Worst Activist Ever = Chaz Bono

What has Cher’s daughter Chastity (now Chaz), done with her life? Besides spend mommy’s money? Well she went to a couple colleges and dropped out. She was outed as lesbian in a tabloid which she publicly denied denied denied. “That was one of the most terrifying things to happen to me” she later stated. “ I was so scared and so spooked”.
With her parent’s music biz connections she got a record deal with a major label, and put out an atrocious album called “Hang Out Your Poetry”, which was so crappy no one bought it even though it featured the reunion of Sonny and Cher performing backup vocals. The label dumped her. Did she go the usual musician route, playing clubs and building up a following? No. She dropped the whole music thing.
She was offered employment by GLAAD and the HRC and offered a part time writing job at the Advocate, all cashing in on the minor celebrity of being the child of Sonny and Cher. Since other real celebrities like KD Lang, etc. had already come out publicly, she brokered her deals and finally admitted she’d been lying about being straight in an Advocate cover story. Her main stance as a professional lesbian activist was that things shouldn’t be “too gay”. She wrote two books which extensively featured interviews with Cher, who Chastity claimed had “gone ballistic” when she found out her daughter was gay. She wrote crappy articles (featuring her mother whenever possible). She got paid to spread her self- loathing gay activism. Did she perhaps at least speak at events about gay rights and lesbian visibility? Well, kind of. She brokered herself as an LGBT speaker for $10,000. – $20,000. per engagement.

Then a real celebrity, the talented Ellen Degeneres transformed her popular sitcom character into the first gay lead character in the history of television, much to the chagrin of the ABC executives who broadcast a big warning/disclaimer at the start of every G-rated Ellen show, moved her show to an unpopular date and time, and refused to allow her character’s girlfriend to say the phrase “I want to jump your bones” and a million other ridiculous censorships, such as threatening to fire her over a (gasp) lesbian kiss on the show. In the midst of Ellen’s battles to create a G-rated sitcom featuring a lesbian character, Good ‘ol Chastity Bono, in her capacity of a professional paid representative for HRC and GLAAD offered her little self-loathing anti-gay opinion agreeing with ABC executives that Ellen’s show was “Too Gay”. Chastity Bono in Variety: “[‘Ellen‘] is so gay it’s excluding a large part of our society…. The show is not too gay for me, but we have to be realistic. This is network primetime.” Unfuckingbelievable. She said Ellen “went a little too fast” and “you have to take baby steps”, “just go a little slower”.
“I watched every single episode. I made it a policy at GLAAD that everybody had to watch Ellen. It wasn’t a personal thing. *It was a fear of how other people would take it*.”
She proudly noted “One of the executives at ABC said, “Finally, a rational, reasonable gay person.” And explains her half-assed advocacy thusly: “When I took the job with GLAAD, they’d been such a reactive watchdog organization. I remember saying, “If I’m in a meeting with somebody and I get some work done on some movie, something positive, and there’s still things in the movie that we might not like but I’ve gotten them to change 50% of it, we can’t go slam them when the film comes out.” Otherwise, my job would be impossible. So there might have been things that gay people looked at and thought, Why didn’t we go after them on that? But some really major changes had been made.”
Can you fucking imagine???? It’s true, all true. Her official GLAAD “Ellen is Too Gay” comments screamed from the front-page headline of Variety magazine, bolstering the anti-gay stance of ABC and driving the nails into the embattled Ellen show’s coffin. 
Chastity has “the IQ of a sea sponge” lesbian comedian Lea DeLaria correctly observed.
She was dumped by HRC and GLAAD.
By this time Chastity was well into her ten year oxycontin addiction. Then she started trying to sell a reality show idea featuring her and her mother “helping people come out of the closet”. (Gee, isn’t that “too gay”? Oh wait, Ellen busted those doors down with no help from you). But no one in the industry would get near her brand of  self-hating “activism” with a ten foot pole, even with an actual celebrity- her mother- attached.
She eventually started a relationship with fellow addict and professional activist Jennifer Elia and together they embraced sobriety with mixed success and performed on the “Celebrity Fit Club” (the word celebrity obviously open to interpretation here) weight loss reality show competition which she lost. They dumped her and she gained back all the weight and then some. (She previously blamed all her weight gain on her narcotics addiction). She wrote a crappy sounding screenplay “It’s about two old friends, a gay woman and a straight woman, both very high-profile in their own fields, and the gay one ends up in a heterosexual relationship and the straight one ends up in a lesbian relationship.” But no one was buying what she was selling because of her long history of anti-gay self-hatred and hetero-philia.
Chaz on Gay Marriage quoted in September 2010: “I’ve always thought we should not call it marriage.” She prefers “domestic partnership” because “Marriage causes religious folks to freak out.”
Having lost her ability to make an income from the lesbian community she announced that she was pursuing a legal “sex” change and was undergoing hormone and cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance and appear male. Not only that, but with extensive participation of her celebrity mother she intended to make and sell a documentary of her transformation into a transgender individual and a transgender community spokesperson. Which seems like a pretty clever move for a former paid LGBT activist who’s never worked a real job a day in her life by the way. After all, now that DADT has been repealed and gay marriage (which she DISAPPROVES OF) will inevitably be accomplished, parasites like her that make a living feeding off the gay community will have no career left! Once equality is a reality, what will all the LGBT careerist activists DO for a living? Well they won’t change focus onto women’s rights or the rights of LGBT people worldwide, will they? There’s no profit in that. So it’s on to Transgender Rights for all the previously relevant Lesbian and Gay rights organizations. Chaz says “Trans people start off as gay and lesbian and are a big part of the family.”
Chaz’s documentary premiered at Sundance this week, and although it’s going straight to cable television she has successfully created a new market for her lesbian-hating and woman-hating “activism”. She was recently quoted about her formerly lesbian relationship in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “Our relationship always modeled a heterosexual relationship, emotionally and intellectually.”
What the FUCK does THAT mean????? Seriously? So her future as an ex-lesbian Transgender  “male” – who SHOULD be allowed to get married, UNLIKE lesbians and gays according to her – and as a lesbian-hating self-loathing anti-woman bad role-model activist is all but assured. Keep on selling that hetero-lovin’, anti-gay, man-lovin’ Kool-Aid “Chaz”. Drink up, America!

