FTM's Fight for Right to Party (with men who have dicks)

I did a google search for FTM transgender news in an effort to keep my FTM readership engaged in gender issues of the day of particular relevance for them. The ONLY issues in the news around the rights of FTcMs (female to constructed males) concern access to casual sex with men, gay bisexual and straight. Check it yourself! Google “FTM transgender” news for the last week.
First we have the big upset “Is gay male GPS site for casual hook-ups Grindr banning FTM profiles???” FTM accounts for casual sex hook-ups with gay men (who love dick, btw) are being flagged by the gay men as spam! Well what a surprise there. How transphobic for gay males to not realize that some men have vaginas, and that a vagina is the same thing as a penis, and that people who love the penis are just hateful for not loving the “male” vag! Gay men must have vag phobia, for realz. Not like the religious right says, but in this queer way which is not homophobic! Let’s write letters until the gays see that vag is just like penis and that females are male and that it is downright hateful to avoid male vaginas! http://www.queerty.com/is-grindr-banning-trans-profiles-20110104/
Second we have the pressing issue (lol see what I did there) about whether a female who not-so-coincidentally-appears-female was discriminated against by being ejected from a windy city (that’s Chicago, yo) gay male bar’s “basement party space” because the gay men didn’t realize the female woman “felt like a male” on the inside and was there to have some hot gay male action with her inner self (and her vag). Haaaaaattttte Crimmmmeeee!!!! How dare those men want to suck dick and not dick-around with her inner self! TRANNNNSPHOOOOBIAAAA!!!! And many many many many many many many many many many many letters and emails were sent (and press releases) to said gay male establishment until they were forced to respond and pretend they weren’t gay and didn’t want dick. http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/gay/lesbian/news/ARTICLE.php?AID=30138
And finally this: Should FTcM’s feel conflicted about sleeping with hetero men off of craigslist? Cause like they “frequently request that the trans man be young, slender, and clean-shaven. Some specify that he should still have “breasts.” Virtually all of them make clear that he is expected to retain his “original plumbing”– and that these parts are assumed to be available for penetration.” Dude, are we like collaborating in our own oppression and enabling homo and trans phobia with having one night stands with straight guys who want to fuck women and we are women, but like we’re so hopped up on recreational “T” that we are men now and gotta have that dick in our vag –our man vag- because that’s what guys do and our vag is a guy’s vag! Lol. http://tranarchism.com/2011/01/07/sleeping-with-the-enemy/
So, there’s a big sum-up of the FTM transgender memes of the week. I tried to find something meaty for you all, and I guess I did but more literally than expected.

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    Seriously though, the obsession many FTMs have with “being gay” and gay male culture is both creepy and fascinating to study. IMO it’s symptom of how desperate they are to escape being female, and especially being seen as a straight female because they are seen as ignorant breeder housewives etcetcetc not only by straight males (by default) but especially by the queer community.
    What a pity they lack the main tool for their trick.

      1. Lurky lurker loves the graphic as well. Disturbing but hilarious!
        WTF is it from? Why are they naked and hollering with their fists in the air? Are they a sporting team? That seems a mite unprofessional,* no?
        The masturbation animation actually makes the image make -more sense.-
        * Oxymoronic, I know, considering the other behaviors of professional athletes.

  2. But I thought transitioning was all about the deep, complex, and oh, so very important sense of SELF and being free to be ME ME ME.
    It can’t be that it’s really just about SEX?!?!?!

  3. I still just wanna know why they are naked and hollering. wtf! hee.
    More seriously:
    While trans issues are not feminist issues (other than when creepy men wish to gain access to girls and women by claiming to be women), I’m starting to wonder if the entire FTM culture isn’t EXCLUSIVELY a feminist issue.
    Because the whole trend of “gay” FTMs (ie, FAAB who transition and continue to have sex with men) just suggests we have on our hands a large group of women who hate themselves and their bodies.

    1. It does often seem that way, Joy, I agree. It’s perhaps most glaring in those instances of transmen insisting their testosterone enlarged clitorises or strap-on dildos be referred to as “real cocks”, and/or their vaginas as “front holes/bonus holes/whatever the hell else the flavor the of the month nomenclature is”. Smacks of desperation and self-loathing to me.

  4. You know what, fck you.
    I don’t even know where to begin, other than to say you don’t know shit about gender identity or sexual orientation, and this was the most hateful, bigoted thing I’ve read all day.
    IF you had a FTM readership, big ‘if’ there, you don’t now.
    The fact that transphobia like this exists within the gay community disgusts me, and it should be addressed more.

