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  1. “Even in crowd shots with extras, statistics say that women are far less common than men. Central females are almost exclusively shown pursing a romantic connection and the most common female occupation shown to children is — wait for it — royalty.
    “Which is good work if you can get it,” Davis said. “The vast majority of females are eye candy.” She also pointed out that the average waist size in cartoons corresponds with the size of a character’s upper arm. And, there is the same amount of sexually revealing clothing in “family” “G” films as in “R” films. At the current rate of improvement from decades ago, the numbers of female and male characters will eventually reach a balance. “In about 700 years,” she said.”
    [Deseret News]

  2. Interesting how all the women depicted talking about the issues are also very conventionally femmed up.

  3. Also, LOL, I wrote “talking about the issues.” I feel like a tool.
    Point is — if you want to be taken seriously when you object to gender/sex depictions in the media, you must very carefully adhere to depictions of your chosen gender.
    Otherwise you are an ugly feminazi bitch who’s just bitter because she can’t get cock. Or some other forsaken stupid trite bullshit.
    The only difference between the women shown in the media clips and the commenters is the amount of skin/cleavage shown, the amount of intelligent commentary put forth, and the amount of grinding/hair-flipping.

    1. I was shocked when I saw the filmmaker, lol. That and the fact that she’s in a political power hetero marriage is probably the only reason this film got made. Gloria Steinem- ha she’s getting more and more funfem with each passing year. I love what Gina Davis is trying to do, but her foundation has a policy of never specifically holding up any examples of what they are critiquing. She doesn’t want to alienate Disney or something, maybe she would be blackballed in the industry. But how can an organization set up to lobby media against hyper-sexualized female images in G rated movies for example, do so without ever pointing out examples? They should be going for the fucking jugular.

      1. It’s really too bad that anarchism/ anticapitalism/anticonsumerism is one of the single most violently sexist microcosmic countercultures available. It offers really the only way to approach shit like this — disregarding profit and personal reward to cut straight to the bone.
        Fuck this shit. Fuck Disney. Fuck the media. Fuck selling us shit.

  4. I taught university film classes for years. Every single semester, at least one woman (and often a few) would create a doc very similar to Misrepresentation – always about the media’s portrayal of women. The reaction among their female peers when the films were shown was consistent: eyes finally opened, they were horrified to see the constancy and ubiquity of it. Until they saw it all compiled, they didn’t get what a constant onslaught it was. They were mad as hell. Now years later, it turns out that my formerly angry, righteous students who created those films have all gone on to conventional married-with-children, anti-radical lives in the suburbs.
    Not only has nothing changed in the media since the time I started teaching 15 years ago (let alone since the time decades ago when this kind of shit started getting called out), it has gotten much, much worse and the wet noodles who call themselves feminists are all sucking dick and excusing their Nigels’ sexist, misogynist behavior.
    The only way anything WILL change is if women with any amount of media power start making a really big fucking stink whenever and wherever they can and have some solidarity with each other. This is something that, when given the chance, Sigourney Weaver decided to do the opposite of. So the day it happens I will be checking the temp in hell and the sky for flying livestock.
    I’d rather sharpen my axe and plan for the revolution than wait for those sycophants to actually DO something.

    1. “Not only has nothing changed in the media since the time I started teaching 15 years ago (let alone since the time decades ago when this kind of shit started getting called out), it has gotten much, much worse ..”
      It IS getting much worse. This is the first year since 1978 that the tiny number of female congressional representatives has actually DECREASED. And yet a female impersonator like “Pebbles” in the Regretters thread take time out of their busy day to let me know that what really matters is the FEELINGS of men like him and their struggles to impersonate women effectively and get in touch with their inner selves better and have more choices at female impersonation, and NOT the fact that actual real females are oppressed and maligned and suppressed and under-represented (must all be part of that cis privilege we have). And of course dickwad never came back after I called him on it. So men don’t give a shit, and men that claim to be women care least of all about real women, meanwhile the women just end up conforming and groveling for whatever freedom some man will give them while still soaking up what male-identified privileges they can get, which is the only privilege available. Or they can chop off their tits and sign up for a lifetime of testosterone injections and try to pass as men because they’ve drank so much man-koolaid that they’ve come to believe male supremacy, not only believe it but EMBODY it. Men will literally destroy females who fight back. Either by raping and murdering them or by terrorizing and harassing and silencing and blackballing and destroying their careers and reputations and removing their freedom, even their freedom of speech.

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