0 thoughts on “Better Gender Reversal. Once Daily "Estromax".

  1. lmao- GLAAD is now calling on the network to remove the clip and “apologize” for making men who want to be women look like men who want to be women. It’s so funny how the guy in the clip says he is going to have his penis turned into a “functional vagina” lol that is so funny cause it’s just how the MTF men think: that a vagina is not actually an organ but a fleshy sheath whose function is to give men a place to put their penises. Plastic surgeons can not create vaginal organs any more than they can create kidneys. Sorry middle aged men looking to buy an executive model neo vag- it’s not something you can have or buy! Go figure! Oh the humanity! Hahahaha

      1. A vagina is an organ in its own right, connected to other organs; it is NOT a hole (jeez, do I even need to explain basic biology? Go back to elementary school!). An inverted penis is an inverted penis, and the fact it can still orgasm doesn’t make it a vagina (just an inverted penis which can still orgasm. Some inverted penises lose the capability)

  2. I think this is actually a quite accurate representation of how many MTFs seem to think about estrogen – those guys from SNL know their stuff (just like those from South Park). If this is “offensive”, THEN REALITY IS!!! Don’t blame the messenger.

    a tranny just sent me a comment with links to Conway’s surgically created fuckhole site claiming “They ARE real vaginas!!!!!” LMAAAAAAAAAAAAO “They have orgasms when penises are put in them” he said HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. I’m a gay man living in San Francisco, and actually found the SNL ad somewhat amusing. I really didn’t detect any malicious tone given the context. There is so much other obviously insidious content out there, why focus on SNL? I think they’re harmless. They have a history of producing GLBTQ themed ads and skits: way back to gay beer, and IT’S PAT! which I enjoyed.

  5. Well we knew only a man could conceive of a vagina as a penile fuckhole. Figures it was a gay man who prob never seen a vag, lol. Hey gay guy- if I got a lump of flesh grafted onto my vag and a pump inserted would you consider that a penis.

      1. Bluetraveler,
        well, some FTMs call their enlarged clitorises “dick-clits” or “dicks”. But, yes, I really can’t imagine them going up to a man and saying it out loud. In the end a “dick-clit” is as much a dick as a constructed hole made to resemble a vagina is actually a vagina.

      2. They will never say that to a man – to a man, they’ll usually publicize the “front hole”.
        Sorry, a dick is a dick, a clit is a clit and an enlarged clit is an enlarged clit (not a dick, no urethra etc.)

  6. The male privilege involved in guys wearing “woman-face” and minstreling about impersonating females (or rather their male idea of what females are), and then being OFFENDED that other guys imitate THEM? Oh NOOOOEEEZZZZZ!!!!!! Don’t imitate the imitators! It’s offensive to imitate imitators!

  7. Those whiiiiiiiney transactivists are threatening censorship because they say “it ridiculizes transpeople”, not realizing the black humour in this sketch comes from the very predatory belief that femaleness can be bought in a store (or in a pharm).

  8. “you deserve to be in the body you want.”

    this really says it all doesnt it? men really believe this. of course, when most of them think about it, they really want to be “inside” other peoples bodies by sticking their dicks into WHATEVER BODY THEY WANT. but this isnt that far off, at all. its more of the same entitled shit, and more of the same fetishistic/sadistic/misogynist shit.

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