Transgender Artist “Black Madam” on the lam from “Silicone Killer” charges

20 year old british model and actress Claudia Seye Aderotimi died Tuesday,  hours after being injected with what investigators speculate was industrial grade silicone (the kind you get at home depot to grout your bathroom tiles with) in the buttocks by a fake doctor performing illegal plastic surgery in a Philadelphia hotel room. The young victim died of apparent silicone embolism to the lungs.
Police are seeking the suspect, transgender YouTube artist 41 year-old Padge Victoria Windslowe who goes by stage name Black Madam and is seen in the video from YouTube above. Warrants served at Windslowe’s  apartment yesterday  revealed multiple cell phones, multiple aliases and identification cards, and credit card in the name of Vanessa Brown, as well as syringes and silicone. “Windslowe juggled many identities. The cards found in the apartment on West Montgomery Ave. identified her as Tonya McClelland, Vanessa Brown, and Page Victoria Winslowe. In her neighborhood, everyone knew her as “Vicky.” The suspect identified themself to the victim as “Lillian Lang”. Windslowe “advertised buttock enhancement injections on her YouTube channel, according to court filings”. The advertisements have since been removed. According to the NYDailyNews “Windslowe’s Facebook page describes her as a “classically trained musician” who was also “the head of a lucrative ‘adult services company.'”

Illegal and dangerous black market silicone injecting is “a procedure that few if any doctors would recommend. Nevertheless, it remains popular in the nation’s transgender communities, where illegal “pumping parties” provide the chance for groups of people to get injections at somebody’s house, apartment or motel room.”
The victim, Claudia, was not transgender but an aspiring actress and model who had previously undergone the same procedure in November. Her ex-boyfriend said “After she had the injections last time, she told me she couldn’t take the pain and wouldn’t do it again. I never thought she would go back.” “When she first mentioned having surgery, I thought it was just a joke. We laughed about it and I never imagined it would end up being the cause of her death.” “she told me having the injections made her feel better about herself. Every girl has something they don’t like about their looks and she mentioned her bum a few times.”

Last twitters on BlackMadam's account.

The “APB alert” twitter was issued after the procedure was performed. The other links are to a photo of a feminized individual modeling their buttocks for the camera. “you better do it” BlackMadam comments.
Windslowe was also the founder of a “secret society” of transgender males called the “Ssshe Society”. I’ve included the text of their manifesto in the comments.
Photo of suspect