The Advocate Oct 13, 1998
The Advocate Jan 31, 2006
Variety 3/9/98

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  1. This/she is such a juicy topic, I figured all of us would tackle it, but I wondered how and when. This is great background info on her illustrious career & life as the good & proper, self-loathing lesbian. And it really makes it painfully and completely obvious what an ignorant bigot her mother must be to have raised Chastity to hate and fear herself and her kind to such a degree. Her mother so fully poisoned her mind that even though Chastity probably could have personally reached out to (and was within reaching distance of) k.d., Ellen, Melissa, Rosie and certainly some of the famous fags, as well as any of the lesser names in the entertainment world, but if she did, it obviously didn’t work.
    Sadly, she gets her brains from her mother, too. Through Chastity’s misery, we can see that Cher believed in that vapid-show-horse-femininity, female role, and sexxxay crap 100%, she wasn’t just playing the part. That left poor little Chastity holding the gender bag, with no brain power or self-esteem or support to handle it (HRC & GLAAD have been on the T bandwagon for as long as anyone).
    As much as a tool as she is, I genuinely feel sorry for her. This can only end very, very badly.

    1. Agreed. But let’s not forget about dad-day when discussing sea sponges. He co-sponsored fucking DOMA after all.
      I’m sure it will end badly too.
      It’s the children of celebrities trifecta: substance abuse, eating disorder, plastic surgery.

      1. She definitely inherited her addiction problems from daddy and probably her inability to tell fiction from reality from both parents. There wasn’t a whit of integrity in sight, either. Besides her mother’s many derangements, Sonny was a Scientologist out of one side of his mouth and a Catholic out of the other. Sonny’s delusions were propped up by wingnuts, religion, and drugs, her mother’s by millions of “fans” and the fake world she travels in and no doubt a toot here and there. Trying to live anything like an authentic life would be impossible given that background. Chastity is a perfect example of the kind of delusional thinking and train-wreck personal history that it takes to believe that hacking off your breasts, taking hormones forever, and changing your name makes you into a magical creature who will happy and free forever. They like you now, Chastity, because you’re the latest freak show in town, but that better be enough because they sure aren’t going to give a shit about you tomorrow when you start popping the pills, spouting Scientology on Oprah’s couch, and raging at your girlfriend in public places because the T is fucking with your ability to control your emotions. Thanks for the support, Rosie!

      2. Hmmm.. . well Rosie said it was a “remarkable” story that should “open up a discussion”. Not a glowing endorsement of transsexuality. But we’ll see. I see it as more of a “fuck you” to Ellen, they have bad blood between them ever since Ellen came out and closeted Rosie did not support the Ellen show on her talkshow. And then years later “out and proud” Rosie claimed publicly that Ellen was contractually prevented from discussing homosexuality on her new talk show, and they had a bit of a public spat over that. Poor Ellen has taken so much crap from all sides, and she is still the most popular and successful lesbian entertainer in history. Anyway it’s probably more of a fuck you from Rosie to Ellen than any support for the trans trend. But time will tell. *this moment in lesbian gossip history brought to you by Ivory- the soap that floats!*

    2. “Sadly, she gets her brains from her mother, too. Through Chastity’s misery, we can see that Cher believed in that vapid-show-horse-femininity, female role, and sexxxay crap 100%, she wasn’t just playing the part. That left poor little Chastity holding the gender bag, with no brain power or self-esteem or support to handle it (HRC & GLAAD have been on the T bandwagon for as long as anyone).
      As much as a tool as she is, I genuinely feel sorry for her. This can only end very, very badly.”
      I agree. I see Chastity’s transition as a mean to escape both being seen as a lesbian and perhaps most importantly as a way to escape her mother and what she means (the whole sexxxay act). Her weight which has increased ever since her transition can also be taken as a further “cushion” between her and her almost anorexic mother.