      1. My comment is years too late but I just found this article and as almost 60 year old gay man (out since the 1970s; who has had sex with hundreds of men, one woman and no trans people) who has written about the attack of the F2T pretending to be gay men with male vaginas issue for years and been basically expelled from being part of LBGTQ because of my views, I love your article! Every word you wrote it true. As a gay man I can assure you that nothing is more deranged than a woman on T who thinks she is a gay man! Suck my manclit! is her war cry (a clit is just small cock they say and they measure their clitcocks in centimeters instead of inches (F2T rocks a huge transcock at 2 centimeters so all gay men should be hungry for that cock). INSANE. Beyond insane. Totally science fiction. I have given up my fight against this after again having comments on a blog banned and censored and removed because they told the same story as you did here — and that is transphobic they say. The bottom line for me is to have to find a new identity label which is now bio-male monosexual homosexual meaning I am only into males who were born males and who have dicks. Though I cannot volunteer or be involved in any LBGTQ because my public comments on my right not to fuck transman cunt is anathema and equal to being a racist or even a Nazi! I almost cry every time I come to your blog, both for the honesty and accuracy of you and your commenters take on the trans lies, but because no gay male sites are able to do this without instantly being branded right wing — a great tactic to silence, something that trans people and especially transmen who prentend they are gay and are roided out on T are highly skilled at. Human rights for all but your transman cunt (or constructed pretend penis) is not male genitals and never will be so I will never want sex with you — and you hate me for that. Spoiled, crazed and ranting — such is the gay trans man. Check out 2014 daily xtra web site for news on the new gay transman porn — turn on to my extra hole, guys! Says guy with a pie porn star. INSANE!!!

      2. ^ This ^ It’s pretty amazing how how the world at large is expected to respect (and believe without question) a person’s gender identity, but asking them to respect our sexuality is like trying to draw blood from a stone.

      1. Loren still has a cunt — therefore homosexual men will never be sexually attracted to a vag (no matter how much T is taken to make the vag smell like a cock). Pansexual and bisexual men are into Loren. But not homosexual men. Nice try though. Why are you so furious that some men are not into trans cunt.

  5. LGB AND straight people should really start a campaign that will help them against discrimination by trans because of sexual orientaion. And such a campaingn should state tolerance is needed for both: people who desire certain genders and people who desire certain sexes. And that both deserve respect and both are equally valuable.
    A very hateful thing to do?
    What a joke. Trans really won’t tolerate homosexuality, damn homophobes! Do they also say hatefull things against heteresexuality? Do they dare when it’s much easiert to pick on homosexuals?

  6. Anyway, who are trans to claim to know that sexual orientation doesn’t exist and people are just discriminating against them?
    Therefore: Equal right for sexual and gender orientation! Respekt for heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, heterogenders, bigenders and homogenders! Now that’s an agenda!

  7. Im a gay male that’s finds ftm guys kinda intriguing … but stop pretending it’s discrimination if other gay guys don’t. The bans from apps, etc, if they happened seem unfortunate … but you can’t expect everyone to want to sleep with everyone. Just because you don’t like vag, penis, body hair, boobs, whatever … doesn’t mean you hate everyone that has whatever your not attracted to. You just probably don’t want to sleep with them.

  8. Just my thoughts exactly. I don’t want dykes with dicks(male flesh), which many MTF”s think they’re Lesbians, but ARE NOT, and I will NEVER accept them as such, or as ‘women’, and even more so if they’re still carrying a penis, the same goes for gay dudes who want bio male dudes with dicks. I think we should separate from the Trans insanity and go back to Lesbian/Gay period. Either the bisexuals want to fully acknowledge their homosexual side whilst among us, and the others can go make their own communities and create their own deluded realities. But I don’t want to hang with those who are bisexual/pansexual and put down ALL same sex spaces, places, play parties, events, and community gatherings cuz WE ARE same sex/homosexual/Lesbian AND WANT TO BE EXCLUSIVELY AMONGST OUR OWN, AND NOT MIX THE SEXES (OR GENDERS AS THE TRANS INSIST). We have a right to our own spaces, and single gender spaces of either side are seriously under attack by both the bisexuals who don’t mind it either way(and many are not truly bisexual, but mostly straight with just enough swing to try to include themselves) or pressuring young queer kids that as they struggle to come out Gay or Lesbian, that one can call themselves a woman or dude but it don’t make it so, so therefore they gotta settle(for instance if a young lesbian is attracted to another who is butchy and then decides to call herself trans or FTM) that AUTOMATICALLY makes her straight/bi, and perhaps she should be open to bio dudes too, after she just worked so hard to come out to Lesbian!
    That means in the long run you’re just as oppressive as hetero dudes crashing Lesbian spaces or faking their lesbians as it is for faghag types to crash gay male spaces on false pretexts because you’d love to do a gay man, but don’t qualify. This is why we are HOMOSEXUAL. We want, prefer, and lust after THE SAME SEX! And the bisexuals and trans sell us out almost each and every time!

    1. With all due respect, I’m finding it very difficult to believe trans* people of any kind are begging to share a space with you.
      You’re well within your rights to not date, sleep with, or otherwise have relationships with people you’re not attracted to. However, your freedom ends where others’ begins. Trans* people, like others, have the right to live their lives in peace. There’s no nefarious conspiracy to get all the butch lesbians to transition. Think about it. If people were pushed into transitioning, there would be scads of people going “I never wanted this! I made a mistake! This course of action was wrong for me and should be banned for everyone!” It’d be even more difficult to get hormones and surgery. That’s the last thing trans* people want.
      In parallel, say there’s a vaguely bicurious woman being pushed into declaring herself a lesbian, potentially costing her friends and family. She realizes that she isn’t into women after all, but those relationships are forever altered. Coming out as a lesbian was a mistake for her and cost her friends and family, ergo nobody else should ever declare themselves a lesbian. Obviously, this would be a ridiculous statement, met with laughter far and wide.
      I’ve also heard certain lesbians (thankfully not many) refer to trans* guys as ‘gender traitors’. Kind of a funny choice of words considering that’s how lesbians are referred to in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, but I digress. People are under no obligation to spend their lives in bodies alien to them under some bizarre sense of Vagina Solidarity. You can’t force people into identifying a certain way like some kind of twisted military draft. It does your ‘side’ no good. It just makes your ‘side’ look like it’s willing to sacrifice some its’ members’ well-being to make some political point.
      As for spaces, nobody is stopping you from having lesbian-only spaces. I have yet to find a single person who’d force you to invite trans* people into your living room, much like nobody is forcing me to invite social conservatives into mine. However, part of living in society is accepting that sometimes, you’ll have to coexist with people you disagree with. My ex assistant manager believed all gay people were sad because they couldn’t afford sex change surgeries. We tended to disagree on things.
      I don’t expect to have changed your mind about anything. I’ve almost never heard anyone say “Wow, that internet comment really changed my deeply-held opinions!” Really, I just hope that maybe somebody skimming the comments might happen to skim this one, and consider a live-and-let-live approach in life.

