Men Love the Ladies Restroom- This Week In The News

Man hid camera in bathroom to record teenager, arrested on voyeurism charges

Teen Says 3 Boys Sexually Assaulted Her In Middle School Bathroom

Woman Spots Peeper In Bathroom Window

Stranger climbs into the bathroom stall of a 12-year-old girl

Women sue in bathroom spying case

Landlord accused of peeping on naked renters

Landlord arrested, accused of hiding camera in female tenants’ bathroom–Videotaping_Tenants/
PEEPING TOM WITH CAMERA: Police are investigating an incident on Union Street in which a suspect peeked at a victim through the victim’s bathroom window and allegedly took photographs of the victim.

Landlord accused of peeping on tenants- cops seized surveillance cameras hidden in the bathrooms of his two young female tenants.

Fort Worth man arrested in peeping tom case
“The family first called Fort Worth police on Sept. 9 when their 10-year-old daughter was
taking a shower and saw what she believed to be a camera on a pole outside the window”

JACKSONVILLE BEACH– A 50-year old man was charged with disorderly conduct around 11 a.m. Feb. 17 after a woman caught him looking under her stall in a women’s restroom at Publix at 670 Marsh Landing Parkway.The victim said the man stuck his head under the stall and stared up at her. She said she was scared, and screamed. Then she ran out of the bathroom, screaming “a pervert is in the bathroom, please help me.”

Peeping Tom in Athens?

“He came in casually like he was going to wash his hands, but I couldn’t see the guy because I was in the stall.  He turned the water off and slid right down to where he could see what was going on in the stall and then I noticed him.  He got up, got the paper towels like he had been washing his hands the whole time and left,” says Lynn.
As you can imagine, she was startled to say the least.”I feel so violated. There was really nothing I could do.  I was in the restroom alone with the guy. There was nothing I could do.  If I had done something, he could have attacked me or something like that,” says Lynn.

Man balks at plea deal in woman’s NYC bar beating A construction worker accused of beating a woman unconscious in a New York City bar bathroom has abruptly balked at a plea deal he was in the middle of taking. Mbarek Lafrem initially told a Manhattan judge Thursday he wanted to plead guilty to assault and attempted sexual abuse in exchange for a 12-to-18-year prison term. The 31-year-old Lafrem said he lashed out at the woman because she slapped and bit him after he went into a women’s restroom by mistake. But the woman told police he followed her to the bathroom after she rebuffed his efforts to dance with her.

Police Report: Lawrence Township

Police received a report of disorderly conduct in which a truck driver entered the women’s restroom at Sapp. Bros and looked under an occupied stall. A registration was obtained and the investigation continues.

Daphne women’s restroom video spying case set for arraignment

Man Accused Of Exposing Self At Library

Supect Carrying Knives When Arrested, Police Say

Police said James Abbott was seen looking under a bathroom stall in the women’s restroom at the main branch on Vine Street on Monday. The witness said Abbott came out of the stall and exposing himself to her as she left the restroom. Police said Abbott was carrying two “skinning knives” when officers arrested him.

Mass. court tosses 2-day sex offender police check

Maker, who had been arrested four times for open and gross lewdness between 1994 and 2009, was arrested again Tuesday after police say he fondled himself in the ladies’ restroom at the Cheesecake Factory at Boston’s Prudential Center.–+Local+news

Woman attacked in Chuck E. Cheese restroom

A 39-year-old woman was jumped and beaten Wednesday afternoon by a 16-year-old boy lurking in the ladies restroom at a Murrieta Chuck E. Cheese’s, authorities said.

As soon as she walked through the restroom door, a young man burst out of one of stalls and grabbed her by the arms, she said.

He threw her to the ground in the handicapped stall, knocking her head on the toilet, and began to pummel her in the head and upper body, Reynoso said. He climbed on top of her, holding her down, and continued to punch her, she said.

“I was like, ‘What are you doing? What are you doing?’ ” she said, but he just told her to shut up.
“I thought I was going to die.”
She now thinks the teen probably intended to rape the first person to walk into the bathroom.
2nd lawsuit filed in restroom spying case
Both suits allege Lattner used chewing gum to attach the video camera to a toilet brush in a bathroom stall at the plant at 1100 Commonwealth Blvd.