      1. I think there are a whole bunch of reasons Chastity didn’t feel like she fit in as female enough.
        1. Being plus-size is much more acceptable for men than for women.
        2. Her facial features, perhaps from her Native American heritage or other heritage do not fit the Hollywood and European female ideal of a Barbie face with pointed nose and narrow, gaunt jaw line. (She could have changed those and been more in-sync with her Hollywood crowd.)
        3. Her mother caving into the hyper-femininity pushed on her by the music/TV industry, and Chastity not being willing or able to live up to that.
        4. Her mother (apparently?) having a naturally tall, very thin body that Chastity does not.
        5. The patriarchal backlash/retro increasing pressures on lesbians to identify as butch or femme once again, and to adopt more stereotypically masculine or feminine behaviors, and then feeling obliged to be more and more so of either.
        It seems to me that a lot of lesbians, upon coming out, feel obliged to act butch (bar pressures that I certainly felt, and which began to change how I carried myself, because I felt obliged to, to be deemed more acceptable/attractive to other lesbians). It seems lately that we then feel obliged to become ever-more masculine looking, cut our hair ultra short nowadays, and then some start feeling they really “are” male, or are just too *not female*/*not feminine-enough* and would only feel more comfortable trying to look like/pass as a man.
        I would like to see more honest discussion from lesbians on the social pressures, upon coming out, to act more butch than we had before coming out. Has anyone else here felt those pressures? Has it changed how you carry yourself, what you wear, how you wear your hair, etc?

      2. Cher may or may not have Native heritage but she’s also Armenian from her dad’s side (I don’t know what generation he was), and that’s where she got the exotic in her looks. FYI, trivia and all that.

  2. Two quotes from Chaz stand out as particularly vomit-inducing. No, three. Actually, all of them, but I have to comment on these ones:
    “It’s about two old friends, a gay woman and a straight woman, both very high-profile in their own fields, and the gay one ends up in a heterosexual relationship and the straight one ends up in a lesbian relationship.”
    Oh, great. More cool nineties-style sexual orientation anarchy. Because women don’t really have sexual orientations, dontcha know, it’s all about emotions and really really connecting with someone on a deep level and everything is just, so, like, FLUID.
    And maybe because Chaz secretly hoped she would wake up straight, or failing that, that everyone would just turn bi so it wouldn’t matter any more. Besides, Chasing Amy did pretty well at the box office. Who knows, the dudes who ate that one up with a spoon might come back for more celluloid reassurances that the hot dyke in the office might some day be consumed with lust for their dudely asses.
    “Trans people start off as gay and lesbian and are a big part of the family.” Amazingly, this manages to be offensive to four different categories of people at once: 1) MTFs and FTMs who considered themselves straight before they transitioned, 2) MTFs and FTMs who were considered gay by others before their transition, but always considered themselves straight women and men in the wrong body, 3) GLBs who support the trans movement and believe in its ideologies, but do not consider themselves junior transsexuals, and 4)GLBs who are critical of the trans movement, and do not consider themselves junior transsexuals. Way to go, Chaz!
    “Our [formerly lesbian] relationship always modeled a heterosexual relationship, emotionally and intellectually.” Oh boy, do I share your WTF!??!!? reaction. It probably means that Chastity was (or felt she had to be) one of those butch chauvinist pig types who expects her girlfriend to put up with a lot of sexist BS that would send most straight women running for the hills. Also, that the girlfriend tiptoed carefully around Chastity’s fragile dykulinity.

    1. “It probably means that Chastity was (or felt she had to be) one of those butch chauvinist pig types who expects her girlfriend to put up with a lot of sexist BS that would send most straight women running for the hills.”
      Ditto. Whenever a relationship (between whatever people, no matter the sex) mimics a “heterosexual relationship”, it means BAD things are happening.

  3. You’ve done it again, GallusMag! This is brilliant! Thank you!
    (Except sea sponges must have more brains.)
    What a fucking sell-out and what a fucking waste. So much privilege and money, and access to more. She could have helped Lesbians so much, but so selfish — it’s all about her. I don’t feel sorry for her. She has betrayed us.
    And, what I’ve been saying for a long time — she, like many, if not most FTMs, is Fem — clearly Fem. You can see it in the video and every photo. She’s not Butch at all, but all this crap gives us a bad name.

  4. What a scam this Chastity fellow is, and what a coward. Among other things, I very much liked Ellen when they broadcasted it in my country but ever since she came out they have never broadcast it again.

  5. “I used to identify myself as gay until gay got embarrassing. I don’t know when that happened, maybe when Tinky Winky was dragged out of the closet? Or it might have been when Chastity Bono was named the head of the movement? I figure, y’know, when you wanna get common sense from someone, go to the daughter of Sonny and Cher!” – Scott Thompson
    That joke is even funnier now.

