0 thoughts on “Shocker! Male: Feminism is "Old" and "Silly", Women should "get the fuck over it".

  1. This is the kind of fetishistic sexist male-supremacist douche that feels entitled to stomp all over the rights of women to congregate in whatever manner they wish. Ha!

  2. I couldn’t even resist seeing the whole video as I am against people acting that dumb and queenie “feminine” on purpose – come on, even the worst campy queen knows his posture, body language, etc. is an act. Most “feminine” gestures are complicated choreography, I don’t see them as natural in either males or females. Still, thanks Gallus for reporting this insensitive prick.

    1. What’s more, this kind of “femininity” is typically male-coded: to use a word this person uses, it’s not really “feminine”, it’s “faggy” (sorry for the insult) (not that femininity is connected to female). This person is really an insensitive invading prick, invalidating the oppression FABs face from birth. And the “female” voice really really sounds like Otacon’s (like the rest of this interesting fellow). Well, an invading, prick Otacon.

    2. I know, he is soooo offensive on so many levels. This is the kind of prick that camps out on the perimeter of Michfest just to harass females. Disgusting! And nothing in common with women whatsoever. Not a drop of female in this jerk. Pure male supremacy.

      1. I have noticed many MTFs, like JDR, have a “female” voice resembling Otacon’s; I’m sorry for Otacon, that’s all, the comparison doesn’t suit him. Apart from being an otaku, he has never tried denying the oppression FABs face from birth and he never tried to make out with Sniper Wolf saying he’s a transdyke as an excuse. By that I mean I am forced to using imaginary characters to discuss real things because of the transphobia police.

      2. It’s true, poor Otacon is just a nelly white geek. He never tried to put on a woman suit and mince about in sexist female impersonation, exerting his male privilege of colonizing female and demanding his rights to intrude on female space. Poor fictional character Otacon! LOL

  3. Notice how they use ageism and classism to silence us.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Yes, we said it 40 years ago, and it was true then, as it’s true now. Have men stopped raping? I mean, how old fashioned and tedious and retro… but they haven’t stopped have they? And I still see the fuckers coming to Lesbian events and leering. None of patriarchy has lessened at all!
    It’s all the same old shit.
    More proof — just listen to Elliott, a “woman” for over 40 years, in the Lesbian community, and he is still the same as the adolescent prick he used to be.
    If we can stop them appearing as “trendy,” and be seen as the same boring old shit they always were, then we have them beat.
    And aren’t they all so narcissistic?!!
    Ever see the megalomaniacs on “American Idol” who sound absolutely horrible but think they are brilliant singers? Well, that’s what Elliott and the rest of them are like.
    And don’t they whine?!!!

    1. Men calling feminism unfashionable and silly is as old as the hills. If feminism was male-centric it would be called steadfast and eternal and unwavering. But to male supremacists like this who have devoted their lives to oppressing women as much as they possibly can, who will travel thousands of miles to set up an encampment outside of a women’s music festival to try and destroy it simply because it exists for females and he despises real females, to a man that obsessed with owning what little he can never have, the only answer to feminism is “it’s not trendy”. lol
      I’ve seen this argument from male-supremacist female impersonators again and again. Feminism is old and silly. That’s all they’ve got. Same as every other men’s rights activist. Same old same old. “Feminism isn’t sexy!” lol What a clueless male.

  4. They don’t get that barging into spaces is what men do. The attacks on feminism is what men do. Never addresses the actual issues lesbians have with MTFs to begin with… one being that FAB women are assulted by men everywhere, and the most radical thing women can do is create women only space, something men like this imposter can’t handle. Now why don’t they get more creative? Why always go on the attack and the invader mode, which is never going to win the day with lesbians. Doesn’t work that way in lesbian land, sorry.

    1. So freakin true Sheila. They don’t give a good-goddamn about lesbians or women, only about their “right” to get their freak on in our private gatherings. Disgusting. And so clueless and idiotic coming from someone who “feels like a woman inside”. Uhhhh, I don’t think so dude.

  5. it really bothered me that he was able to take off the faggy persona so easily, because it made it entirely clear that he was just acting faggy(what he clearly believes is nonthreatening to women, without a fucking shred of evidence that thats true). and that at any moment, he could choose to don this “macho” persona instead, AND of course that he would likely still have a fully functioning dick to back it up. men also rape with objects of course, which none of them ever acknowledge either.
    and where do they get this idiotic notion that most of us give a fuck about “masculine energy”? what bothers us is that theres usually a fully functioning dick to back it up. and that MAABs are trained since birth to use violence against women.
    none of us, so far as i know, have a problem with FAAB “energy” even if its “masculine” or whatever. the point is that normally, if anyone is going to be a threat, its going to be a MAAB, and NOT a FAAB. and we are sick to fucking death of being threatened, and having to wonder. thats the point.

    1. Agreed- he reveals himself as the total woman-hating fetishizing mincing “womanface” wearing prick that he is. Who doesn’t give a fuuuuuuuuuck about women. Or understand the female experience in the slightest. Nor cares to. It’s allllllllllllll about him. Men like this don’t think women have the right to gather among themselves, EVER. He believes all females need to be available to men at ALL TIMES.