Weekend Police Log
In an incident of disorderly conduct, a male truck driver entered the ladies’ restroom at Sapp Bros. Truck Stop and looked under the door of an occupied stall.
*Whew!* and this was just a sampling! Might need to make this an ongoing feature. Men sure will go to incredible lengths to peep/lurk/wank/assault/rape in women’s bathrooms.



70 thoughts on “Men Love the Ladies Restroom- This Week In The News

  1. Holy crap what a round up.
    Transactivists too seem rather overly obsessed with women’s restrooms. They want anyone that ‘feels like a woman’ in there, and we FAABs should not be so ‘uptight’ about it.

    1. And those are only the tip of the iceburg of those that made the news this week! And think of all the thousands of others that didn’t “make the news”. It truly boggles the mind.

    2. None of these incidents involve MTF individuals, cross dressed or trans. They are all male presenting as male.
      I’ve been searching for any evidence to the contrary. If you can find a credible story involving male gendered person presenting as female that assaulted someone in a female restroom please share.
      Thank you in advance.

  2. It’s true that there are tran activists who want to pass laws saying that any man who is “transgender” should be allowed to use the female restroom.
    The definition of transgender: “Of, relating to, or designating a person whose identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender roles, but combines or moves between these.”
    “People who were assigned a sex, usually at birth and based on their genitals, but who feel that this is a false or incomplete description of themselves.”
    “Non-identification with, or non-presentation as, the sex (and assumed gender) one was assigned at birth.”
    So basically that’s any guy.

    1. So basically that’s any guy.
      Yep. That was always my main problem, right from the start of all this – transactivists want to include anyone and anybody in their little party, with fuck-all concern for women’s safety in women’s-only places. Thanks, but no thanks.
      I could possibly be on board with the whole accepting TWs in women’s bathrooms IF there was a no-willy rule in order to be called “woman”.
      Call me old fashioned, but anything with a willy is male, and man. I ain’t havin’ anything with a willy near me, particularly in secluded locations like restrooms.

      1. A post-op male tran still has a willy. It’s just pushed up into the space between his prostate and his rectum. He still gets erections too, they’re just internal.

  3. And I just have to share a great comment by yttik at IBTP.
    March 3, 2011 at 8:39 pm
    Women who complain about men in the bathroom are not necessarily being homophobic or transphobic, they may well be engaging in self defense. Women do tend to get attacked, harassed, and treated as commodities quite often, by men, even in the restroom. If someone shows up in the bathroom appearing to be a man, naturally many women would assume there is a predator in their midst, be wary, and perhaps complain to the management. To assume women do this because they are homophobic or they simply wish to harass transpeople is to completely dismiss women’s unfortunate experiences on this planet.
    It’s also unreasonable to demand that women ignore their instinctual wariness of men and start embracing everyone who walks into the restroom so nobody ever has to experience any perceived homophobia or transphobia. At some point women’s right to be safe, to be wary, should come before somebody else’s potential hurt feelings.

    1. Yes- that is very well stated. Typical that autogynephillic males so easily disregard the safety of the women they are minstrelizing. The truth is the idea of being in the ladies room “as a lady” is a fantasy many of these guys have been masturbating to since puberty. Hell some of them masturbate at the fantasy of being in a knitting circle of women. Most of the trans who have been kicked out of ladies rooms were kicked out because they wanted to stay in there and hang out, getting their freak on. It’s a big turn on for them. You can pull the news articles and see for yourself.

    2. I do wish that yttik would find her way to more faab-friendly places, rather than faab-hostile places like IBTP.
      Like here 😛

  4. Here’s a lovely exchange about such things today on IBTP:

    Tranny giving a definition of a bathroom:
    “A place where an occasional member of the transgender grouping wearing female attire while genitally male masturbates”
    “Now that’s comedy.”

    This put me in mind of the comment exchange about compassion and enabling that FAB Libber and I had a today on my blog. Tonight I added another comment to that thread about how Jill is the perfect example of someone who has confused the former for the latter – and that was BEFORE reading that priceless bit of assaultive shit the tranny posted and Jill’s tossed-off reply. She’s not being compassionate (she doesn’t actually give a shit about men wanting to become women), she’s just enabling these sick fucks for other reasons entirely, but telling herself (and letting her dimwitted suck-up readers believe) that it’s all about being kind-heartedly anti-oppression, a champion for the underdog. Or something. I completely agree with your phrasing, FL, in Jill’s case, she absolutely is engaging in “blanket excusing of behaviour” and the result is clear.