  6. Still got to say that she is not Butch. She just looks like a Fem Lesbian — always did and …well now…she still does. I suppose that will change when her bone structure changes and she goes bald. But still, never a Butch.
    I have to say that I see more role playing and “chauvinism” from Fems. No matter how much I tried to have equality in with lovers, most of the Fems would not let that happen in a number of ways. It’s primarily Fems who are “transitioning” — like Pat Califia, who is now saying she’s a “gay man.” (Het woman!) Della Grace had breast implants before having them removed.
    I really like GallusMag’s take on Chas, with the exploitation for money and fame — using our movement, being self-hating, Lesbian-hating. She is further proof of the trendiness of “transitioning.”
    At two Lesbian events I went to this weekend I was subjected to Butch-hating comments. One even was a group of middle class het-looking Lesbians bemoaning why more of us don’t accept trannies in our communities (huh? They mostly run it) — but the one group they happily and openly ridiculed was Butches. One mother complained that her 19 year old Butch daughter had a young Butch lover, and she wanted her to pick someone who looked more “like a woman.” (Like a drag queen perhaps? Like the male-defined look that men insist women look like? How original. None of these women got Lesbian oppression on the street.) All there comiserated with her. When I said that it was interesting that the only group they discriminated against was Butches — considering they had just been complaining about discrimination by Lesbians against trannies, one said to me, “Well, it’s more about class really.” (Teenage Butch was too lower-class.)
    This same Lesbian had earlier looked me in the eye, in defense of FTMs, and said, “You don’t know what it’s like to grow up never feeling like you fit in and never belonging.” I don’t? Age 3 isn’t early enough?
    They so often say that about trans, to get our sympathy, but never, ever about lifelong Butches.

    1. I hope my remarks on Chaz didn’t come across as butch-bashing. As a woman who gets called “sir” much more than “ma’am,” I have been on the receiving end of some (a lot) of the kinds of comments you describe. I also get told I’m in the wrong restroom on a regular basis. Random strangers have gone off on me, screaming “Why do you have to look like a man, you fucking dyke, do you think you’re as good as man?” Believe me, I’m pretty damned proud of the fact that I still like who I see in the mirror, despite so many people trying to convince me that I shouldn’t.
      Nevertheless, I have encountered more than one butch lesbian who has made it very clear to me that she considers me to rank below her on some inane, imaginary masculinity scale, and that that entitles her to treat me like a dumb broad. Sad, but true. Some of it may also have been ageism, as this mostly happened in my twenties and thirties. (Note to certain lesbians: making it to forty does not entitle you to leer at younger women or assume they’re bimbos here for your amusement.)
      I also think that some butch lesbians, over time, make their peace with sexism by deciding, consciously or not, that they are exceptions to the category “woman.” Everything’s okay the way it is, and they can hack it in the rough male world, because they’re different and stronger. Camille Paglia’s the prime example of this. This kind of thinking also shows up in some of Pat Califia’s writing, which I’m sorry to say I read a fair amount of circa 1993. Having also heard her speak at some fundraiser back in the day, I agree she wasn’t particularly butch — but that’s how she used to describe herself, at least some of the time. Imo, that woman built her entire career on passing her own internalized misogyny off as “transgressiveness” and “sex radicalism.” (The leather subculture is a perfect smokescreen for that kind of thing, because it enables its members to deflect every kind of challenge, question, or even their own internal misgivings with an indignant shriek of “IT’S MY SEX LIFE MY CHOICE HOW DARE YOU TRY TO APPLY LOGICAL ANALYSIS TO IT YOU ANTISEX OUTDATED PRUDE I BET YOU HAVE 50 CATS AND WEAR BIRKENSTOCKS!!!!!”)

  7. Oh poor Ellen. Rosie and Chas were in such a position to support her. Not fair. But the best revenge is how popular and loved she is, which is good for us all. Thank you, Ellen!
    But about Chas’sad background. Most of us come from addicted nutty abusive families (I was raised Catholic, but my mother was an atheist who was raised a mix of Southern Baptist and Catholic, and she hated me being sent to catholic school) without the incredible cushion of money and privilege and access to more that Chas has had. I just think of her as very privileged and betraying us when she could have made many different choices.

    1. I agree. Fuck her “sad poor little rich girl” background. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She’s a fucking parasite. If she had kept her self-hatred woman-hatred gay-hatred to herself then fine. But the moment she puts that crap into action in the world my gloves come off. To quote Lea DeLaria chastity bono can BITE MY ASS.