      1. Two things, Andre. One, of my “trans” cohort from the 90s, a significant portion of us are now regretters. I think it’s safe to say we all have major concerns about the “gatekeeping” going on or lack thereof. While I generally don’t feel that our experiences should be used to shut down this option for everyone else under all circumstances, I think all of us are more than disquieted by the prospect of watching history repeat itself with the next generation and feeling somewhat powerless to help or protect those who need it, Two, holy crap, if you think the “live and let live” approach works, can I introduce you to the controversy around something called Michigan? How about RadFem2013? Trans people of many kinds are not only begging but demanding to be included in all kinds of spaces that have been specifically created to serve survivors of girlhood–and one strain of them do not know how to take no for an answer. Frankly, I’d love to create a female-only space in my area, but in the current climate I know that would make me the target of rape and death threats. Live and let live, indeed. Please preach it to those who actually need to be told!

      2. Andre, you…you don’t know much, do you? You haven’t read much here, have you? Nope.
        You know what, Andre? I started to type out a response to your post, but then thought, fuck it, I’ve done this too many times. I don’t have the time or desire to explain to yet another fool who only sees what he wants to see and who read maybe three posts here how we actually do take a “live and let live” approach to men who want to wear dresses. But there are many more issues than that involved here, which you’d know had you bothered to read.
        Like the trannies love to scream, I’m not here to educate you.
        As for spaces, nobody is stopping you from having lesbian-only spaces.
        Jesus, I don’t even know where to start. Go, Andre. Go read.

      3. But we ARE seeing scads of people detransitioning and regretting the permanent effects of their transition, while the trans activists scramble to silence them and assure the public that they are “not regretters per se”. A woman managed to pick up over 200 detransitioners for her survey by essentially just posting it on social media under tags like “detransition”.

        Top gender doc dismisses 203 detransitioned women as “not regretters per se”

        “My ex assistant manager believed all gay people were sad because they couldn’t afford sex change surgeries.”
        This is not as controversial as you seem to think it is… modern gender transition was invented by homophobic people as a form of gay conversion therapy. In Iran, gay men are forced to “transition into women” so that they can be with the ones they love. The vast majority of “trans” people in Iran are just plain gay.
        It’s hardly a conspiracy theory to suggest that it’s being used the same way in North America/Europe. That’s WHAT IT WAS MADE FOR. Homosexual people are much more likely to be GNC, and we now see that GNC people are being funneled into “transition” because the modern logic is, if you don’t conform to your gender’s stereotypes, you must have the wrong gender.

  9. FeistyAmazon– I agree 100%! Finally some good old kick butt lesbians… it’s always the Dykes who have to take out the double ax and keep the trash out of sacred lesbian space. And an all lesbian group create sacred energy that is destroyed by trans, bi s, poly or gay….
    so why are they bugging us all the time? The sheer perversity of their invasive selves boggles…
    Love this rant rant rant!!

  10. Look. Cisguys…maybe it’s not about you? Maybe the T in LGBT is looking for acceptance within it’s own community? If you see us dancing in a gay bar, you don’t have to fuck us, you know. Especially if we’re dancing with another transguy or a (trans)woman. Gay bars/ neighborhoods are usually the places transsexuals feel that they can let their gaurd down and not be harrassed. To be thrown out of a gay or lesbian space because you are transsexual is kind of depressing, to say the least, especially since there are usually a mix of gay men, lesbians, and “fag hags” dancing in gay bars.
    For the grindr profiles: Believe it or not, ftms sometimes use grindr to hook up with other ftms! Other ftms, and cismen who actually view transmen as men (unlike the op, of course), kinky guys, ect. There are plenty of people you probably don’t want to sleep with on grindr. Why can’t you just sleep with the people you want to sleep with, and let other people do what they want with their sex lives?

    1. Are “cisguys” supposed to be us?
      And, if as you say, the T is looking for acceptance within its own community, why do they work overtime in pissing off the Ls at every opportunity. I guess the Ls just don’t count as always.
      Carry on with your bullshit.

      1. How is what J said ‘bullshit’? What I got from their statement was, “We’re not asking you to sleep with us, just allow us in the same general vicinity you occupy.” Anybody who can’t afford someone that mcuh common decency to let them exist in the same area as someone else, needs to go be in some dystopian future police state with forced segregation or something. So much for progress…

      2. Lycere, people have a right to freedom of association. We have a right to create our own spaces. You dudes or whatever don’t get to crash everything. You’re not entitled (well, you are, waaaay too much, but once again, we’re putting our foot down.)