    1. Thanks Noandyne.
      What is really pissing me off, and what yttik addressed, is that whilst championing this anti-oppression cause for trans, it erases and overlooks the fact that FAABs are a huge oppressed group also (and putting FAABs in danger to accomodate TWs in the bathrooms).
      Just in the last year, in the UK, at least two (possibly three) incidents of males dressed in women’s clothing, attacked or attempted to attack young women (mainly in parks etc). I will see if I can find links to the reports.
      Now, were these dudes supposed to be TWs, or were they wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing enabling them to get closer to their victims? It does not matter, the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing threat is still there, even if not that particular wolf.
      I am really fucking pissed off that women’s safety is just thrown under a bus so a bunch of MAABs can play dress-ups. Fuck that noise.

      1. I’ve said it on other threads and such — a big reason that I started getting so pissed off about this issue is the expectation of trans and their allies that those men will be allowed in at MichFest. We’re just supposed to welcome everyone and anyone who says they belong there, fuck our safety, our community, all of it. It’s the one place on earth where I’ve felt completely at peace in my body and soul and surroundings — that’s a very common experience for most of the women who go there year after year. And these assholes want to destroy that for the sake of narcissistic fetishists.

  5. Hey guys it would be cool if you would do something against this things. I’m from germany and I think we don’t have so much trouble with this. But If you would start perhaps other women will follow.

    1. We are doing something about it Mimi- what we do is arrest these predators due to laws that prohibit male fetishists from preying on women and wanking in the ladies room. That’s why these cases are in the news.
      The sex crime rate in Germany is 60% higher than the rest of the EU, so I have no idea what you’re on about here. Perhaps you haven’t been home in a while? 50 or 60 years perhaps?

      1. We can also throw shitfits and usher the gentlemen in question out of the restrooms, but that type of action doesn’t make us very popular in most crowds.

  6. Can I ask what is your position on FAAB with a very masculine appearance using the women’s facilities? I have been thrown out many times. On one hand being FAAB entitles me to be there but the end result is the same as if I was MAAB: some women dont feel safe with me there and call security.

    1. You’ve been a butch woman all your life and haven’t figured out how to negotiate this? I find that hard to- no, IMPOSSIBLE to believe.
      Oh wait thats right you commented here before as an FTM tran. If you see yourself as “male” and want the public to see you as “male” then why are you going in the ladies room?

      1. …in other words, pick one.
        I find it hard to believe that women react to quite that degree for a butch woman. But they will react that way if you are seen as a man, automatically, their built-in perv-detector goes off.
        So, you must present well beyond butch woman, you are not only dressing, but behaving like a run of the mill dude.

      2. It’s very common for butch women- and even not so butch women- to be mistaken for male on first glance when they don’t overtly perform femininity. Many’s the time a woman in a restroom has glanced up at a butch woman with fear in her eyes. Unlike male fetishists and male wanna-bes like pogs, us women are quick to respond in a calm and reassuring unthreatening way. Not like entitled assholes who consider women’s fear in a rape culture to be an inconvenience. Much less an offense or an oppression. No, we identify ourselves as female in a sensitive and loving way, having respect and empathy for the women we have inadvertently frightened. It’s such a common phenomena for butch women, and one we negotiate seamlessly and with little fuss. Unlike the males and male wanna-bes.

      3. I think that is what I was getting at, it rarely goes beyond the instant of first glance, sizing you up, “are you a dude in here up to no good?”.
        If the individual is behaving like an entitled male prick (even if female) then the reactions will be the same as if she was male. Males and male wanna-bes, as you say.
        People seem to forget that there are a bunch of people in the middle, that do not look one way or another (including post menopausal women in some cases). So they look for clues in the behaviour.