  8. Hi Loup — it’s hard because it’s always open season on Butches to get Lesbian hatred. But Paglia and Califia are clearly Fems. I always say that it’s the Fems posturing as Butches who do the most harassment of other Lesbians and of real Butches. I knew Califia was Fem in 1979, and have been arguing for years with a friend who’s a sado-masochist (because they all worshipped the scummy piece of garbage — ever seen her short story about the Lesbian being given a gang rape gift for her birthday? She is evil incarnate.) Califia was also clearly bisexual. Finally, it’s obvious when she says she’s a gay male. She’s a fucking het woman!
    Sorry to go on, but she has done so much damage to Lesbians.
    It’s terrible the way you’ve been treated, but I’m wondering if they really were Butch. Or are like a certain butch blogger who tried to do the same thing to me, though I’ve been a Butch for probably 15 years longer than she’s been alive. She is clearly a self-hating Butch who wanted to wipe me out because I disagreed with her philosphy and am against worshipping Fems and role-playing.
    Yes, the sado-masochists (what’s with the “leather” euphemism they shove down our throats? We know it’s about sadism and masochism. And they have no right to take leather from longtime Dykes who are not sado-masochists) do have a history of criticizing anyone who is not part of their cult and do go after Butches. I say that they must be pretty bored and boring to have to result to doing such things to find real passion in their lives.
    But anyway, Chas is Fem. Maybe sometime we can talk this out so you don’t inadvertenly add to the incredible amount of Butch-hatred already filling Lesbian communities. Some say that’s driven them to transition, but I say “no excuse” (since it’s not real anyway.) But really, it is so much worse for Butches and Dyke-identified Fems these days. So much hatred aimed at us by Lesbians. Also a safer way to vent anger at men for women still choosing to be connected to men.

    1. I see where you’re coming from. Btw, I’m not a fan of the term “leather” either (despite having used it my earlier post), or of the initials BDSM. Both are ways of avoiding the words sadism and masochism, which would expose the true ugliness of those practices. I think I may have used the “leather” euphemism in that post as unconscious nod to the fact that the entire subculture requires its participants to use prettified language and doublethink so as not to confront the reality of what they’re doing.
      You have an interesting point about women who play-act at butchness. The chauvinistic women I was referring to in my earlier post certainly did seem to think that “masculinity”=power. (Using scare quotes because I don’t really buy into the idea of masculinity and femininity. I’m using those terms as shorthand for conventional notions about gender.) Some would definitely have been considered “masculine” by mainstream standards, the same way I am. Others might not have — some could present themselves in a conventionally feminine way when it was advantageous to do so, without it seeming to bother them. The common thread is that they seemed threatened by “masculinity” in other women, and felt a need to put such women in their feminine place, much the same way chauvinistic men do.
      You’re right about the problem of butch-hatred. Probably the best term for women like the ones I’m describing would be “male-identified and suffering from internalized sexism.”

      1. Quoting myself, and commenting because I don’t think this is as clear as it could be:
        ‘I think I may have used the “leather” euphemism in that post as unconscious nod to the fact that the entire subculture requires its participants to use prettified language and doublethink so as not to confront the reality of what they’re doing.’
        Since my larger point was about participation in the sadomasochistic subculture as a handy cover for internalized misogyny, I used the euphemistic, subcultural term to bring that out.

  9. That’s okay, Loup. You really get slapped around if you don’t say “leather.” I had to do it for a whole year in a Butch organizing group (where a very obvious Fem saying she was Butch brought her bullwhip to the meetings), even though the non-consensual sadist dynamics were all over the meetings. And I still was kicked out!
    So I REALLY avoid it now. I am so mad at the way they treated me all year.
    I think we have to throw out “masculine” for describing any Lesbian who refuses to follow male rules for male-defined “femininity.” We’re given only two choices, so some take “masculine,” to make it clear that they are not the other — but I believe it’s Fems who are closer to being male-identified, and that Butches are closer to what all females would be if it wasn’t for patriarchy.
    It’s great to bring back “male-identified” as a term. The Fems who pass as het are so smug in their “womanlyness” that I like to use it to describe them.

  10. ITA with the article. Only thing I have to add, I read a magazine interview with Chaz where she said her dad always wanted a boy. 🙁 I think that sums it up, in spite of (presumably) having access to the best psychiatrists/psychologists/other counselors, (s)he has been unable to accept the very true principal that one can’t get blood from a stone and one can’t get love from a person incapable of giving love. So she continues her impossible quest trying to gain her daddy’s love…something which probably couldn’t be done even if he were alive. I feel very sorry for her, but ultimately, she is an adult and needs to move past her screwed up childhood and start acting like an adult.

    1. No offense intended, AT, but it’s just as likely (if not completely probable) that Chastity had to figure out some one-liner to feed the media to explain in simplistic terms what is far too complex for the media (and their audience) to tolerate hearing about. She had to come up with some generic trope that the media and the average person would hear and go, oh yeah, I totally get it now. Then shrug and move on. We can’t have anyone question why any woman would do this to herself.
      Women who have mastectomies report that it is every bit like losing a limb. It is something that one can learn to live with, but it is in no way trivial. Chastity lived with her healthy breasts (and all that that means) for about 30 years before having them removed. That alone would be traumatic, even if it was also welcomed. But in addition, the effects of T on the body are so intense that sometimes it can permanently change one’s personality(!), but definitely changes many things physical.
      The media and the people on the trans bandwagon don’t want to hear about all that and the related psychological effects. They want a simple explanation (like “my dad wanted me to be a boy” – as if that explains anything when pretty much every girl and woman on the planet are told from birth some version of how they fail the world) and especially an explanation that never challenges the world order (we’re supposed to think, “OF COURSE she wanted her daddy’s love,” instead of thinking, “what kind of fucked up world are we living in that a 40-year-old woman still hasn’t come to terms with who she is?”) and they want a simple solution (becoming a man will end your misery forever, yay!).
      And not to put too fine a point on this rant (which is not directed at you AT, just the situation), but there is no such thing as the best of psychology or psychiatry. It is people in those fields who have been at the forefront of convincing people that first, it is possible to magically change genders and second, that in so doing they will become magically happier and healthier and ascend to heaven on gossamer wings. It is not in spite of them, it is because of them that Chastity is in this situation. And they belong in the eighth circle of hell with all the other fraudulent counselors.