    2. I agree with the live and let live attitude at the closing of your post J, and have no problems what so ever, if that the was the commonly encountered behavior (in my own experience). The trouble is that every experience I’ve had in that situation, or similar ones, has been overwhelmingly negative, ie being labelled transphobic, cursed at, etc etc when I turn down a transman in the most polite manner I can (since at the end of the day I like to think of myself as a relatively decent human being). I’d have no problems at all if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been consistently demonized/insulted for behaving in a manner my own sexual preferences and innate desires dictate. The impression I get is there is this presumption that we must sleep with them or we are horrible people (in their mind), and that the entire attitude displayed is driven by a misplaced need for validation by others. You’ll have to forgive me for not feeling a burning need to do something I don’t find desirable/arousing just to spare someone else’s feelings.

  11. Lol. I didn’t know this was a problem. I’m FtM, and I had a grindr account. I was very popular on there. Probably due to the fact that I was more attractive than 99% of the guys on there. I did not advertise my vagina, because I find it tacky for anyone to bring up genitals before you know basics like, say, their last name. But when I did tell guys about my vag, I never had a guy who was interested stop being interested. I ended up deleting my grindr account of my own accord due to realizing that only desperate creepy guys use things like that, an that I would prefer to meet someone in real life (which I did). If a gay guy doesn’t like FtMs, don’t have sex with one. Don’t cockblock the gays who actually dig FtMs (and there are many). Besides, where else are gay ftms to find gay men? I’ve tried going after straight men, even the vag won’t make them fuck a guy. It’s gay guys that are attracted to FtMs, like how it’s straight men who are attracted to MtFs.

    1. LOL is right! You are surprised that as a F2T, straight guys don’t want to sleep with you and you also think that straights guys are attracted to M2T? Ok, I have a bridge that I’d like to sell you!
      There is a blatant lack of truth in your advertising if you go on grindr and fail to “advertise” your vagina. The whole purpose of grindr, as I know it, is for dudes to get dick with little to no effort or drama. You are the antithesis on that and the reason trans people are filtered out of the equation.

    2. Madame you are wrong. You have been fooled. Pansexual and bisexual men use the word gay and all the gay tool like gridr etc to get the sex thrills they want such as guys with pies, one of their kink thrills. You are a sideshow thrill for bi and pan men. Period. The meaning of homosexual is desire only for other males with the same SEX and gender not vaginas. The definition of pan and bi sexual is open to any gender or sex — THESE are the men you are getting even though they may use the term gay because it is easier for them. Do not pretend for a moment that gays are being cockblocked from you — being vagblocked is more accurate.

      1. 100% agree, Coelacanth. I’m consistently baffled by these erroneous beliefs some of these transmen have. I’ve never once known a single gay man (say Kinsey scale 5-6) who wanted to sleep with or was attracted to transmen (particularly those who have had no bottom surgery, and are functionally female). The only guys I’ve seen who have were bi (3-4s on the scale), and it seemed to be more of a curiosity or a kink (which in the later case I think is a bit cruel, but what can you do). I’ve ran into this issue a couple times myself, and I am 100% over being called “transphobic” for not being attracted to and not wanting to have sex with someone who has a vagina, and even more sick of others having the colossal arrogance to dictate to me what I can and can not be attracted to. What’s even worse, is you consistently see the importance physical attraction plays being swept under the rug by these folks, all the while freaking out if someone is to tell them they’re not attracted to their genital configuration… absolutely ridiculous. Quite honestly, all I’m seeing is people with severe insecurities projecting their body dysphoria issues onto others, and patently false beliefs like what was mentioned above being peddled as truth in attempts to make themselves feel better.

      2. I have to say, I’m quite curious as to how many people you actually told you were functionally female, Joey. All the guys who were interested in you? The majority? A small handful? Given how in your previous sentence you say you chose not advertise your possessing a vagina, I’m guessing not terribly many of them. In the overwhelming majority of discussions I’ve had with my fellow gay men, I’ve heard again and again that while they might find a transman attractive in the abstract, the fact that that transman was still functionally female would automatically signal the end of the game, as it were; given that they are GAY men, and thus they are not attracted to or aroused by vaginas by definition. You’ll have to forgive me if I take their word over yours.
        So, we have a small handful of transmen, like your self, insisting that many (or at times most) gay men want to sleep with transmen. On the other hand, we have a substantially larger number of biologically male gay men, saying quite definitively that no, that is not the case, that it is in truth exactly the opposite. Where does that leave us? That’s very simple. Numbers don’t lie, and those numbers are clearly NOT in favor of your worldview in that regard.
        Now, I will absolutely give credit where credit is due, in your recognizing that we have the right to not be interested in you. The trouble is that you seem to be in the minority of those who believe like you do that many gay men go for transmen, as more commonly they seem to respond with demonization and cries of transphobia, even when their advances are declined in the most polite of manners.
        What I find absolutely baffling in this behavior, is that they likely would never call a straight man homophobic, simply for not being interested in having sex with a gay man, or call a lesbian heterophobic for not wanting to have sex with a straight man. The real trouble there is not that we’re transphobic, the problem is they’re just narcissistic assholes.