  7. I have the impression the Kitteh sticks to IBTP and Reclusive Leftist. She’s got some humdingers though doesn’t she? “The mutilated woman in the room” is hers too, I believe.
    Thanks for this great (but puke worthy) line-up GM. It was better than a steaming hot cup of espresso to see this when I got up this a.m.

  8. And thanks for your sensitivity toward your kin when we might fear you (at first) in a washroom entrance. Only another woman would understand that. If I see a person who looks male even in the vicinity of a public isolated washroom I keep on walking, in pain.

  9. ok in answer to your questions: Yes, I see myself as “male” but the second part is N/A – I dont have a burning desire to be seen as male in public.
    Secondly, I’m not masculine looking as in butch but I’m almost 6 ft tall and something about me looks manly I guess. I should have said ‘mannish’ not ‘masculine’ my bad. I’ve been called a shemale and a drag queen since the age of 13.
    I would say women call me out in the toilets about 3/10 times, so its not every time; but I don’t retaliate or protest because I’m *embarassed* about my appearance. Im genuine. I hope that explains it better.

    1. What??? You don’t “retaliate”? What the fuck does that mean? You don’t respond to the women fearfully in turn? You don’t “protest” their fear? What EXACTLY do you mean by “retaliate” and “protest”. I await your answer. Thanks.

  10. “Unlike male fetishists and male wanna-bes like pogs, us women are quick to respond in a calm and reassuring unthreatening way. ”
    Ahh, what a delightful breath of fresh air this comment is! I too have startled women in the restroom and if you have any empathy towards women at all, the polite response is, “sorry I startled you,” or something equal to calm their fears. I often say something ridiculous like, “it’s just me,” as if they have any clue who “me” is, but generally the tone of my voice is enough to reassure them I’m not a threat.
    It’s kind of ironic, you’d have to be dripping in male privilege to believe your right to use the can trumps everybody else’s right to feel safe and free of anxiety. If you’re that self centered and filled with your own importance, then you’re using the wrong can.

    1. I say the EXACT SAME THING. That is so funny! I wonder if a lot of us do. The fact that males and male wanna-bes like pogs react with anything less than empathy and sensitivity to a woman being startled/frightened really is awful.

  11. What I mean by don’t retaliate or protest is I don’t cause a scene or be rude to people who react rudely to me!! I understand why they are rude towards me! I want to know in your opinion, what would be the right thing to do and if this is using the mens toilets then I will do. How is that thinking my rights trump someone else’s? Im trying to make sure that whatever I might identify as I’m not being an oppressive asshole.

    1. They’re not being rude to you. THEY ARE FRIGHTENED. Changing your self centered perspective in this matter should solve all your problems. Give it a try.

  12. Well as a Butch female I can attest to the trouble Butch women have with regards to public bathrooms. Most of us do everything possible to avoid them, but some times there is nothing one can do but use them.
    While I understand the reactions of women, it gets old after awhile. I dont have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times a manager has been notified “a man is in the ladies” or the number of times security has physically removed me. It only increases Butch shame, and reinforces Butch invisibility further invalidating our femaleness.
    All of which can push some Butches to transition I might add.

    1. I’m glad you made that point, Dirt, I was thinking the same thing about the shame for butch women and that being a reason to transition.
      Sometimes it’s fear women feel when they see a person who might be a man in their bathroom, but I think it’s often gender policing, too. The look on someone’s face is a very clear indication of which it is and I’ve seen revulsion and the like on plenty of women’s faces. It’s yet another method of shaming and conformity-policing.

      1. I’ve never felt shame over this, personally, and I am sad that this would prompt people to take such drastic action.
        I have felt amused pretty much each of the 8,978,234 times this has happened:
        Random, straight-looking woman, grimacing: “This is the ladies’ room.”
        Me, washing hand: “Yes, I know, thanks.”

  13. Dirt, I really hope you’re not blaming frightened women in public bathrooms for butches transitioning? Because that would be so off-base and messed up, I wouldn’t even know where to begin…

    1. No, she’s saying that these reactions (sometimes carried on in spite of a Butch’s obvious breasts, her attempts to reassure, etc) contribute to butch shame and that butch shame is the major factor in why some Butches think they should transition.
      In other words, both women whose appearance conforms to the norms and women whose appearances don’t are affected by this.
      Not to mention, btw, that Butches can be and are victimized by men the rape culture too. You know – teaching them a lesson and all. And, you kow, being that they are women too.