      1. “The media and the people on the trans bandwagon don’t want to hear about all that and the related psychological effects.”
        So true! Just in my limited experience of this, the wish to deny and not hear any or all of this is amazing.

  11. I do like and agree with you, Noan that the psychology industry has been our enemy for a very long time, with a few rare exceptions. I blame them for friends who have killed themselves on their psychiatric drugs, and so much else. I love “the eighth circle of hell!”
    Yes, Chas is self-hating, but what female is comfortable in her objectified, pornified, too-often raped body? In this case, she had access to so much privilege, as well as all the support, pro-Lesbian books, films, and other public Lesbians, which is way more than many of us have had. But she wants to become our enemy. Better to be anything than a Lesbian.

      1. What about those FTMs who transition to be gay men and the MTFs who transition to be lesbians? It may have started that way but I think it’s more complicated – fear of homosexuality was definitely involved in the beginning and now in many cases but there are other factors as well.

  12. Transsexualism is certainly used as a curative for homosexuality. Of course not every transsexual is homosexual (most are autogynophiles). I didn’t mean to imply that all transsexuals were homosexual, only that transsexualism is a cure for homosexuality.

  13. I agree with you too, Gallusmag.
    Too many confuse MTFs and FTMs as well.
    MTFs have fetishized what a female is and want to be that bizarre, grotesque, and actually male image that men have designed for women. They don’t come close to being female, and so never come close to looking Butch.
    FTMs, however, are self-hating females who mistakenly think they are rare in hating or feeling uncomfortable in their female bodies. All girls and women do! Who wouldn’t, after going through being exposed to the horrific grotesque media images of objectified plastic women from when we are born, as well as all of us suffering some form of sexual assault? Some women go through bizarre lengths with plastic surgery to look acceptable to male standards, while others just try to look male, but I believe it’s the flip side of the same coin and is rooted in male-worship and self-hatred. Della (Volcano) Grace is an example. At first, high Fem, she gets breast implants, and then, has them cut off and becomes a “man.” Silly woman.
    I met an FTM who just said she didn’t want to be raped any more.
    And then of course the male privilege is incredibly alluring, not to mention the trendiness of seeming oh so brave and radical, while actually being extremely reactionary.
    And then, the male-worshipping in that male-dominated, male-identified “queer” community continues until it influences these ex-het Fem women to focus on wanting to again be with men — only this time they want to be with gay men. Besides being exposed to HIV and STDs, they still can never be men, and so they are back to being het women, while any men who do decide to be with them also go back to being het.
    Just as no MTF can ever experience “Lesbian” sexuality because once a woman is with him, she is no longer a Lesbian, no FTM can experience gay male sexuality, because they just become one more het couple. And in the Bay Area, they aren’t even that unusual or unusual-looking. So much for the trendiness, really.

    1. So true Bev, so true. It’s not really a surprise about the fag hags. They finally have a solution to wanting to be with gay men. Besides haunting the bars till closing time waiting for a gay man to settle for a female trick when pickins were slim. Hmm actually it’s probably about the same since no gay men want “men with vaginas”.

    2. “FTMs, however, are self-hating females who mistakenly think they are rare in hating or feeling uncomfortable in their female bodies. All girls and women do! Who wouldn’t, after going through being exposed to the horrific grotesque media images of objectified plastic women from when we are born, as well as all of us suffering some form of sexual assault? Some women go through bizarre lengths with plastic surgery to look acceptable to male standards, while others just try to look male, but I believe it’s the flip side of the same coin and is rooted in male-worship and self-hatred. Della (Volcano) Grace is an example. At first, high Fem, she gets breast implants, and then, has them cut off and becomes a “man.” Silly woman.”
      This analysis is brilliant, Bev – “transphobic” my ass. Though I had a conversation with LaGrace Volcano, who said was born intersexed due to testicular tissue and had the implants to make the right breast more in proportions with the left. LaGrace doesn’t claim to be a man, but a hermaphrodite (intersex). Though I don’t think LaGrace’s works really destroy gender, they reinforce it (and we talked about this a lot via mails).