      3. Have you ever heard of the “no true Scotsman” fallacy?
        Call them what you like, self-proclaimed gay guys are sleeping with FtMs.

      4. “gay men, saying quite definitively that no, that is not the case”
        Gay, maybe your friends are lying to you? Why is it so important to you who other guys are fucking, anyway?

  12. Here’s the thing…my lesbian wife transitioned to a man (with top surgery only) and then told me that he (as in the ftm) had to leave me because he could “never be with a man who did not have a ‘real’ penis.” So, you tell me…Who is the transaphonbic one here? He won’t be with women because they have V, and will not be with another trans guy because they have V…and think that a bio guy who does not want him because he does not have a penis is transphonic. Now that’s fucked up!

    1. Wow . . . well, at least you are free of that mess and your ex is free to find someone else whose sense of reality is elastic enough to bend to that kind of fuckery!

  13. You are transphobic, all of you. It’s funny how nazis like you can call themselves feminists. All you are is a bunch of psycho republican bitches who need to get back in the kitchen. I’m sure you’re all bitter because no men love you. Bawww.

    1. Spoken like a true republican. You are the one with the conservative views on the sexes, and of course, on women in particular.
      You were just begging for that award, weren’t you?
      Thanks for including this, GM, ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

    1. Those aren’t penises, I’m not sure what they are, but don’t expect gay men to want them or the vagina most ftm have. I’m gay, I like the male sex not “gender”. Also how is a man supposed to feel? Men can be both feminine or masculine. Some gay boys growing up preferred to play with barbies

    2. A lump of flesh cut from your thigh then sewn on with no ability to get hard (other than a device) is not a penis and silicon shells in more thigh flesh are not balls and a scrotum. They can make something that from a distance can allow F2Ts to look like they have make equiptment but they do not. You cannot make a penis!

    3. The problem I think is that results via FTM SRS surgery just aren’t terribly authentic in appearance, due to the inherent difficulties presented by what’s currently medically achievable.

  14. Not wanting to have sex with someone is hardly discrimination. I’d fully accept transmen (if I’d ever got to meet one) and would recognize them as men. I don’t think I could want to have sex with them… as much as some trans men could pass for incredibly hot twinks, I’m just not attracted to vag – and that’s coming from a top.
    I think you’re asking too much of people. You can’t force someone to feel attracted to you, just as heteronormativity can’t be forced on homosexuals.

  15. We aren’t Trans-phobic. Its just that, A FTM penis is very different that an actual Penis. Also a transgender guy is very different than an actual guy. We have nothing against them, its just that we don’t want to be tricked into being with some one that isn’t what we want.
    Their Penis’s are very flat, and not like a real Penis, and they are covered in scars and they look really fake.
    Its ok if they want to be with men, but They should label their Profile with “FTM” so we can be sure not to run into one.
    Again we have nothing against women or transgenders, we just don’t really like the fact that we are getting tricked into that.
    Just like straight guys don’t like MTF men because their vagina’s are all mangled up.
    Seriously grow up, Just because we don’t want to have sex with a cut up lab dick doesn’t mean we are Phobic of them, It just means we don’t want them.

    1. Most of them still have a vagina and call gay men transphobic for turning them down. They are homophobic or those like those girls who love yaoi, it’s creepy

  16. lol wat
    I know so many gay men who are in couples with trans men, or who hook up with ones, that the old trope gay men are only attracted to biocock(tm) gets old fast!
    Look, don’t fuck/date a trans guy if you don’t want to, of course, it’s not that hard to do, but don’t assume the majority of gay men do the same. That was actually the point of the first studies on gay trans men, back in the 80’s/90’s, that they had no trouble finding gay male lovers. Look up stuff on the PubMed directory.

    1. For every FtM–like the appallingly grandmotherly Buck Angel–claiming that she has more cis gay boyfriends than she knows what to do with, there are scores of so called “gay transmen” in the blogosphere, and in the real world, lamenting the fact that the vast majority of cisgender gay men won’t give them the time of day, are fundamentally trans misogynists, and are totally panicked both by intact vaginas and by “doggy weenie” penile prostheses.

    2. The majority of gay men want nothing to do with ftms it is foolish to pretend otherwise. Those that do are bisexual or Kinsey 3, 4, 5
      There are gays who were married to women, able to have sex with them. Don’t call gay men who are turned off by female bits “transphobic”. Oh, and buck angle pays people to fuck in those videos, and most of their fans are bisexuals, every gay man I know is disgusted by it

      1. ^ This ^ I’m always baffled by this belief that many (or sometimes most) gay men are ok with/into transmen. I can count the number of guys who are into transmen that I know on one hand, meanwhile the overwhelming majority of gay men I know (including myself) are completely turned off by the very notion of having sex with a transman, because guess what, they lack a “biocock” aka a real cock, and commonly have vaginas. Funny how those pesky gays are inherently put off by snatch. Yes, it’s easy to not fuck/date a trans guy, lol what, and the truth is the overwhelming majority of us don’t. Have fun in your adult version of let’s play pretend.

    3. All of which proves the number or pan and bisexual men out there pretending to be gay! When they find a F2T person it is a match in pan and bi heaven but they are not gay in anything other than public appearance! You must live in Oakland!