    2. What you say is so true FCM. His faggy persona is just a persona. And faggy persona or macho persona, he still has a penis, and a penis is a weapon of dehumanization in patriarchy, and thus you can understand the need for FAB spaces. Sheesh, you think transactivists could understand that, since people claiming to be “female inside” to escape male prisons exist (and they are many!).

      1. For all I know he had his penis cut off and fashioned into a second asshole replica. Doesn’t matter. He’s still a man that reeks of male-supremacy and privilege and domination and rape.

      2. That’s true as well. Denying a class’ history (FABs) as oppressed is ignorant, furthers oppression even more, blind, misogynistic and even used for a fundamentally rapist purpose.

  6. These tricks work though. I have a “friend” who has a blog, so some of you might know her, and who I’ve shared support with as a Separatist and Butch, but her main identity is still as a sadist (at this point, I would be bullied to say “leather dyke,” but I hate euphemisms.) Her main concern is FTMs because they are swarming her sado-masochist community. I expected support about the female impersonators, but she has called them “half women” and said they’re more “womanly.” (Not in any world that I’ve ever seen.) She’s actually not been that upset by Elliott, who is the one man in “women only” space here, simply because he doesn’t look too male. (Elliott looks like a matronly, long-time middle class housewife, but how that is considered looking female is another story.)

  7. ALL Transwomen believe that under no circumstances do women have the right to gather among themselves. ALL transwomen believe all spaces should be open to men at all times. Lockerrooms. Bathrooms. Showers. ALL spaces at ALL times.
    EVERY SINGLE Trans person believes that at no time do women have a right to exclude men. That is the political struggle that ALL TRANS PEOPLE are engaged in.
    The number one goal of trans people is to eliminate the right of women to have spaces that exclude men.

    1. I’m a trans woman and I certainly believe that FAB women have a right to exclude men and/or trans women from FAB-centric spaces. So long as the space or event is private and not publicly-funded, any group should have a right to discriminate against anyone as part of their freedom of association. I don’t like or approve of trans-exclusion from women’s spaces, but if that is what the women involved want, then that’s their choice. And my fellow trans women need to accept that, even if they loudly vocalize their disagreement. That entails not sneaking into (or storming into) these spaces. We aren’t wanted there. We should stay away. We can go elsewhere – there are plenty of trans-inclusive women’s spaces that we are welcomed at, and there are spaces just for trans women.

      1. ” I don’t like or approve of trans-exclusion from women’s spaces..”
        I know this is a difficult concept, but try to say it with me: EVERYTHING IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

    2. Gallus, I know it’s hard to believe, but we do exist! We just get shouted at/mansplained/transplained by male-socialized/MRA-identified “transwomen”. It sucks!
      I used to be on a private trans support forum, but I got kicked off for supporting female-only space, and saying that it wasn’t ok for trans* to make death threats against feminists! Meanwhile some MRAs on the forum are currently trying to petition to get Gender Identity Watch, which simply reposts news articles with no commentary, classified as a hate group. Jeez you can’t even make it up!
      It’s for the best though, now I read radfem & trans-critical blogs. I feel a lot more commonality with the posters on here (in terms of lived experience) than I did with Gemma Seymour, Allyson Clarke, Natalie Reed, etc. who were all on the forum at one point.
      Anyway love your blog! Even if I don’t agree with you about everything.

    3. That’s too easy GallusMag. Whenever you (the general you, women) want them to be. End of discussion.
      Unlike the other trans commenter, I don’t give a fart in high wind for who wants to exclude who. Women don’t want men and trans there? Great! I wouldn’t want to stick myself into a room full of women talking about things for which I have no shared experience or even any experience at all. Since these trans people are so intent on having it be all about them, as Chocolattruffaut points out, why not think about yourself and how uncomfortable that situation would be for you? Lie on top of lie on top of lie, even if you were somehow able to fool some of the actual women visually for a moment to get in the door.
      If you’re slightly more evolved and have the capacity to think of people other than yourself, have some damn respect and keep out of places that you’re specifically asked not to go.

  8. They won’t do it. The whole point is that they want access to us. You might find one who will say they don’t bother Michigan, but that’s only laziness or not having the time because they’re invading elsewhere.
    Well said, Protectors of Women and Lesbians!

    1. Hi Bev Jo,
      I certainly don’t want “access” to you or to any other women. I just want to live my life, which includes being able to work, put some good food on my table, maybe find love along the way.
      The only invasion I’ve ever thought about is for when the aliens come. I figure I can’t go wrong with having cookies available.
      Not all trans people are like the ones you’ve encountered, and it’s a shame all get tarred with the same brush because of them. Hopefully one day you get to meet one of the good ones.

      1. What happens when transwomen start draining resources assigned specifically for females will they argue it discriminates against their ‘womanhood’ ? Already we see the label LGBT being changed to GSD Gender Sexuality disorder where lesbians and gays now suffer from a disorder with every other 100 shades of gray sexual deviation attached to it including asexual and inquiring which includes het men i.e transwomen ‘lesbians’ basically men again appropriating specific therapies for themselves under the generalised GSD umbrella. We need feminism now more than ever.

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