  14. I wanted to say that I loved this post, but the femme bashing contained in some of the comments, not so much. Any lesbian who punks out and trannifies is “so obviously fem” as if there are only two types of lesbians out there. It reminds me of how people always say that all the FtMs are / were butches, when most of them clearly weren’t.
    Reading “femme” blogs, there’s distaste for lesbianism and a hatred for butches, which I can’t get behind (you know, in encouraging any girl with short hair to transition and labeling butches trans, encouraging sexual dysfunction in the form of stone, etc). Then I try to find a voice I can understand in radical feminist blogs and find a lot of them are straight (which is fine, but isn’t what I’m looking for) or there is such dislike for femmes or lesbians who aren’t in possession of a gold star. Sometimes I don’t think we need the LGBTQ2SIAWTF alphabet soup the straights to do it for us, lesbians have done a bang up job of belittling one another and ripping apart this community ourselves.

    1. “Then I try to find a voice I can understand in radical feminist blogs and find a lot of them are straight (which is fine, but isn’t what I’m looking for) or there is such dislike for femmes or lesbians who aren’t in possession of a gold star..”
      I hope you don’t think this blog is anti-Femme. It isn’t! The only comments I edit are from male-supremacists (and one once that used someone’s name, after discussing it with the commenter who agreed with the revision). So comments are here to be responded to. I get that you disagreed with the perspective of some comments but this is certainly not an anti-Femme blog.

  15. I totally get where you’re coming from, Little Femme. We have our historical reasons for being territorial and self- and other-defining (aside from that just being human nature), but it would be great if we could get past those kinds of things and have a “community” afterall where we really accept each other and our differences. We have done a splendid job of fighting amongst and dividing ourselves. I think there’s always hope, though. I’ve been to Michigan and I’ve seen the promised land! 😉

  16. Chastity was hired by HRC and GLAAD, which hand out celeb jobs, but oddly don’t care about the quality of the candidates. After over a year at HRC Chastity in a public speak didn’t know what DOMA stood for, even though that was what she was lobbying against. I couldn’t believe my ears.
    She is just one of the thousands of kids of celebrities in Los Angeles who are dumb as a box of rocks. But our equally dumb CEO gay and lesbian top down Human Rights Champaign Fund mentality just continues to hire them.
    Candace Gingrich anyone?

    1. I don’t know if they’re dumb so much as they think a whole lotta straight people are dumb or at least highly manipulable. They seem like classic PR flaks who count on some pretty obvious tactics. You know, like getting straight people to say, “ahhhhhhh, I remember Chastity when she was just an itty, bitty girl, I guess being a lesbian isn’t so bad afterall!!!” Rinse and repeat. “Wow, if Newt’s half-sister is gay, then maybe I don’t have to hate gay people afterall!” HRC is just the sleazy marketing arm of the “gay movement” with all the greasy maneuvers thereof.

  17. I got tears in my eyes to see that sad frightened little girl in the first picture. I think, she’s still there inside Chas.

  18. The latest NYTimes piece on Bono reveals what a vapid moron and unabashed misogynist she is. Gender essentialism? She has it! She really is too stupid to understand that next to Cher, of COURSE any stupid person would come to the conclusion that one is male for not being the living embodiment of fucking drag! Gender identity is like a less sophisticated form of subcultural fashion identities, like “I am hip-hop, or a hipster, but this one is easier to wrap my mind around because it’s a stable trend I can adhere to as an ‘identity’ forever.”

  19. I would just like to say that if Cher had been my mom and I was a little bit dumber, I would have “identified” with Sonny growing up and eventually decided I must have manbrain.

  20. fascinating and brilliant–she who started the conversation and the few intelligent-as-hell comments.
    wow. this is what all writers would wish of their readers!
    love the mixture of love for baby chastity’s face, as well as understanding for being the daughter of a drag queen, and how it reflects confusion of roles for us all. thanks.
    i’ll have to return and re-read later.

  21. …cher on oprah was shocking how so many of us ALL feel like strangers in our bodies and we don’t know how to create a space for our own respect, except to put out the face of a white man.
    i don’t have any answers. i only have more questions as i look inside, and evolve as a woman.
    thanks for opening the conversation. this is cutting edge and i’m curious how and where this will go. it could go anywhere.

  22. Chaz is a douchebag and a queer-apologist. But do y’all really need to resort to attacking his gender presentation for being too femme, or gratuitously using the wrong pronoun to make that point? Critique is great, but being catty and disrespectful of someone’s identity negates all that.

    1. Wow. You come on a feminist blog and call women “catty”. You deny Butch women the right to critique the accuracy of erroneous statements that conflate a lesbian-hating transgender with a Butch Woman, and you dictate what my blog policy should be on pronoun usage. If you had given the blog you are “correcting” more than a cursory glance you would know that this blog uses pronouns to refer to SEX not “gender”. This policy applies to everyone equally, regardless of gender, and is thus not discriminatory in any way.
      “Critique is great, but women being catty and disrespectful negates that critique”
      I get what you’re saying though. You Believe that ANY CRITIQUE from “catty disrespectful women” is NEGATED because it eminates from (your words here) “catty” and “disrespectful” women.
      FUCK OFF you sexist, women-hating, Butch-hating, turd. Go tell any other oppressed group that their critiques are meaningless unless they are respectful to their oppressors. Go on, do it. Just don’t do it here. Thanks.