    4. But Bast, you gotta understand! They met a pushy trans man once, and therefore all trans men are entitled and won’t take no for an answer and need to be banned from gay spaces!

  17. This whole thing made me laugh as a few ignorant transophobes think they can speak for all gay men. Really, if you don’t like F2M’s don’t have sex with them. What’s the issue? Why do you have to spread your small ideas and intolerance? A day is coming my friends when ANYONE claiming to be part of the rigid confines of the gay/ straight, male/ female binary is going to be seen as a dinosaur. In fact, (checks watch) I think it’s already here. As, I said previously, it’s hysterical that a few bitter old men think they have the authority to speak for anyone else’s preference, get a life.

    1. Laughingbuddha, you need to look outside the rigid confines of your tiny social niche and see how 99.9% of the rest of the world operates.

    2. Nice try but the people who claim the world is ending next week are also always wrong! YOU are the dinosaur because you cannot accept that people are people and like to group — you try to force apart those groups because you feel left out. A therapist could do wonders with your alienation, loneliness and rage issues.

    3. What’s even more hysterical is when people presume to judge others for doing something that they themselves are doing. I’m not presuming to speak for all gay men the world over, but almost every single gay guy I know (which are quite a few in number) are not in the last bit interested in transmen. Don’t get pissy just because reality doesn’t conform to your worldview. Also, minor sticking point, but I’m pretty sure that being in my mid 20’s, I don’t qualify as an “old man”.

      1. I’m around the same age as you and I’m a lesbian. I don’t identify as female; female is a biological reality that applies to me. Like you, I am tired of these assholes calling us transphobic for our sexual orientations. I am not attracted to gender because it is oppressive and should be abolished. I am only attracted to other women and I don’t like homophobic men and their stupid handmaidens who think that the penis is a female sex organ.
        What were people smoking when they decided to add the T because the whole thing is homophobic as hell.

      2. But only old gay men aren’t attracted to female bodies! Not like da new generation who are instantly attracted to females who claim to be men.
        Otherwise u are cissexist, transphobic, transhomophobic and only obsessed with peoples genitals! Also u are monosexist and [insert more bullshit]…

      3. @ Lilly: Right? I must have suddenly aged a handful of decades without noticing. How bizarre!
        @ Lizzy Shaw: Isn’t it absolutely baffling how they continuously demand that we (and the rest of the world) respect and validate their gender identity, whilst asking for a little common courtesy in their respecting our sexuality seems to be like drawing blood from a stone.
        What I find particularly interesting is the comparison that can be made between the transgender community and fundamentalist religious groups. Both display a large amount of homophobia, both make strident demands that the rest of the world accept their worldview, and both scream bloody murder and demonize their opposition if questioned in the slightest way.

  18. I’ve come to realize that no matter how much I may agree or disagree with what’s been written here, chances are I’ll never meet anyone from here in real life. Ergo, attempting to change minds here would be futile. In terms of quality of life, the time would be better spent playing Mass Effect, because the Krogan are really interesting and Javik’s deadpan sarcasm makes me laugh.
    I begin that way not to be belligerent, but precisely the opposite: To show that I have no measurable reason to argue here, no matter what my opinion. When I ask the question below, it’s out of sheer academic curiousity, no disrespect to anyone intended:
    I’m seeing a lot of posts about “The idea of transmen is one thing, but it’s the penis that makes the difference. No gay guy I’ve met would date a guy without a dick.”
    Does that include genetically XY men who’ve been in car accidents, suffered penile cancer, or otherwise lost some or all of their external genitals? Is having been raised as and identifying as a guy the litmus test? To any men here in a long-term relationship with another man: I don’t wish this on anyone, but if your partner was to suffer such an injury, would you leave him?
    Tangentially, if there existed surgery for transmen resulting in a perfectly natural-looking and -acting penis, indistinguishable from the standard, would you or the gay men you refer to still rule out a reasonably good-looking transman who’d had such a surgery?

    1. You raise some very interesting questions, Ae. Having not faced a situation where I was seeing or intersted in a guy who had suffered those sorts of injuries, I truthfully couldn’t say just how I would react. Realistly, I’ll admit it would pose a fairly significant obstacle, at least for me. As to your later statement, I think were that the case I might be more open to it, but as things stand it’s not medically possible, and as many FTMs choose to not have SRS surgery, and remain functionally female, that’s the nail in coffin as it were for anything happening for many, if not most, gay men. Yes, it may be termed shallow, but one can’t demand others to respect one’s gender identity, all the while disrespecting other’s sexual identity, which has been what myself and number of my fellow gay men have seen fairly consistently.
      As aside, it’s always good to see another Mass Effect fan 🙂

  19. I’m really interested in meeting a female to male with a pussy. I’m a Buck Angel fan. I’m Irish, 6 ft, 155 lb. Age 62. Fun loving. Enjoy travel. Also enjoy the cinema and the theatre. . Bon nuit.