Un-airbrushed photo of suspect

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  1. Description:
    Sorority & Society of Sisterhood for Enlightenment
    The SSSHE Society is a Private Society for the Enrichment & Uplifting Enlightenment for the “Woman of a Certain Distinction“.
    “Who Are We”
    We are a Secretive and Exstreamly Private intricate networking system of “Women of a Certain Distinction” who hold outside positions Throughout the world… in Political, Business, Medical, Law, Arts and Entertainment fields…Through this network, a SSSHE members can now feel a just of Kinship, Protection, Security & Power amongst a world that has cast those like The SSSHE members on the oust skirts of society for many year.
    “What We Offer”
    The SSSHE Society shall offer to it’s members the advantages and benefits that other organizations such as the Masons, Scull & Cross bone, BiderBurge Group and many more… have enjoyed for centuries in Secrecy
    “We Take Care Of Our Own”
    Is the motto The Order of The SSSHE Society shall build an Empire from. Through monthly meets of upscale social benefits, fundraiser, Travel Club Events, Cocktail parties, arts and entertainment events and gatherings… our members shall get to know one another while networking and fostering great bonds that can and will be utilized to build relationships outside the physical wall of The SSSHE Society to over come any obstacles that would otherwise hold those like the SSSHE members back from advancing and securing a rich and prosperous life as a “Woman of a Cretin Distinction“.
    “Family First”
    With Elite Grand Gala meets annually, a Tremendous positive presence in the general public, and a great Ethics and Morale Conduct code displayed by each of our members in honoring one another within the Sisterhood first, and taking care of our own, The SSSHE Society intends to show the world that we shall and will be a force to be reckoned with from this moment on… No more should “a Woman of a Certain Distinction” feel the stigma of shame in being regarded as a lower class citizen of the world for the way she was born. A SSSHE Member should feel free to scream it to the world who she is, if That’s what she wants to do…which will be her own option alone to do so, with out negative backlash & reticule… SSSHE Society keep’s it’s member’s list Secret”.
    The SSSHE Society shall offer to it’s members The Birthright of Exceptional Splendor, Grandeur, Pride, Class and Dignity in a real world.
    Our First Mission:
    After The 1st Ever SSSHE Society Meet
    The SSSHE Society’s first Mission goal will be to locate a purchase a Grand Hall and Residence… where all the day to day activity’s and operations that come with the organization of such a Society could be handled. This property shall have massive space for many residency, where as “a Woman of a Certain Distinction” could go to take a limited residency in a time of crisis or Leisure etc. This resident would be used as a yearly meeting place to host all the SSSHE Society’s Events, Grand Balls & Gala…
    The SSSHE Society Hall shall be open to it’s members at anytime.
    After our first meet… The SSSHE Society will jump start several department as…
    Scholarship Program
    for those seeking higher education
    Mentoring program
    Each one Teach One
    The experience takes on a younger
    new member to mentor
    Fund rising Program
    To help lower the cost of medical &
    legal needs of less fortunate members
    SSSHE Travel Club
    To Broaden the horizons of it’s
    members by giving the opportunity
    to experience other cultures, nations
    & People
    SSSHE World Affairs Council
    A committee dedicated to the Public Relations
    Of the SSSHE member. Which will take on the
    task to promote an elite community of it’s members
    to the world
    The SSSHE Ethical Society
    Dedicated to uplifting the moral and ethical
    mind set of the SSSHE Society Members. Developing
    and instilling a code of Honor, dignity Respect and
    Class to each of the SSSHE Society’s members
    SSSHE Networking Benefits
    To see to it that no member goes without
    their proper needs fulfilled. Weather it’s a
    professional member who will benefit from
    the patronage of a member in need of a service
    offered, of a discounted service offered from a
    professional member to a member in need of
    service offered. Keeping it in the family First.
    Motivational Meets Networking events
    Where as a successful member can uplift their
    fellow sister… letting them know it is possible
    and obtainable with SSSHE… suggesting avenues
    and ways to make to become a successful member
    SSSHE Wealth Investment Pools
    A program whereas SSSHE SOCIETY Members can pool small amounts of money together while being guide by Expert Financial Advisors in which Stocks and Start up Companies are forecast to yield great returns. This Wealth Building Program will be a great tool in creating SSSHE SOCIETY Members, a Liftime of Security, Status and Power in the World of Business and Social Scenes Through the US and abroad.
    Professional placement
    Helping a members in need of employment
    get that employment position first, before any
    Outsider… Family First!
    SHHHE Political Sponsorship
    A foundation where she member come together
    to raise money s to help finance and Sponsor Party
    members of the United States Government who will
    better service “Women Of A Certain Distinction”
    SSSHE Memorial
    For the less fortunate Sisters Of
    Whom are disconnected with their
    family for their decision to become a
    “Woman Of A Certain Distinction,
    The SSSHE SOCIETY guarantees an
    Honorable and Dignified end of life
    Ceremony with all wishes Fulfilled.

  2. Wait, a “woman of certain distinction” — that’s euphemism for “prostitute”, no? So is this person intimating that prostitutes are “born that way”?
    More male fetishizing — women who are trafficked/traffic themselves are “sacred whores” who “just have high sex drives” and “wish to ‘teach’ or ‘share with’ men.”
    Love the “Women of Cretin Distinction” typo.
    Oh, and they’re trying to emulate the Masons, Skull & Crossbones, and other secret (male-only, I notice they didn’t mention the [equally creepy but female-only] Eastern Stars) societies? How … manly.
    Also, such societies have rich traditions of ritualistically abusing women, so there we have it.

    1. Lol the “cretin” thing kind of blew my mind, it’s not exactly just a typo, is it? And that it was never fixed.
      Males like him pretty much dedicate their life to the fetishistic hobby of modifying their body to be the recipient of the male gaze on their (to them) exciting sexy womanliness. Many transgender males work as prostitutes just for the sport of it, not for the money. Males will troll parks and railway yards and airport bathrooms looking for anonymous sex after all. For example world famous lawyer David Burgess who was tragically killed (allegedly- trial has not started yet) by another transgender male in a London subway tunnel worked as an “escort” advertising his services online. It’s a way for male transgenders to troll for sex. These male prostitutes often think females work from the same motivation, but females never troll city parks and restrooms looking for sex. Female prostitutes do it for money, usually because of drug addiction, not because they are “addicted” to the idea of themselves as having womanly attractiveness to men. Or the “addiction” of viewing their womanly self with their OWN male gaze.

  3. After reading that MANifesto, explain to me again why we women and feminists should be embracing them into FAAB-only spaces and treating them as one of our own?
    Clearly, they are still men. They act like men. They have the money of men (buying property, just like it is a pair of shoes?).
    As for ‘blackmadam’ dangerously injecting silicone into the British model, I would call that transmisogny.
    The new definition of transmisogyny is:
    misogyny by a TW towards a FAAB.