  14. I am SO glad to see you posting on this topics, gallusmag. My aunt had a run-in with one of these creepers; she got away safely but another woman did not. It is just so horrible to think even in “woman-only” space we’re not truly safe…and there is even PORN of this shit out there (of course…’cause it’s a male fantasy!!).
    So utterly depressing but male dominant reality.

  15. I’ve made a copy of this complete post. I get really ticked when something so excellent is on one of ‘our’ sites and for some reason or other the blog disappears.
    This is a complete education here, for anyone who doesn’t get it. Oh and thanks pogs for so clearly setting out the ridiculous defenses so GM et al could slay them. Cripes.

  16. Not understanding womens’ fear is truly a sign that men have no idea what women are about.
    I’ve never heard one trans ever address the fears of born women in the restroom issue.
    The fact that they know nothing about this is telling.

    1. It’s VERY telling. Trans get erections from fantasizing themselves as female, and from having that fantasy affirmed. That’s what is their priority- their erections. Obviously they have nothing in common with and aren’t the least bit concerned about actual women.

  17. From one of Lawrence’s autogynephilia narratives:
    “Wearing women’s clothing and feminizing my body has always been sexually exciting for me — even after SRS. Before SRS, during masturbation, I fantasized that I had female genitalia as well as breasts. Also, it was and still is sexually exciting for me to have female body “functions”. Before my SRS, I would pretend to menstruate by urinating in sanitary pads. I particularly enjoyed wearing the old fashion belted pad with long tabs.
    I also always wanted to “have to sit” on a toilet just like a woman. For years I would wear “arrangements” (so as not to touch or direct my penis) to simulate female urination. For example, I would wear the old fashion sanitary belt and pad, with the inner pad removed from the outer covering. The mesh covering would hold my penis in a downward position and produce a feminine stream. Also, I would void through panty hose, or glue or tape my penis in a downward direction.
    For me, the greatest joy of my SRS is that the constant reminder that my maleness is gone, every time I use the bathroom. I am still sexually excited knowing that my urination process is just like a woman’s. A “process” [involving] the normal daily aggravations, such as needing to remove clothing, wiping my crotch of drops of urine, and “hovering” over soiled public toilet seats. During urination, to be able to feel the warmth in my crotch as some urine drips around my meatus, and to be able to hear an occasional feminine “hiss” and the distinctive female sound of a widely swirling stream striking the water brings great pleasure to me – and confirms to me that I am a woman.
    Also, since SRS, my underclothing feels more exciting. That is, as a bra is made with cups for female breast support; a panty is made with a closed crotch for a female (short) urethra. Also, foundation undergarments with a detachable or a split crotch function as designed. Now, having a pleasurable clitoris and vagina is sexually exciting, even before masturbation. And, yes, I do have orgasms. Although they are not as intense as before SRS, they last longer. Thinking about my female sex organs helps me to have an orgasm.
    My life-long desire to have a feminine urinary function (female genitalia) was definitely a major reason for my SRS. I would have been happy to [have] continued to live “outwardly” as a man, knowing I had female genitalia and breasts (size A cup) under my clothes. However, I never explained this to my therapist, fearing he would not support my planned SRS. “

    1. That last par really sums it up. He has a fetish with women’s bodies and their functions. He does not mind outwardly appearing ‘as a man’ (so he can retain all his male privileges).
      I am beginning to think that the fetishists make up the largest portion of M2Ts, with BID as the second-most.
      It is astounding that the UK govt catered so very quickly to a bunch of fetishists and enshrined it in law. This has not been done for any other group or civil rights, so quickly.
      And women’s safety gets thrown under a bus to cater for males yet again.

      1. The reason these laws get passed so quickly is – for every “out” transgender there are thousands of closet autogynephile males in positions of power.

      2. Autogynephiles make up 95% of transsexuals. The rest are closet homosexuals who are extremely feminine and are attracted to straight male partners.

