“Injustice At Every Turn”

The National Center for Transgender Equality is set to roll out their National Transgender Discrimination Survey Report tomorrow, with all the media fanfare they can muster. Titled “Injustice At Every Turn” the survey of 6,500 trans people tracks the feelings of transgender people and whether they feel discriminated against in areas of healthcare and plastic surgery access, workplace discrimination, public treatment, family approval, ability to obtain fictional legal sex markers, discrimination of criminals being jailed with those of their own sex, etc. The NCTE put out a call months ago for amateur trans activists who can present sympathetic anecdotes of their victimization that the public will easily empathize with. But they’re really doing trans people no favors.
The report’s not yet been released but I already know what it says. I know because I listen to the feelings of trans people, all the time, not just when they are surveyed. And the vast majority of trans people DO FEEL victimized.
Transgender males feel victimized by females who choose to congregate among themselves. http://anarchistnews.org/?q=node/11968
They feel victimized when they are forced to cover up their breast implants in public like females.  http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/news/national/police-reportedly-ask-transgender-topless-sunbathers-men-to-put-tops-back-on-060110
Transgender male criminals- including rapists and murderers- feel victimized when they are not incarcerated in women’s prisons.   http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23740460-transsexual-killer-can-go-to-womens-jail.do
They feel victimized by those who don’t want to have sex with them.  http://community.feministing.com/2010/07/18/i-wouldnt-fuck-a-trans-person/
They feel victimized by little girls, “seething with anger” at little girls in public.   http://www.bilerico.com/2011/02/give_me_back_my_girlhood.php
They feel discriminated against when national health insurance won’t pay for their breast implants.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1343025/Transsexuals-fight-implants-lands-taxpayer-18-000.html
They feel discriminated against when they can’t live with teenaged girls in dorm rooms. http://www.dallasvoice.com/watch-transgender-woman-sparks-uproar-moving-allgirls-dorm-texas-1060957.html
They feel discriminated against by journalists that refer to them by pronouns that accurately report their sex   http://transequality.org/media.html
They feel victimized by “male exclusion” at women’s colleges.   https://floodsrollback.wordpress.com/2010/12/10/womens-college-without-boys/
57 year old males feel discriminated against when they want to start a late-in-life professional sports career in female sports   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwNMzlp0CJM
I could go on and on of course, but you get the point. If we listen to transgender people we will hear that they feel victimized.
And it’s all totally unnecessary.
99% of the victimized feelings of transgender people are caused by unnecessary, un-scientific, discriminatory laws that were enacted years ago when transgenderism was rare and little understood. These laws were actually enacted in an attempt to help trans people integrate, but they have had quite the opposite effect, and actually CAUSE most of the victimized feelings that trans people suffer with. The laws I refer to are those that enable the government to issue legal false gender markers.
When governments create these sort of institutionalized fictions (“males are female” for example or “blacks are white”) it creates all sorts of disastrous real world results when that fiction bumps up against non-fictional concerns. Such as medicine, statistics, science, minority rights, criminal science, biology, freedom of association, etc. And it undermines the equal rights of all people, including those that are transgender. If the government is going to issue false sex identifications to people who “feel like another sex” then to require individuals to undergo surgeries and hormones to obtain those fictional government papers is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. If the government is going to issue false ID’s they ultimately have to offer them to everyone. Which ultimately renders the purpose of gender identification in government matters (such as medical research funding, statistical data collection, etc) meaningless. These government-created legal fictions are responsible for the vast majority of victimized feelings among transgender people and can easily be reversed by eliminating fictional legal gender markers. It’s a matter of fairness and equality. We know now that there is no such thing as a “sex change” and governments should not be invested in promoting scientific fictions. Not creationism, not religion, not “personhood” for corporations. Government statistical markers should be objective, not imbued with religion or fantasy. When the census tracks how many females are employed in technical fields, let’s see real statistics on women. When governments subsidize women’s health initiatives let’s have those resources go to females. When the government legislates TitleIX funding for female sports, let’s see it’s females that receive that funding. Government funded medical research should be based on science, not fiction.
Government sponsored fiction in legal sex markers is discriminatory against trans people. It forces them into situations where they are discriminated against by scientific fact. It invisibilizes them and denies the reality of their very physiology. It renders them statistically non-existent. It causes discrimination.
It’s time for our government institutions to put an end to this victimization of transgender people by eliminating fictional legal gender markers. Contact your Senators and Representatives today and tell them it’s time to put an end to legalized Fictional Gender Markers.