  4. Wow, as I look and read these heartless post…I’m thinking perhaps that’s why these Trans type of people go to the extremes that they do in the world to fit in, and now we want to condemn them because one of them dare to have the guts to say… “let’s take care of ourselves” How can we expect transgender people to do anything other than work in sex trade business or this type of thing as giving butt injections. We as society just go full steam ahead to rip them a new one every chance we get. Maybe if we… Stop with all the ridicule and harassment… and truly love thy neighbor, perhaps they would feel more comfortable to seek normal jobs in our society without fear of these prejudices we are plainly here serving up. When I first heard this scandal aired, the first thing the news casters couldn’t wait to get out their mouths was TRANSGENDER!, forget about the poor girl dieing… it was all about making a freak show from that moment on. We have a lot to fix within our selves people before throwing these freak stones.

    1. It’s amazing how many male transgenders adopt the name of eighties porn superstar Amber Lynn.
      “Wow, as I look and read these heartless post…” I’m assuming you mean posts about trans-type-of-people (as you put it). I can always tell when a trans type of person is reading my blog because they never ever read the posts about women, and the experiences of women. Frankly they’re just not interested. And I assume by “heartless” you mean (as many transgendereds do) that believing sex is a biological reproductive category cruelly goes against the fantasies of trans-type-of-people. You can tell me if I’m wrong.
      As to your question “How can we expect transgender people to do anything other than work in sex trade business or this type of thing as giving butt injections.” Well, I guess we can expect these men to organize politically and socially around the idea that men should be permitted to act and dress any way they want without discrimination. That’s what women have been doing, for hundreds of years. It’s work, and it takes time. Of course women weren’t organizing around the “right” to dress in blackface and be “accepted” as Black, which is basically what men like yourself are doing. That may just be an impossible “right” to sell to those you want to colonize and stereotype and awkwardly mimic. It’s not “ridicule” for women to state that men are male. Some might say that minstrelizing female oppression is a form of ridicule.
      “When I first heard this scandal aired, the first thing the news casters couldn’t wait to get out their mouths was TRANSGENDER!,” Well Amber Lynn, injecting liquid silicone to emulate female anatomy is a largely transgendered phenomena. Trans type of people die all the time from embolism of silicone after attending a “pumping party”, so it would be pretty strange to leave that out of reportage. Wouldn’t it?

      1. Some might say that minstrelizing female oppression is a form of ridicule.
        Absolutely. And females, mainly radfems, have been pointing this out, and it is we who are called “unreasonable” and “haters”. Geez, go and don blackface in a black neighbourhood and see what sort of reception you get. I’ll give you a hint, it won’t be “welcome bro”.

  5. Why do they do this??????
    “They get a lot of attention”
    Can I hear it again? Why do they do this??????
    “They get a lot of attention”
    Whadjou say?
    “They get a lot of attention”
    They do what?
    “They get a lot of attention”
    Pumping parties?
    “They get a lot of attention”
    Dirty needles? Quack practitioners?
    “They get a lot of attention”

    A verdict in a similar case was reached. It’s interesting that UK sites are more likely to mention that this person is male. (I half think the lawyer is lying about SRS and that they’re counting hormones or even just a round butt as a sex change.)
    I wonder if Clutch thinks this minor, minor story (in the grand scheme of world events) is relevant to their readers because
    1. they think their audience is dumb enough to get silicone injections in flop houses so they’re airing it as a PSA?
    2. they want to thumb their nose at women who rebelled against the editorial stance of “Laverne Cox” can do no wrong by portraying this convict as a woman, period.

  7. Another conviction, similar crime, similar perp:
    10 years for murder? That’s actually 10 years too long if you also misgender her! There’s totally not a pattern of trans* murdering women of color!
    Yet when people point out that there’s a goddamn pattern to trans* being involved in unlicensed medical procedures, even the dude-est of dudebro commentators
    Insist that pointing out a person’s trans status is rude because even though the population brags about being suicidal and mentally unstable, it’s deplorable to even suppose that they’re more likely to be involved in a practice like this despite the number of cases saying otherwise:
    “I’ll be back. I need to go see my cis male gendered doctor for a checkup”
    “They couldn’t prove that we’re pervs in the bathroom, so they have to get their vapors up somehow.”
    “Glad to see this was covered. WTF subby?”

    1. What is telling is, there is no one in the t brigade wants to hold this felon accountable. No one….
      Then again too, if one looks at the track record, this is the type of POC t person who is ’embraced’ by the cult. Someone who will create an aspired to image, by any means necessary. And if….heaven forbid, the ‘patient’ passes on, that is a martyr to the cause.
      Any person who built model planes, trains, cars or works in construction installing doors, windows, sealant knows what was used by these morons is UNSAFE, if injected, inhaled or ingested. But common sense like this escapes the cult. What does that tell you?

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