      3. or every “out” transgender there are thousands of closet autogynephile males in positions of power.
        Yes, most definitely. Just look at the number of ‘kinky’ MPs found in women’s clothing (or dead in women’s clothing), and that is the tip of the iceberg.
        Autogynephiles make up 95% of transsexuals.
        How did you come up with that figure? I am currently writing a post that focuses on the underlying reasons for trans, and the fetishes (incl. autogynephiles) are clearly the top reasons, no contest. Add a big dollop of narcissism on top.

  18. This explains a lot, and also explains why access to women’s bathrooms is such an obsession with MTFs– I have heard them go on and on about that, and thought it odd at the time. No I understand the weirdness behind these guys, and the bit about remaining male on the outside says it all I think.

  19. The emphasis on “having to” sit to urinate is striking. It’s as if he thinks that’s some sort of disability, or vaguely degrading, and gets off on the idea. Note the use of quasi-bondage devices to produce what he imagines are the correct female urine-stream sound effects. Yuck.
    The fact that he thinks about this stuff at all is proof that he is not, and never will be, a woman. Someone should have taken away his copy of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” before he cathected on archaic feminine hygiene products.

  20. This is AWESOME, GM!!! Love it, love it, love it!! Thank you soooo much for putting this sweet archive together. It is incredibly valuable information. AND it demonstrates the NON-exceptional nature of female fear related to public bathroom usage.
    I also think it fits pretty nicely with what I’ve been hammering on in regard to RAPE and the female experience. As Sheila said a few comments up:

    Not understanding womens’ fear is truly a sign that men have no idea what women are about.

    Exactly! They seriously, seriously do not appreciate either the QUANTITY of attacks perpetrated by men against women or the QUALITY of these attacks.

    1. Yes, sadly I could post one of these every week just by googling the news. Of course most of these incidents never even make the news.

  21. I already posted this comment on another thread once, but it probably works for all of them: Men are fucking creepy.

  22. I am a rad fem who once-upon-a-time in my naivite dated a man disguised as a woman (“transwoman”). He did not allow me to close the bathroom door when I peed. I always thought that was odd but I was so young at the time it just didn’t click…and now it is…and it is dawning on me how sick that is…

  23. EEEWwwwwwww This one takes the cake, courtesy of Selah:
    Man dressed as mannequin found in mall toilet11:30 AEST Mon Apr 18 2011
    A English man has tried to take pictures of women in a shopping mall toilet disguised as a mannequin.
    University of Birmingham student Joel Hardman was caught trying to secretly film women on his mobile phone, the Birmingham Mail reports.
    The 22-year-old from Edgbaston was seen sneaking into the women’s toilets “dressed like a mannequin with a mask and a wig” earlier this month.
    When security guards nabbed him after he emerged from the locked cubicle, Hardman admitted to performing a sexual act and said: “I’ve been a bit weird.”
    He also told police he found the sound of women on the toilet sexually exciting and said: “It’s good you’ve caught me — maybe now I’ll stop.”
    Police found three images of women’s feet taken beneath cubicle doors on his mobile phone, and an audio recording of a flushing toilet, the court was told.
    Hardman told Birmingham Magistrates’ Court he felt “sexual gratification out of everything that goes on in women’s toilets”.
    When asked to explain his outfit, he said he wore the clothes to a fancy dress party and then tried it out at the shopping mall.
    Hardman confessed he had done it before in the women’s toilets at a university campus, but moved to the shopping centre because it was busier.
    The student was released on bail on the condition he stayed away from public toilets.
    District Judge Lesley Mottram said Hardman could face jail time because of the “aggressive nature” of the crime and the case is adjourned until May 10.

  24. I am curious about you think about the recent McDonald’s violence involving 2 teenagers and a transwoman.
    The video is quite violent so proceed with caution if you haven’t seen it already. I’ve flip flopped on this a bit, because I don’t condone violence, but I do understand that it’s possible that what the girls experienced was a male coming into the bathroom. And I think it’s not unreasonable that someone who is male was experienced as male. How she wants to be perceived and how she is actually experienced are separate issues. Did she deserve to have the violence continue? Probably not… But I don’t think it’s a hate crime. I doubt they took in, “You are a transsexual and I don’t like transsexuals.” I imagine it was more like, “You’re a dude. I know you’re a dude. GTF out of the women’s room.”

    1. So it was all about why trans “women” found it offensive, but not a word about why women would find it offensive.

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