  23. Perhaps you might want to read the original post from Gallus Mag–honestly, you don’t get this?
    HRC couldn’t find the money to pay me ANYTHING to take a year off law school and work on a presidential campaign full time. Not even a small stipend. But pay this idiot to spew her lesbian-hating garbage? No problem. HRC has never gotten a penny from me, not since they supported an anti-choice (reproductive rights) candidate for Congress. (I guess it’s a female thing, and they couldn’t understand.)
    Do you know what an activist is?
    C. Bono is pretty pathetic. What’s next, now that the dancing thing didn’t pan out? Another “pregnant man”? She kind of looks like it–or is that just a good-ol-boy beer belly?

    1. Dieting, even long after a person stops “officially” following a weight-loss diet, or can no longer stick to the abuse it inflicts on one’s body for the full day, oftentimes, causes a daily starve/binge cycle that is extremely difficult to stop (I know, I’ve been struggling with it for years.) This causes ever-increasing weight gain.
      It is not surprising that between the celebrity pressures to be thin, especially with a rail-thin mother like Cher, that Chastity is constantly trying to undereat, at least part of the day, and probably bingeing part of the day. My heart totally goes out to her, because I know how painful it is, how frustrating, and how much constant pressure there is to not eat, or eat too little, only to end up bingeing later.
      Dieting (undereating relative to one’s physical activity) is, inherently, disordered eating. Chastity quite likely has a full blown eating disorder, being covered up by dieting efforts, denied by doctors who probably label her (inaccurately) a “compulsive overeater” (there is no such thing, there are only compulsive *undereaters* whose later binges are caused by hunger, not psychological factors.)
      The starving/dieting is caused by psychological factors, namely, fat hatred foisted on larger people.
      And of course, her decision to try to pass as a man, she has stated publicly, is in part because she is self-conscious about her size. It is much more acceptable to be a larger man than a 1-lb “overweight” woman. That is what fat hatred can do to people, how painful it is.

  24. [Sorry Cai Noble- no cut and paste hate comments here. If your comment doesn’t respond to the issues raised in the post or thread it will not be published. Also, do you have any relation to “Chloe Noble” who posted the same crap seconds ago? Lordy. -GM]

  25. One thing I blame for the dumb as a box of rocks Chastity Bono, is the stupid gay community itself— HRC and GLAAD just slobber over these witless celebs…. Candance Gingrich, remember her? They hand out these jobs to the Chastities of the world, thinking they will actually get the publicity for HRC or whatever. So I blame gay males for hiring these idiots to represent us in the first place.
    I went to an event when Chastity said she was a lesbian, it was a book tour about her relationship with a woman who died. Chastity got up on stage at the gay and lesbian center, and talked about lobbying against DOMA for a year… she couldn’t even remember what DOMA stood for –Defense of Marriage Act. She stumbled over the acronym, she’s that dumb. I was really shocked to see this for myself. Everything she does she fails at, and it’s all just one long Cher’s coatails event with her.
    She is talentless and clueless, and now this is the latest thing. I feel sorry for her girlfriend, and Ellen just rose above it all. Ellen risked her entire career when she came out, Chastity just reeks of lesbian self loathing. It’s sickening.
    Silly me, I bought the book at the Chastity event, and had her sign it. She actually looked embarassed at even being there among a whole audience of lesbian activists and pioneers, and she wouldn’t even look me in the eye.
    I said quite slowly “It’s the Defense of Marriage Act Chastity.”
    She’s a danger to children now with her advocacy of hormone blockers that she bringing up in the CHAZ movie. I was horrified to see her in a hot tub with a small child who has no choice in the matter and is being drugged at an early age! People should be outraged at the medical profession using children this way.
    But it is the mediocrity of this women that simply boggles the mind, and our dim-witted community plays right into it all.

  26. So I SAW her in the San Francisco Gay Parade several years ago and UNLIKE a Butch friend of mine who was also a Grand Marshal a year later, Chazz was dressed TOTALLY DUMPY in nondescript clothing, looking totally blah in hideous shorts like she couldnt give a damn about the honor given to her to be a Celebrity Grand Marshal in one of the biggest Gay Parades in the world!!! I also saw her documentary and inmit she treated her girlfriend like a total prick!!!She belittled and screamed and yelled at her..how embarassing to depict that in front of millions on Logo…I was NOT impressed.
    My.Butch pal ON THE OTHER HAND the folliwing year was a Community Grand Marshal for all the years IN SERVICE to the community, working on various causes. She on the other hand was dressed to.the nines in an elegant suit with tie, and her community members, Native Americans followed in one of those rolling wheeled cable cars. IT WAS CLASSY Exactly the OPPOSITE of Chazz who has done NOTHING!!!

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