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  1. oh my god, Gallus Mag. My article will never be done because you keep finding more info I must add.
    This is incredible. I’ve only looked at the one about hating girls so far. The silly prick proves what we’ve said. He’s obsessed with what men think girls are, which has nothing to do with real girls. It’s all about posturing and being the center of attention.
    I was going to say that he wouldn’t like what most girls have to go through — being molested and raped. But of course he would since so many pricks say they liked that as boys. Prurient, obscene, porn-minded fucks.

    1. “I want it back. I want my Barbies. I want my ballerina phase. I want the bedroom that’s pink and purple everywhere with a canopy bed. I want tea parties with my dad. I want slumber parties and unsuccessful experiments with make-up with my friends. But it’s too late for all that now. I often tell friends that I’ll always be transgender; that there is no surgery that can make me have been born a girl. Even long after all my surgeries and cosmetic procedures are done, after my birth certificate is changed, after I’m spot-on with my voice 24/7, after I stop receiving junk mail addressed to Mr., after my years spent as female heavily outnumber my years spent as male, the void left by the girlhood I never had will always be there.”
      I WANT MY HUMANITY BACK. I DIDN’T WANT TO RECEIVE BARBIES AND PINK THINGS AS PRESENTS BUT I STILL DID BECAUSE I WAS BORN FEMALE. I was never interested in playing Disney Princess. I never tried make-up if not for parody! If you really want a girlhood so much, stop IDing as female actually you prick, because what you think is girlhood is a male fantasy and real girlhood is oppressive and CASTRATING. And stop hating little innocent girls in the streets.

      1. This asinine assumption, that being treated as a girl/woman is a good thing, is what fuel “cis-privilege” accusations. Idiotic pricks!

      2. Transwomen HATE women and girls! They are the ultimate misogynists. They are MRAs. Not to paint with too broad a brush, because I’m sure there are like 2 transwomen out there somewhere that have some sort of clue. and can you imagine how lonely they must be because 99.999999999999999999999999999999% of transwomen are full-on fucking women-hating. That white middle aged hetero guy certainly is, and will never understand a single thing about what it means to be female. And doesn’t care. He just wants his woman=sextoy pink princess minstrelism hate fantasy. Male supremacy at it’s ugliest.

      3. Ugh, not only does this jackass seem to think that girlhood consists solely of “frilly superficial stuff that I like”, but the equating of all these things with femaleness (and lack of these things with maleness) drives me up the wall.

  2. Aren’t they WHINEY!!!
    When will they understand that transphobia from rednecks directly derives from misogyny and not just a fear of trans people? Oh right, they are misogynists too.

  3. And the article “I wouldn’t fuck a trans person” is so *cisphobic* ! Really, what part of “lesbians don’t like penis” and “I don’t like body mod” don’t they get? And the comparison between a FTM’s genitals and a man with micropenis is totally wrong. A micropenis is still a penis usually, it’s not intersexed. FTM’s original genitals before T are usually unambiguously female. Therefore, someone not attracted to female genitals wouldn’t want to date a FTM unless they were at least a bit bisexual (or not caring). Sorry, it’s not transphobia, it’s reality.

    1. “By that logic, it is absolutely fine to ditch a date if she has had a mastectomy or to divorce/disown/dump her if she has a mastectomy in future.
      Or a hysterectomy, tubal ligation or any other form of reproductive procedure.
      You also seem to be mired mired in the PIV sex paradigm, where people assume that a pre-op trans man will want to be penetrated and that a pre-op trans woman will want to do the penetrating (i.e. use their genitals as ‘nature intended’).
      This is very rarely the case. Having had sex with both trans men and cis men, I can assure you that the sex was virtually the same in both case, with me being penetrated and me being wholly satisfied with the both of the experiences (and though I’m clearly biased, the trans men were far superior lovers).”
      Women with mastectomies usually DIDN’T CHOOSE IT.
      Men with amputated penises usually DIDN’T CHOOSE IT.
      AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL: WOMAN != HOLE TO FUCK. This is just what the original poster (obnoxious Vexing from that shitty Feministing thread) thinks he is, not what women really are. Patriarchal idea of woman != woman (and same for men).

