Gender Divides in Earned Doctorates

Duke University Sociologist Kieran Healy from Crooked Timber broke down the NORC 2009 Survey of Earned Doctorates by Gender. From SED: “The Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) is a federal agency survey conducted by NORC for the National Science Foundation and five other federal agencies (National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Education, National Endowment for the Humanities, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration).
The SED gathers information annually from 45,000 new U.S. research doctorate graduates about their educational histories, funding sources, and post-doctoral plans.”
Click HERE for a fascinating expanded PDF on Gender Divides in all disciplines.

28 thoughts on “Gender Divides in Earned Doctorates

    1. (OR even better, “male inside”. No, it’s absolutely not the fault of stereotype threat that women in the hard sciences are so few, it’s all because women are just dumb at maths, but so great at emoting. Yeah)
      I’ve seen so many intelligent and competent girls choosing other roads because maths/physics/engineering were “too hard” / “too technical”, and most of them were actually better prepared than the males actually going in there!

    2. You’re a MAN! lmao.
      It would be interesting to see worldwide statistics. I wonder if different cultures would skew differently. In the US you would be anomalous, according to these statistics.

      1. I am anomalous even here, even if probably less anomalous. What I absolutely think it’s the cause of this phenomenon is the fact girls are trained to be “mechanical, methodical thinkers” (the ones who always do all the homework but can’t solve a new problem), which does great harm to intuition, which is actually science and maths’ “propeller” so to speak. They don’t have FAITH IN THEMSELVES, and in their brain and imagination. I do instead! I might be wrong many times, but I believe in my capabilities and I like challenges actually. Oh wait, that’s “male inside”. Curious…

      2. Another thing that MUST be dismantled is the myth of the genius (almost always male). Geniuses are those who apparently do “leaps” of thought no one else thought about. And that is simply, IMO, lack of (holistic, “artistic”, “poetical”) intuition on the others’ part, not an extraordinary ability of the genius. Intuition is something society wants to destroy, especially in women. Everyone is intuitive to a certain degree, but this ability is dramatically cut down by SCHOOL(especially by the PC ideology! You can never follow the train thought ’till its end). I think most schools make us STUPID! And intuition is especially, and rather inconsequentially, discouraged in most math courses, with disastrous results, especially for girls who are even more conditioned to be mechanical.

      3. I think women and girls have to kill some of their own intuition (or find ways to ignore it) in order to survive in the sex class “female”. Otherwise they would go insane.

  1. It will be interesting to see how Eve Ensler’s Congo program will turn out, which teaches rape survivors computer and technology skills (among other things) in a culture that is not technologically advanced throughout.

    1. Well, in my city’s University there are some people from Subsaharan African countries (West African especially), most of them studying medicine (understandable), and the ratio male/female is pretty much equal. And that’s medicine, not physiotherapy.

    2. There’s a whole field dedicated to that type of work – it’s called IT for Development and there’s quite a bit of complexity to the whole thing. I work with a university program that is trying to suss out all the details to teach people the best ways of doing these kinds of projects to do good things without setting bad things in motion. I don’t trust that Eve Ensler has done the hard work to make damn sure that she’s not doing more harm than good. (I’m not a fan of the Vagina Monologues, but that’s another conversation.) A whole lot of arrogant U.S.ians have tried these exact kinds of things and proceeded to put girls and women in severe danger (all the way up to and including being murdered for gaining these skills). Just ask Oprah how the best intentions can go very badly astray. But then, anthropologists have known this for six decades – we can’t just drop in from our privileged place and decide to reform communities into being just like some other community. Even with significant input from the communities themselves, these projects have failed the girls and women they were supposed to help.