  20. These whole comments were really pissing me off. I can understand some but most are ignorant and insensitive to trans identity.
    I can see where you’d be annoyed if a transman is sporting a “2-inch clitcock” or whatever. I find it obnoxious just like I find biological men saying they have a “8-inch.”
    However, a person can call anything on their body that they want to. It’s THEIR body. Not all transman have boobs and can have a toned chest just like biological men.
    Transmen CAN be gay men too! Sure, they have a vag but it’s a man’s vag not a women’s vag. If you can’t handle having sex in that way, fine, but I’m sure some gay men enjoy having sex with transmen. After all, don’t some gay men enjoy anal?
    Guys, we know you are attracted to men. A transman is a man, too and some gay men can deal with a man without a dick some men can’t. Transmen have every right to using Grindr; most of them should tell you what they were born with. Don’t like it? Move on because a man is more than just having a dick and a woman is more than having a pussy (sorry for the vulgarity). They are men too with sex drives as well.
    Not all trans are the same. 95% of the time we aren’t homophobic.

    1. Gay men aren’t interested in “Gay Transmen” because “Gay Transmen” are heterosexual women who shoot testosterone. “Gay Transmen” are FagHags. Gay men are homosexual. There is no such thing as a “Male Vagina”. Stop trying to talk gay men into having heterosexual relations with you, a female. Doing so is homophobic.
      I sympathize with women who are attracted to men but refuse to relate to them romantically in the “female role”. Who can blame you? But putting yourself in a position where you must continually try to convert gay men to heterosexuality is not a winning strategy in my opinion. Good luck.

    2. *Not all trans are the same*
      Perhaps outwardly but when it comes to sex, they really are..which in word can be described as messy. After having had a few experiences with ftms, I’m starting to think that there is just something about having a female reproductive systmen that makes one more prone to bringing drama to the bedroom. I think it has something to do with the possibility of pregnancy. Just as with bio women, transguys have a million and one psychological and behavioral fortresses built around their gentials. So even when you find a transguy who claims to be gay (rare), there is a catch. People tend to forget that the genitals are symbolic and correlate to certain attitudinal tendencies. People born with penises on average have a straightforward approach to sex. And those born without a penis just don’t.

      1. Yikes, I hit reply in the wrong area, that was meant for that dingdong laughingbuddha up there. In fact, your analysis is spot-on, imo. I assure you that my reading/ comprehension level is up to snuff. My p.o.s. ancient cellphone screen-mashing, on the other hand…..

    3. “Transmen CAN be gay men too!”
      Whoa. Back it up.
      A “transman” is an adult female human who lives their life in the societally-accepted gender role of a male human. Perhaps they even get some surgery to make their appearance conform too. But the transman is still biologically female. A man is an adult male human. A transman, being female, cannot be a man.
      “Gay”, meaning homosexual, refers to people who are exclusively attracted to the same sex. Transmen, being female, are not “gay” if they are attracted exclusively to males. A female exclusively attracted to males is heterosexual. A “gay transman” would be a transman exclusively attracted to other females, such as women and other transmen.
      “Sure, they have a vag but it’s a man’s vag not a women’s vag.”
      There is no such thing. The vagina is part of the female reproductive organs and does not exist on a man’s body. Even transwomen who get bottom surgery do not acquire any actual female reproductive organs.
      The way you are talking is no different from the “2-inch clitcock” stuff you already admitted is illogical and obnoxious. Sexual reproductive biology is a real thing. It doesn’t have as much actual scientific weight as society has traditionally placed on it, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake.

  21. I’d forgotten all about that tranarchism article, and website, until new comments resurrected this post. Tbqh, I used to regularly google Asher Bauer to see if she’d detransitioned yet. I can’t find her, and I’m hoping it’s because she’s changed her name and escaped that shit.
    I used to be way into her writings when I was trans- brainwashed, and it’s glaringly obvious that she’s a deeply traumatized woman who is acting out past ordeals again and again, putting up a tough, bad-ass front while constructing an insular fortress of a worldview to prop up the whole mess. Her writing style is atrocious, overwrought, and doesn’t ever ring true because it’s coming from such an inherently false, try-hard place.
    Last I heard, her partner was “Char the Butcher” of “die cis scum” tattoo infamy, a trans male and self-described sadist. Asher is straight, transitioned after being sexually assaulted, and built up a very elaborate facade based on univeral distrust and hostility, self-loathing, and deeply entrenched internalized misogyny. She used to have a tumblr called “catamite,” from the Greek term for a young man who exists to sexually service males.
    Before she dropped off the radar, she seemed to be signaling possible desistance- stopping T but vehemently denying detransition, ramping up the railing against all things “cis,” delicately explaining that she did suffer misogyny when read as female (which FTM’s aren’t supposed to discuss, since they’re “men” and only “transwomen” suffer “transmisogyny” etc etc), posting pictures of herself “crossdressing”- as in, wearing *women’s* lingerie and posing with a vulnerable, shell-shocked look on her face. Basically she seemed to be on the verge of either a complete breakdown or breakthrough.
    Anyway, she did a lot of damage, to herself and others. And she was a totally ridiculous asshole. But I think about her now and then and hope she’s okay.