      1. “where people assume that a pre-op trans man will want to be penetrated ”
        (sorry for nesting so much) there are loads of YouPorn video to back the claim up actually (thanks to Dirt for noticing it). I wish I didn’t know actually.

      2. I know, and when all else fails he goes for the pity fuck “None of you want me, boo hoo”. Same old shit from men insisting that women should fuck them even though they don’t want to.

    2. It’s creepy how far some transpersons AND their allies will go to justify guilt-tripping and coercing unwilling people into sex.
      As a feminist and human being who is actually able to feel empathy I am against coercing ANYONE into sex. Even people you might find bigotted and hateful aren’t automatically ripe for the rap… uhm, I mean taking (And seriously now, why would you want to have sex with such people anyway? It couldn’t be because you would want to bolster your self-esteem and sense of power, naaaah!). Obviously, enthusiastic consent goes flying out the window when there’s some “transphobe” who needs to get fucked straight by a transperson.
      Moreover, FTMs/MTFs seem to use sex as a means to strengthen their identity. A MTF being rejected by a lesbian is a clear sign to the MTF in question that he’s not a woman. This makes it even more sinister: just like misogynist men they only attain a sense of their own gender identity if they get sexual access to certain groups of people. And there I was thinking transsexuals KNOW that they are the opposite sex and don’t have to be validated by everyone and everything they might encounter.

      1. Guilt-tripping really is the main tactic. When I started questioning transsexuality I felt so guilty, even though it was something that ruined my life and that of countless other people. but now I have seen the truth: IT’S ALL GUILT TRIPPING. Don’t fall for it, don’t fall in their black hole of unending narcissistic selfishness in a vacuum in which misogyny doesn’t exist and FABs are “privileged”.

  4. Love your ranting, Blue! It’s just such an outrage, all their crap. If they weren’t so dangerous it would be really funny.
    All the whining. The guilt-tripping is amazing. I didn’t know this was going on. The poor, stupid Lesbians who are being conned by this…
    They want so badly what they can never, ever have — a real Lesbian. And they don’t get it. We are not interested in them in any way. They are hideous and grotesque because they are men. More than the surgered or not surgered ugly male bodies. It’s their spirits, minds, hearts — or lack of. It’s women’s spirits, minds, hearts that we bond with and desire.

  5. I want to know why my GOVERNMENT is enabling any man who “feels like a woman inside” to lurk about women’s gyms and locker rooms legally, the same thing that thousands of men who don’t claim to “feel like a woman” get arrested for every year.

  6. I fully support the right of these guys to play with their barbies and wear bad wigs and mince about in bikinis, really I do. And the right to change their name to Kandy Kane and Jennifer Suzanne Capri. And the right to get surgically constructed neo-assholes or whateverthefuck. And the right to housing and employment and safety from the violence of other males. What I do NOT support is the right of these men to demand how I will address them. Their “right” to be addressed in whatever kingly fashion they desire. Their “right” to be in spaces set aside for FEMALES. I want MY government to STOP calling males legally female. No matter HOW many closeted cross-dressers there are in the upper echelons of government pushing these laws through. It is BAD for WOMEN.

  7. Beautifully said, Gallus Mag! I agree absolutely.
    This is the stuff of a bad science fiction story really. They are such a joke, but are being taken seriously by way too many. And yes, they hate females, even little girls, more than any other men. The character who skinned women in order to wear them in “Silence of the Lambs” was exactly like these men.

    1. You know that wasn’t just a character, right? He was based on Ed Gein, a real man who actually skinned women and made just such a woman-suit from their dead murdered decaying flesh.

    2. Delurking momentarily to say that Luckynkl got banned from IBTP for making this same comparison back in 2006. Bullshit, eh?

      1. Check out the current discussion on IBTP that includes a row about trans issues. She definitely has a blind spot. But some commenters have gotten in some good info – including mine, to point to this and a few other radicals.

