “married” to multiple male family members (like brothers and even generational servicing).
    Value goes up?
    Nope. Value always goes down as far as females are concerned.
    If there are any selective abortions to be had, then it should be the males aborted. Only in countries where there is a huge female majority (where the dudes have killed each other off in warz) then female-friendly policies and social-friendly government happen. Proof that males are the defectives, the mutants.

  2. . The positive side: “The team also pointed to potential pluses of sex selection, such as an increase in the proportion of wanted births, and placing a higher value on women as their numbers in society fall.”
    This might not even be true. I once watched a documentary on gynocide in India and one of the most memorable scenes depicted a large group of men sitting in a room watching a woman belly-dance on TV. The atmosphere was so hostile you could feel it through the screen- they HATED that woman, they didn’t value her one bit. They actually blamed the WOMEN for not existing in sufficient numbers to satisfy their needs for sexual exploitation via marriage. One man was asked: “If your baby was a girl would you have it aborted or killed?” “YES” was the answer. No value there whatsoever. The most sensible thing to do would be to evacuate all women, close the borders and leave the men to themselves.
    Also: being a “wanted” child doesn’t mean much if you either grow up to be exploited until the day you die or become an exploiter yourself.

    1. Yes indeed.
      The ‘value’ of a female is to get the ‘privilege’ of sexually servicing multiple men rather than just the one. You would think the sex pozzies would be all over this, and flocking to these areas to ‘help out’ and get a piece of this action. Strangely, not so much.
      The only time it ever works out in females favour, is when they outnumber the males about two to one. That seems to be the magic number.

  3. England and France between the wars is an excellent example of this– the men were shipped off to WWI in France and England, and then women’s rights flourished, women took on all kinds of well paid jobs, and lesbian culture was dynamic. Clear the men out, and you have a much better society for women overall.

  4. Uhhg, that’s a depressing article! Femicide and how it makes men’s lives unpleasant. Good grief.
    Men don’t value women more as they become scarce, I think they tend to get even more hostile. As others have said, they actually blame women for not existing in high enough numbers.

  5. As a result of the on going elimination of females in northern states of India, such as Haryana and the Punjab, young girls are being trafficked in from the poorer eastern and southern states.
    Apparently men will pay roughly $90 to $670 for a trafficked ”wife.” (Yeah, I’m sure that could qualify as ”placing a higher value on women as their numbers in society fall.”)
    The trafficked young girls nearly all end up in small rural farming villages often be ”shared” by a number of unwed brothers and any other male family members of the household(as Fab Libber said). The girl will live a life of slave labour, a sexual latrine and procreative machine.
    Of course, due to the young age of some of the trafficked girls their bodies aren’t able to endure the repeated rapes and neither are they bodily prepared to bear children. If they don’t die during childbirth, they may well end up suffering from obsteric fistula only to then be cast out like so much garbage.
    I can’t even begin to imagine the extent of the psychological and pysiological impact and damage done to trafficked girls. They must suffer from chronic PTSD.
    I totally agree that men are mutants. Their so-called normal state in patriarchy is that of a sexual sociopath!

  6. I…. I so fucking speechless. An article about the murder of millions of women (or potential women) has a focus on how rough it is for the men?
    Oh, those poor men, being allowed to live by virtue of their dicks. However shall they live without a woman to be their sex slave and societal lesser? Can’t you just see how angry and violent they are because they just don’t have a woman of their very own to love?
    And I’m sure those women that are alive in those countries feel really valued and treasured because of their scarcity. Totally just basking in the amazing privilege they have. Yep, nothing ridiculous about this article at all.
    I second your, “Fuck you.”

  7. I can’t give you a link. It was asked and the PI answered. I can’t give you a link to the article either but I’ve send the PDF to someone to send to you as an attachment.
    FabLibber will send to you.
    I know why female scientists do this, still it’s a devastating betrayal. Between your two stories here, and one that FabL has posted, it’s been a quiet, cynical morning here.

    1. Jilla thank you so much- I look forward to reading it.
      Yes, the shit-ass CNN article was written by CNN’s chief medical correspondent who is also a female physician. Sickening. Maybe they feel that concern for men is the only thing that will have any impact. Maybe they’re pragmatic realists rather than self-hating genocide supporters. (I’m struggling to find reasoning that probably isn’t there just because I can’t handle the depth of the betrayal).

  8. I think if they get into medical school, it’s because the boys vette for the women they want. Smart, but compromised to their career passion. When you read the study, well it’s pretty bad. Any reporter saying anything else would have had to make it up. She’s also COI on funding.

    1. Thankfully I don’t think that’s true anymore about medical school. Obviously it was not long ago, when women had to found their own medical schools and hospitals just to be allowed in. If I recall correctly, the first female Md disguised herself as a male to get through school. But I’ve been privileged to know many incredible active feminist physicians, particularly lesbians and black females who have dedicated their lives to the emancipation of, and wellness of women (much like the female Mds cited in the cardiac device study below this entry).
      Women in medical research (or any research) you may have a good point. It’s pretty well been proven that female researchers are deprived of the same resources grants and concrete institutional support of their male colleagues, which has impeded female participation in all research fields including medicine.
      Looking forward to reading the study, thanks again.

  9. That phrase, “Women are (or were) valued in X culture (or century)” is almost always the lead-in to some disgusting bit of sexism. Usually the person using it is trying to convince women to drop all that misguided feminist thinking and work towards a society that resembles Victorian England, 1950’s America, or 12th-century China.
    “Women were valued, and that’s why they had a separate, really special role. Men got to do the important stuff — oops, I meant to say, HAD to do the really hard, dirty, nasty stuff outside the home.”
    “Women were valued, and that’s why men fought for ownership of them — oops, I meant to say, for their fair hands.”
    “Men like me were brought up to VALUE women, and that’s why we get so upset when we see women trying to act like men and have careers and use words like ‘shit’ and do stuff that requires protective footwear — it’s like they don’t appreciate how special and unique and even SUPERIOR their role is, and how much we VALUE them. It’s like their spitting in our faces when they reject that superior feminine role. Some dumb cunt looked at me funny when I tried to hold the door for her this morning. If I was her boyfriend, I’d teach her a lesson.”

    1. Got it in one. This one has got me thinking about a heated conversation with a friends dad wherein he was talking about valuing womyn as “life givers” and how that wasn’t objectifying them or placing them on a pedestal or anything. Mansplainer over the top.

  10. Daughters of Gardeners is a very moving film, made by a woman, about the female foeticide and infanticide in specific parts of India. One of the most horrific parts of it is the part about the female doctor who performed many, many of the murders for hire.
    Typical how this system works. Families must pay a dowry to marry off their daugthers. So daughters are considered a burden (Indian proverb: Raising a daughter is like watering a neighbor’s garden). Even the poorest of poor families play their part in this system.
    I’m forever and always reminded of the quote: “men make the weather, then stand in the rain and say, ‘shit, it’s raining!'”

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