Worst Activist Ever = Chaz Bono

What has Cher’s daughter Chastity (now Chaz), done with her life? Besides spend mommy’s money? Well she went to a couple colleges and dropped out. She was outed as lesbian in a tabloid which she publicly denied denied denied. “That was one of the most terrifying things to happen to me” she later stated. “ I was so scared and so spooked”.
With her parent’s music biz connections she got a record deal with a major label, and put out an atrocious album called “Hang Out Your Poetry”, which was so crappy no one bought it even though it featured the reunion of Sonny and Cher performing backup vocals. The label dumped her. Did she go the usual musician route, playing clubs and building up a following? No. She dropped the whole music thing.
She was offered employment by GLAAD and the HRC and offered a part time writing job at the Advocate, all cashing in on the minor celebrity of being the child of Sonny and Cher. Since other real celebrities like KD Lang, etc. had already come out publicly, she brokered her deals and finally admitted she’d been lying about being straight in an Advocate cover story. Her main stance as a professional lesbian activist was that things shouldn’t be “too gay”. She wrote two books which extensively featured interviews with Cher, who Chastity claimed had “gone ballistic” when she found out her daughter was gay. She wrote crappy articles (featuring her mother whenever possible). She got paid to spread her self- loathing gay activism. Did she perhaps at least speak at events about gay rights and lesbian visibility? Well, kind of. She brokered herself as an LGBT speaker for $10,000. – $20,000. per engagement.

Then a real celebrity, the talented Ellen Degeneres transformed her popular sitcom character into the first gay lead character in the history of television, much to the chagrin of the ABC executives who broadcast a big warning/disclaimer at the start of every G-rated Ellen show, moved her show to an unpopular date and time, and refused to allow her character’s girlfriend to say the phrase “I want to jump your bones” and a million other ridiculous censorships, such as threatening to fire her over a (gasp) lesbian kiss on the show. In the midst of Ellen’s battles to create a G-rated sitcom featuring a lesbian character, Good ‘ol Chastity Bono, in her capacity of a professional paid representative for HRC and GLAAD offered her little self-loathing anti-gay opinion agreeing with ABC executives that Ellen’s show was “Too Gay”. Chastity Bono in Variety: “[‘Ellen‘] is so gay it’s excluding a large part of our society…. The show is not too gay for me, but we have to be realistic. This is network primetime.” Unfuckingbelievable. She said Ellen “went a little too fast” and “you have to take baby steps”, “just go a little slower”.
“I watched every single episode. I made it a policy at GLAAD that everybody had to watch Ellen. It wasn’t a personal thing. *It was a fear of how other people would take it*.”
She proudly noted “One of the executives at ABC said, “Finally, a rational, reasonable gay person.” And explains her half-assed advocacy thusly: “When I took the job with GLAAD, they’d been such a reactive watchdog organization. I remember saying, “If I’m in a meeting with somebody and I get some work done on some movie, something positive, and there’s still things in the movie that we might not like but I’ve gotten them to change 50% of it, we can’t go slam them when the film comes out.” Otherwise, my job would be impossible. So there might have been things that gay people looked at and thought, Why didn’t we go after them on that? But some really major changes had been made.”
Can you fucking imagine???? It’s true, all true. Her official GLAAD “Ellen is Too Gay” comments screamed from the front-page headline of Variety magazine, bolstering the anti-gay stance of ABC and driving the nails into the embattled Ellen show’s coffin. 
Chastity has “the IQ of a sea sponge” lesbian comedian Lea DeLaria correctly observed.
She was dumped by HRC and GLAAD.
By this time Chastity was well into her ten year oxycontin addiction. Then she started trying to sell a reality show idea featuring her and her mother “helping people come out of the closet”. (Gee, isn’t that “too gay”? Oh wait, Ellen busted those doors down with no help from you). But no one in the industry would get near her brand of  self-hating “activism” with a ten foot pole, even with an actual celebrity- her mother- attached.
She eventually started a relationship with fellow addict and professional activist Jennifer Elia and together they embraced sobriety with mixed success and performed on the “Celebrity Fit Club” (the word celebrity obviously open to interpretation here) weight loss reality show competition which she lost. They dumped her and she gained back all the weight and then some. (She previously blamed all her weight gain on her narcotics addiction). She wrote a crappy sounding screenplay “It’s about two old friends, a gay woman and a straight woman, both very high-profile in their own fields, and the gay one ends up in a heterosexual relationship and the straight one ends up in a lesbian relationship.” But no one was buying what she was selling because of her long history of anti-gay self-hatred and hetero-philia.
Chaz on Gay Marriage quoted in September 2010: “I’ve always thought we should not call it marriage.” She prefers “domestic partnership” because “Marriage causes religious folks to freak out.”
Having lost her ability to make an income from the lesbian community she announced that she was pursuing a legal “sex” change and was undergoing hormone and cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance and appear male. Not only that, but with extensive participation of her celebrity mother she intended to make and sell a documentary of her transformation into a transgender individual and a transgender community spokesperson. Which seems like a pretty clever move for a former paid LGBT activist who’s never worked a real job a day in her life by the way. After all, now that DADT has been repealed and gay marriage (which she DISAPPROVES OF) will inevitably be accomplished, parasites like her that make a living feeding off the gay community will have no career left! Once equality is a reality, what will all the LGBT careerist activists DO for a living? Well they won’t change focus onto women’s rights or the rights of LGBT people worldwide, will they? There’s no profit in that. So it’s on to Transgender Rights for all the previously relevant Lesbian and Gay rights organizations. Chaz says “Trans people start off as gay and lesbian and are a big part of the family.”
Chaz’s documentary premiered at Sundance this week, and although it’s going straight to cable television she has successfully created a new market for her lesbian-hating and woman-hating “activism”. She was recently quoted about her formerly lesbian relationship in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “Our relationship always modeled a heterosexual relationship, emotionally and intellectually.”
What the FUCK does THAT mean????? Seriously? So her future as an ex-lesbian Transgender  “male” – who SHOULD be allowed to get married, UNLIKE lesbians and gays according to her – and as a lesbian-hating self-loathing anti-woman bad role-model activist is all but assured. Keep on selling that hetero-lovin’, anti-gay, man-lovin’ Kool-Aid “Chaz”. Drink up, America!

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