  8. If the government stopped creating FALSE ID’s and perpetuating the fiction that humans can change their sex, all these perceived “anti-transgender discriminations” would CEASE TO BE. Then all that’s needed is protecting the rights of men to prance about in their women-suits and the rights of women to inject themselves with testosterone until they’re moon-faced bald and hirsute and trolling for straight guys on craigslist. PROBLEM SOLVED. And the best part is, men don’t get to prey on women and girls! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. That list is great stuff, Gallus. Yet another one that needs to be a page 😉
    And I think it’s a great idea. Plus, in addition to prohibiting sex-marker changes (and forcing reversions for those that got them), I think there are several other things that need to happen that would support going back to people being designated only by their actual birth sex.
    One, we have to un-codify the concept that if a girl likes playing with trucks and footballs, doesn’t want to dress as the little princess, and hates pink, that she actually IS a boy (see DSM). The idea that there are two genders with specific traits is as dangerous as anything in this issue and has led to much of this situation.
    Two, we have to create an ongoing campaign to get out the word that, as Bev and many of us have been saying forever, MOST girls aren’t happy in their bodies in a culture that tells them from birth that they have to be passive, stupid fuck dolls. That feeling isn’t unique to Princess Davey Sparkletone and Adrian NewMan!!! Allowing them to name and own that experience under the banner of “body dysphoria” is utter bullshit and must be addressed directly and constantly.
    And three, we need a name for a male who has decided he is a not-male. We let them steal the word “woman” and that has caused no end of shit for us. “Transwomen” is way too close to their delusional fantasy of being women and utterly misleading besides. Their delusions of thinking they know what it means to be female when they have lived as male their entire lives; the unceasing desire to act on those delusions; the narcissistic arrogance that they know better than anyone else what’s true about sex and gender; and the culmination in irreversible body modification and minstrelesque role-playing deserves a term that accurately reflects the illness it is, with focus on treatment and amelioration, not something to be proud of and rewarded for.
    The articles in our list makes perfectly clear how this illness spins itself out into harm of self and others. People with mental illnesses who are self- and other-harming don’t get to decide for themselves on their diagnosis and treatment. They have rights, of course, but not to get laws changed that say their delusions have any basis in fact. They have the right to be free of harm, but not to claim special status that allows them to harm themselves or anyone else. How we got to this place is a whole other issue, but you are so right that it’s long past time that we did something to set science-based boundaries again.

    1. All good points Noan!
      Women need to lobby our governments to stop the practice of state-issued fictional gender markers. The ability to obtain a government issued legal “sex change” started back in the fifties when the populace was still ill-informed about science and transgenderism. Now that we know that there is no such thing as the ability of humans to “change sex” the government should cease the practice of issuing these fictional gender markers. Most “discrimination” against trans people is caused by the issuing of false gender markers by the government, and we can support trans people by lobbying our elected officials to stop issuing false gender markers. Government statistical markers should be based in science, not fiction, or religion, or fantasy. Please contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them to cease the government practice of issuing false gender certifications.

  10. To my trans readers: You believe that men should be able to change their government gender marker to female if they want to join the women’s gym near their house or reduce their car insurance payments, right?
    And if you say “No”, then exactly how do you believe this should be prevented? If you say by the trans person undergoing medical and surgical treatments, then how exactly does that not discriminate against trans people who are economically deprived or unable to undergo such medical treatment, due to health issues for example.
    So I ask you: Under what circumstances do you believe the government should issue false gender markers, those that declare males are female, and females are male?

  11. To me, this whole argument that non-trans lesbians should be sexually available to MTFs is truly crazy. Lesbians are not like straight women or straight men. And we find profound offense at all men who want sexual access to us period. So if MTFs are trying to force lesbians into sexual relationships, it seems like a kind of sophisticated rape scenario. And there is no getting around this.

  12. Why is lesbian nation wasting time on MTFs?? They’re men, we’re lesbians, get the heck out of my block, my land!! Get the hell out of lesbian nation!!! Can you imagine an ethnic group tolerating another oppressive group that painted its face to “become” a part of this group? Can you imagine a male life experience in a lesbian bed? The thought horrifies me!

  13. You all are right. It’s rape by deceit and rape by cohersion. They are such males, and such disgusting ones at that. What I don’t understand is Lesbians being fooled, conned, and then supporting them over us. It’s all about valuing males more than Lesbians.
    But some of us don’t.
    And really, I don’t know anyone who’ve been with them other than the ones who already have lives.
    I could more likely imagine an inter-species relationship with another female if it was possible to have equality and communicate. It’s the spirit and mind and soul — which those men don’t have anything like a female’s.