  22. Dude, where on earth do you get this information? For real…This mix is hard to determine if you are transgender or if you are shitposting about transgender people.
    They are people, and just because they are trans doesnt mean they ACTUALLY USE their “equiptment”. So many trans people are terrified of their “equiptment”. In the sense of how the f*** does it look like this, and why is this happening to me?
    These people are the worlds most misunderstood population throughout human history. Next to intersex & hermaphrodites.
    Simple fact.
    There are transgender RULERS in the history books that arent labeled as trans because they are simply… the gender they are publically.
    Ignorance brings misunderstanding. I know many trans people. Ftm, non-binary, mtf, even including the “Q” in LGBTQIA.
    These people arent sex objects.
    Some are “able” to be comfortable without surgery. Many are not able to live normal lives without it.
    But i dont know of any “ftm” that calls themselves a HER OR SHE. It appales most of them.
    These people arent strange, unusual, or crazy… they are just people; a heavily discriminated against population of people. A .03 percentile in the human population and according to human genetics it is so “LIKELY” that the HOW in how it is that the population percentile is so small with how likely genes can present being trans is… is simple as our lack of understanding as to how non-gendered fetuses become decided based on a brief hormone fluxuation between parent and child in gestation.
    Transgender isnt complicated, its just as likely as being chromosonally male or chromosonally female, & as likely to actually occure as a child being born intersex (physically somewhere in between XxY variations). In fact, it is less complicated than being born a hermaphrodite (chromosonally in both XX & XY)
    The brain of a transgender person physically & nurologically resembles “up to” in its entirety, the gender they know themselves to be.
    Which is what BRAIN GENDER means.
    Though their chromosones are reproductively ANYWHERE on the spectrum. Their BRAIN is where ever THEY ARE on the spectrum.
    A trangender person can be anywhere on that spectrum, just as an intersex (chromosonally) person can be anywhere physically on the spectrum.
    Its simple NATURAL SCIENCE. Its just part of the genetic lottery. Anyone could be “born transgender”.
    Any transgendered human could be homosexual, heterosexual, bi-sexual, pansexual, A sexual, or anywhere else on that spectrum.
    Equally, these respectable human beings can function their bodies as they feel identified with it. Natives call them “two spirited”.
    Its not a joke for a transgendered or rather “brain gendered” male to use the vagina he was born with, if he feels comfortable using it. Some transgendered men only use it for conceptual purposes. That isnt bizarre either. He might have it surgically removed at some point in his life, simply to have a better quality of life.
    MOST humans worldwide would rather raise their own genetic child, but not everyone wants, and, or, can afford a surrogate.
    It is of their & or their possible partners concern, what they do with their bodies. Be they pre-HRT, pre-Surgery, Post surgery, Post Hormones, or still working on it. He’s still MALE.
    You sleep with or not, with whom ever you feel comfortable with, & versa. In all involved party directions.
    Some transgendered men tape off their vaginas & only have anal penetrative sex, and have never used their vaginas in their life.
    A transgendered GAY male that tapes off his vagina, isnt even the issue with apps like grindr. One of the problems with grindr ive seen most are MTF, transgender women trying to hook up with men on grindr. Sure she might still or always keep her penis. But its for MEN. Men meeting men for whatever they want to get up to.
    Region populous also plays a role in this. A region with a larger population of transgendered men & or women, will have more transgendered persons using apps like grindr for hookups. Not everyone on grindr is honest, not everyone on grindr cares about seeing you again, not everyone on grindr is transphobic either.
    No matter where or what they are doing trangendered/brain gendered persons are equally & less at the same time, treated with lack of care of their identities as “intersex persons, natal born A gendered (intersex spectrum) persons, & hermaphrodites.
    They all are treated the same. Regardless of what lifestlye they live.
    Treated like cattle, even though they are equally as likely of being born as any chromosonal XX, or XY human.
    I dont think it transphobic for a XY chromosone male to only want to sleep with other XY chromosone men. Or an XY chromosone male to only want to sleep with a transgendered male if he is post-op, doesnt use his vagina, or if he was born with an ambigus vagina & has undergone HRT and has a neophallus…
    It all comes down to population percentile, human prefurance, & population acceptance.
    Some bi-sexual men like finding transgendered men on apps like grindr. Its like playing bingo & you won big. I know a couple that is a bi-sexual XY chromosone twink, & a pansexual XX chromosone male with a puppy build. This couple doesnt have vaginal intercourse. They f*** like natal men. They argue like magpies, and they had a child together so they would have a child that was in its entirety, theirs. This couple cruised each other on grindr.
    Big dick or small dick… trans “dick” is still dick. Ideally men on grindr are looking for dick pics & or dick they can touch… so what. To each his own. Its not transphobic to not want transmale vagina. Just be honest, do you or do you not currently have a vagina? If you are hooking up… you should probably tell them if you have a vagina and if you plan on using it. And if you are planning on using it… you shouldnt be trying to use grindr at all.
    I think its great that post-op braingendered gay men use grindr, or partialally transitioned& DONT use vaginas transgendered men, use grindr.
    Most guys on grindr arent looking to touch a vagina during sex, its well… made for those who have dicks or are currently developing a usable dick… and are prefurably gay and for sure currently looking for another men with dicks or ass.
    What is the point of trans vagina memes anyway? If a transgendered person makes a meme for their own entertainment that is one thing. I have seen that. However only transgendered people should be using those memes for entertainment purposes. To make fun of them is transphobic.
    These people have lives they are trying to cope in and make sense of themselves. If this is an ill intended shitpost, at least this will educate you more than you might have been up to this point in your life.
    Stay educated and have a nice day.

    1. That read so much like a drunken rant, especially with all the “creative” spelling. We could make a drinking game out of “chromosonally” alone!

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