  2. In reading your post an alternative solution funding by medicaid / medicare A and B ( denied in the 80s and accepted in the Obamacare at present), and I understand that this post pertains to help men with a need to change their sex as the desired sex and those with confusing gender disphoria, what about those of us men like myself who were sexually abused and sexually psychologically and physically abused at age 5 ( that is branded through life, that is /has evolved into problematic anxiety, masive depression, suicide attemps, outrageous anger ( and keeps intensifying ), frustration and continual aggression imposed by women and intensifies even more so by feminist who want to rule and snuff out men )(and has left unreported for 48 years ) l have an extream desire to remove our ( meaning other men who cary this inerest) /my genitals due to the cruelty of the abuse that has occurred and continues to be threatened every day by feminism.
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    I am of many men who feel this way.
    many will never speak.
    And men WILL continue to decline.
    I believe I hold tis choose NOT the Drs. or Psychatrists.

    1. Wow, that was a lot of crazy.
      You were sexually abused as a child by your mother.
      That is an extremely traumatic experience.
      You don’t need to cut your penis off.
      You need therapy and some anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and perhaps some anxiolytics.
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      In the meantime:
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      1. Bethany you are exhibiting exactly what Mr McDonnell is talking about. You do not even know him or the abuse he has endured at the hands of women in his life, but you have decided that you have the right to tell him what he should do. I hope that you are not a mental health professional, because you are going to cause someone to take their own life. You are the monster you deny exists.

        1. Bullshit, cm98059. Bethany’s post was a home run. The guy clearly needs some serious help, and should definitely STAY AWAY FROM WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

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    2. WHELP, I think we should put a fancy digital frame around McDonnell’s post. Exhibit A, you know?

    3. Bethany and Farish
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        I love you Gallus. You always expose these dudes for the sick bastards that they are.

      3. Hey cm–anybody with half a brain can see the multiple red flags Bethany points out. I have a degree in social work, and know how to recognize the signs of mental illness, but these are so flagrant that no training is necessary to see them and call him out on them.
        If you support this dangerous psychopath, you need to be hospitalized, too. And both of you (or are you the same person?) need to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM WOMEN AND CHILDREN!
        Gallus, thanks for exposing this dangerous fool.

    4. Dude, you are as sick as they get – sick in the head, and your insane, rambling screed proves this. You need to be placed in a mental institution, because you are a clear and present danger to women and kids.

    1. I sincerely apologize if I stated my honesty that has offended any one.
      I have not stated the crule and gruesome sexual and sexual psycological abuse committed by my mother.
      For 40 years – I have been extensively in depth, seriously involved with psychiatry and have taken it to the fullest extent.
      Yes, it is difficult to keep my distance from women, but at least understand that when I mentioned children it only applies to the case abuse endured as a young boy. Therefore this reflects those memories as a child and I feel I must remove myself from the premises to avoid feeling the abuse each time. – I don’t think there any threat with either of those two statements.It is to protect myself. I am not psycotic, or delusional.
      And I must stress that I do not want to change my sex from male to female, but the extream warrent to become sexually nullified helps me to get rid of the anger, aggression,hostility,anxiety, depression, abuse issues and negative sources of income to en further damaging my line and make It more possitive.
      I came to you in earnest with hopes of acceptance and help – all else has failed.
      Yes the abuse is sick and the request has been taken as sick.
      I mean no harm in what I have stated.
      I only hope that the moderator understands that I am not trying to fight any one here and can be fair and amicable in quelling the harsh criticism. It hurts to be another outcast.
      I close by saying that I am sorry if I upset anyone. It has been a hard life to live.

      1. Chris Mayfield I have asked you to stop posting here under either this name or the Mr. McDonnell one. You are an extremely aggressive and disturbed individual and I fear for what you may do to women and children. In addition to what you have shared here, you have multiple ads on sex sites requesting encounters where you can act out the adult role in “man-boy” encounters. I won’t link them here. As someone said upthread, I am going to leave this info here for law enforcement in case you do something (or are found to have already done something) terrible.
        This is not a site to help men like yourself. This is a site to help women heal from contact with men like yourself. I encourage you to go to male sites and seek healing there. Or go anywhere, I don’t care, but you are not welcome here. Do not post here again. Thanks.

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