  14. those links were truly horrifying. i think the worst one was the guy who seethed with rage at “young girls” existing. damn that shit it disturbing! but its a fundamental problem, isnt it, when the mentally ill are allowed to define reality. i am speaking about men in general of course, AS WELL AS the clinically insane, who are NOT normally allowed to define or treat their own mental illness however they please. especially when they are dangerous to other people. and…are we all just supposed to IGNORE that one of mens favorite things to do to girls and women they HATE is to stick their dicks into them? hello! STOP LOOKING AT LITTLE GIRLS YOU SICK FUCKS. AVERT YOUR PORNSICKENED EYES.

    Moreover, FTMs/MTFs seem to use sex as a means to strengthen their identity.

    YES! this mirrors “cis-male” sexuality actually doesnt it? using other peoples bodies to reinforce the primacy/supremecy/legitimacy/identity of YOU/yourself/your body. it makes no fucking sense at all. if you have no identity BUT FOR your interactions with other people, then not only are you totally working the oppositional/binary angle (just like teh normals!!11!1) but you are ALSO prescribing/proscribing behaviors FOR OTHER PEOPLE TOO. not just for YOU. its a very side-door way of telling OTHER PEOPLE (particularly women…notice how they really only talk to feminists about this shit) what to do. vexing doesnt even try to hide this one, when he demands that people fuck him…allegedly to prove something about themselves when in fact, fucking doesnt PROVE a damned thing, except that you are able to do it. its just fucking.
    i liked how he whined and cried and called “cis privilege” on all the feministingers who called bullshit on his post. that was funny. i guess even their terminally-defective bullshit detectors cant miss that extremely high concentration of bullshit, and thats saying something!

  15. So why is the lesbian community tolerating the trans invasion? That’s what I want to know. Who’s allowing the preditors in? And what is so hard about lesbians being 100% loyal to lesbians? Why aren’t lesbians number 1 within the larger world? What keeps lesbians fighting everyone’s battles but our own, siding with the trans, and not keeping our lesbian only space free, safe, and innovative? Just what will it take?

  16. Trans politics is not about a freedom for a human being to fully express herself, it is about surgical gender conformity to hetero patriarchal standards of beauty… it is all about immitating and passing as something that is inherently fake and oppressive to begin with.
    Feminism is about fighting to change society so that all people can be what they want to be without gender police blowing whistles all the time.
    It is not about conforming to gender norms at all. I believe lesbians are rising up yet again, we are getting fed up with gender/blender and going back to the basics. Once lesbians get clear again, this harassment of our spaces, this destruction male trans invasion will end. It will end when we make it end!

    1. Trans politics is also about preventing women from ever having the freedom to be unavailable to men. Even (especially?) in their locker rooms, their gyms, their bathrooms, all the places men traditionally try to force entry into. Even our private gatherings and music festivals.
      Some “transwomen” claim to support women’s right to assembly, as long as males who “feel like females inside” are not excluded. They say the rights of males supercedes the rights of females, because women need to respect the feelings of males. Not just that they want us to, but they want us to be forced by law to respect the feelings of males, even if it means compromising our own feelings, our own safety, our own rights of assembly, our very rights to identify ourselves by the biological fact of “female”.
      The only “freedom” being put forth by trans politics is to further the “freedom” of males to run roughshod all over the human rights of females.

  17. Identity theft is a violation of WordPress.com’s Terms of Service. Deleting comments isn’t, but substituting personal attacks is.
    Please delete my name from your content. A formal complaint has been made.

  18. This post highlights a lot of how I feel about transsexual rights. As someone who works in the medical field, I can say that there is little or no information about the biological concerns of trans people available. If people are to play into these fictional gender markers in order to feel part of some club they have been missing out on, then it only upholds and important part of the discrimination of the patriarchy; differentiation between women and men.
    In a world of true equality, these gender markers are totally invalid. Trans people should be having their unique physiologies studied to determine what medicine should be doing for them as much as for us and they should only have to worry about being themselves, whether we give a shit about the person they are or not.

  19. I don’t care what they do as long as they don’t say they are us, pretend to be us and keep it secret when they write in our name, change our Lesbian Feminist community history, take over every tiny bit of remaining resource we have left and try to destroy anyone and anything who refuses to accept their lies. I am so sick of being forced to be around men claiming to be Lesbians in “women-only” space.
    The problem is that they are not ever passively in the background. They are typical aggressive males with their same old rape mentality.
    And FTMs still want access to us also, though I accept them as women. But they want it both ways.

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