Transgender Artist “Black Madam” on the lam from “Silicone Killer” charges

20 year old british model and actress Claudia Seye Aderotimi died Tuesday,  hours after being injected with what investigators speculate was industrial grade silicone (the kind you get at home depot to grout your bathroom tiles with) in the buttocks by a fake doctor performing illegal plastic surgery in a Philadelphia hotel room. The young victim died of apparent silicone embolism to the lungs.
Police are seeking the suspect, transgender YouTube artist 41 year-old Padge Victoria Windslowe who goes by stage name Black Madam and is seen in the video from YouTube above. Warrants served at Windslowe’s  apartment yesterday  revealed multiple cell phones, multiple aliases and identification cards, and credit card in the name of Vanessa Brown, as well as syringes and silicone. “Windslowe juggled many identities. The cards found in the apartment on West Montgomery Ave. identified her as Tonya McClelland, Vanessa Brown, and Page Victoria Winslowe. In her neighborhood, everyone knew her as “Vicky.” The suspect identified themself to the victim as “Lillian Lang”. Windslowe “advertised buttock enhancement injections on her YouTube channel, according to court filings”. The advertisements have since been removed. According to the NYDailyNews “Windslowe’s Facebook page describes her as a “classically trained musician” who was also “the head of a lucrative ‘adult services company.'”

Illegal and dangerous black market silicone injecting is “a procedure that few if any doctors would recommend. Nevertheless, it remains popular in the nation’s transgender communities, where illegal “pumping parties” provide the chance for groups of people to get injections at somebody’s house, apartment or motel room.”
The victim, Claudia, was not transgender but an aspiring actress and model who had previously undergone the same procedure in November. Her ex-boyfriend said “After she had the injections last time, she told me she couldn’t take the pain and wouldn’t do it again. I never thought she would go back.” “When she first mentioned having surgery, I thought it was just a joke. We laughed about it and I never imagined it would end up being the cause of her death.” “she told me having the injections made her feel better about herself. Every girl has something they don’t like about their looks and she mentioned her bum a few times.”

Last twitters on BlackMadam's account.

The “APB alert” twitter was issued after the procedure was performed. The other links are to a photo of a feminized individual modeling their buttocks for the camera. “you better do it” BlackMadam comments.
Windslowe was also the founder of a “secret society” of transgender males called the “Ssshe Society”. I’ve included the text of their manifesto in the comments.
Photo of suspect

Un-airbrushed photo of suspect