0 thoughts on “Ways Of Seeing (episode two-female nude)

  1. It’s excellent! Really brilliant!
    Thanks for the find Gallus, you are a gem hunter.
    I’d like to make a post in the future about how many FTM transitioners want to distance themselves from that voyeuristic MASK of woman, which has nothing to do with being female, and which many autogynephiles want to embody still, only to go to another mask, that of man, who is “unrapeable”, respected, first-class, untouchable.
    Another thing is that the human species is the only one in which the females are “peacocks”. In all the others either they don’t exist or are male. And I bet that if there wasn’t patriarchy around that would be the case (I think narcissism, vanity and histrionics should be regarded as stereotypically male traits, which then were projected to females to avoid shame and mantain stoicness)

  2. Thanks Blue- I thought it was amazing too. It’s very disturbing that someone got the second part relegated to the “over 18” section when it’s simply about art, and was aired on television 40 frikken years ago. A feminist critique of female nudity in cultural representation is too threatening for young women to be exposed to I guess. Perhaps they should lock them out of museums until they are 18 as well. For their own protection of course.
    Yes, these videos well describe the mask MTFs want to occupy, and which FTMs want to shed.

  3. I’m looking for a vid you posted that was on this topic, but not this. I just remember you posted only the vid with little intro. I’ve searched through your site twice and can’t find it. Can you help? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Berger, and recall it linked onto a ‘thoughtful” vids education site, not you tube.

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