FTM's Fight for Right to Party (with men who have dicks)

I did a google search for FTM transgender news in an effort to keep my FTM readership engaged in gender issues of the day of particular relevance for them. The ONLY issues in the news around the rights of FTcMs (female to constructed males) concern access to casual sex with men, gay bisexual and straight. Check it yourself! Google “FTM transgender” news for the last week.
First we have the big upset “Is gay male GPS site for casual hook-ups Grindr banning FTM profiles???” FTM accounts for casual sex hook-ups with gay men (who love dick, btw) are being flagged by the gay men as spam! Well what a surprise there. How transphobic for gay males to not realize that some men have vaginas, and that a vagina is the same thing as a penis, and that people who love the penis are just hateful for not loving the “male” vag! Gay men must have vag phobia, for realz. Not like the religious right says, but in this queer way which is not homophobic! Let’s write letters until the gays see that vag is just like penis and that females are male and that it is downright hateful to avoid male vaginas! http://www.queerty.com/is-grindr-banning-trans-profiles-20110104/
Second we have the pressing issue (lol see what I did there) about whether a female who not-so-coincidentally-appears-female was discriminated against by being ejected from a windy city (that’s Chicago, yo) gay male bar’s “basement party space” because the gay men didn’t realize the female woman “felt like a male” on the inside and was there to have some hot gay male action with her inner self (and her vag). Haaaaaattttte Crimmmmeeee!!!! How dare those men want to suck dick and not dick-around with her inner self! TRANNNNSPHOOOOBIAAAA!!!! And many many many many many many many many many many many letters and emails were sent (and press releases) to said gay male establishment until they were forced to respond and pretend they weren’t gay and didn’t want dick. http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/gay/lesbian/news/ARTICLE.php?AID=30138
And finally this: Should FTcM’s feel conflicted about sleeping with hetero men off of craigslist? Cause like they “frequently request that the trans man be young, slender, and clean-shaven. Some specify that he should still have “breasts.” Virtually all of them make clear that he is expected to retain his “original plumbing”– and that these parts are assumed to be available for penetration.” Dude, are we like collaborating in our own oppression and enabling homo and trans phobia with having one night stands with straight guys who want to fuck women and we are women, but like we’re so hopped up on recreational “T” that we are men now and gotta have that dick in our vag –our man vag- because that’s what guys do and our vag is a guy’s vag! Lol. http://tranarchism.com/2011/01/07/sleeping-with-the-enemy/
So, there’s a big sum-up of the FTM transgender memes of the week. I tried to find something meaty for you all, and I guess I did but more literally than expected.