Lesbians Are WOMEN !

Some of us have been murmuring for some time about how skewed the priorities of some organizations claiming to represent LESBIAN WOMEN have become. Dirt posted an excellent piece today on one such organization, and this is my response.

Is THAT a picture of a lesbian?
THAT is a picture of a mass murderer. His name is Richard Speck. He murdered eight nurses. In prison he claimed he had turned transgender and was “actually” a female. He wanted a “sex change”.
How high on a list of LESBIAN Priorities should Richard Speck’s desire for a taxpayer funded sex change be? How important is it to YOU, as a LESBIAN, that this mass murderer gets a free sex change? Would you donate funds to help him do so? Would you want a major LESBIAN organization to make his desires a PRIORITY? Would you want an organization to do so while claiming to represent LESBIANS?
Well the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) has made it a priority. A LESBIAN priority that criminals like Speck have a CIVIL RIGHT to taxpayer funded gender reassignment, even if they have NEVER expressed a transgender urge prior to their incarceration. And this is a priority for a Lesbian WOMEN’s organization WHY exactly? What ARE the priorities of the National Center for Lesbian Rights?
Here is a list of all active pending cases on the NCLR case docket posted on their website, as I understand them:
-an amicus brief submitted in a lesbian case challenging Florida’s ban on adoption by lesbians and gays. (The case was represented by pro-bono attorneys, not NCLR, so here the NCLR submitted a brief in a case relating to an actual lesbian, not a case they represented however.)
-Lawsuit filed to force prisons to provide incarcerated trans criminals taxpayer funded hormones and surgery. Free sex changes for incarcerated transgender people who “come out” after incarceration. As wards of the state, convicted criminals should be entitled to taxpayer funded hormones and surgeries that are not provided for law abiding citizens.
-Lawsuit filed claiming heterosexuals are being discriminated against, by being excluded from gay men’s softball leagues. Seriously. This is who the NCLR is representing. Can’t make this shit up.
-amicus brief filed in case of Egyptian gay man seeking asylum from anti-gay mistreatment in a country where gay men can be arrested for homosexuality.
-asylum case for Mexican transgender identified person who received alleged harassment because of claiming to be a sex incongruent with that on birth certificate.
-asylum case for gay Pakistani male.
-amicus brief filed in case of Pakistani hetero male who alleges he was detained by the FBI due to religious profiling of muslims in terrorism investigations.
-assisting a pro bono attorney who is representing an asylum case for Bosnian lesbian.
-lawsuit against Cherokee Nation representing lesbian married couple.
-asylum for another Mexican transgender person.
That’s it. As I understand it those are the open pending cases represented by the NCLR.
Well what else do they do?
NCLR Sports Project issued a report in 2010 warning that women’s sports teams discriminate against males and that failure to permit males to compete against females in female sports may result in “costly litigation”. The NCLR press report was issued in October when a 57 year-old male who beat out all the female competitors (average age 30) to win the women’s world championship for long-drive golf sued the LPGA for his “right” to compete against women. The NCLR supported this action and does so by misrepresenting themselves as being a lesbian WOMEN organization. The NCLR appears to believe that women’s sports leagues infringe on the CIVIL RIGHTS of males. The 57 year-old male may be the first competitor in history to embark on a new professional sports career at such an advanced age.
It’s hard to IMAGINE that a lesbian rights organization would make the rights of males to play women’s sports their highest priority, much less the “rights” of male criminals to receive taxpayer funded sex changes, or the “rights” of heterosexuals to play on gay softball leagues, but this is what the NCLR is concerned with. Only three of the ten active pending lawsuits listed on the NCLR website concern lesbians, and two of them are not actually being represented by the NCLR. So, one out of ten.  Three transgender cases (two male one female), two gay male, two hetero male.
It’s time for the National Center for “Lesbian” Rights to change their name to better reflect their priorities. “National Center for MALE Rights”?  “National Center for Queer Rights” perhaps?
After all, the ex-lesbian legal director of NCLR  has stated “…there is a community of lesbians and transmen who are just kind of merging into one social group…”. NCLR seems to believe that the concerns and priorities of lesbians (who are women) are indistinct from the concerns and priorities of men (the legal director considers herself a man, so that may explain her male-centrism and misogyny). Like many transgender persons the legal director seems to believe that all discrimination against gays and lesbians is due to their perceived gender-nonconformity, and therefore the concerns of the LGB can be subsumed, borg-like, by the transgender political movement. What such a philosophy fails to take into account is that……wait for it…..Lesbians are WOMEN. Fancy that! Political objectives and legal priorities for WOMEN are entirely different- and often at odds with- those of MEN. Go figure! Who’d a thunk it???
So if anyone wrote out a year-end donation to the NCLR- quick put a stop payment on it. Don’t support an organization that colonizes lesbians and takes our money and works for the “rights” of Richard Speck, and straight men, and males who want to start professional sports careers at the age of 57 in women’s leagues.
And don’t buy the women’s underwear that NCLR sells to raise funds.
And tell ALLLLL your friends and neighbors how the NCLR does NOT represent your LESBIAN interests.

30 thoughts on “Lesbians Are WOMEN !

  1. Thank you so much for this!
    I knew they preferred men over Lesbians when a Separatist friend of mine just got her law degree and tried to get a job with NCLR. They chose a female impersonator for the job over her, saying she was “too Separatist.” She would have given them her heart and blood, but she wasn’t good enough, only being a Lesbian.
    I also hate them for their events that are only for the rich. They have dances and other “benefits,” that are phenomenally expensive, like $90 for dinner and dance, which leads to this community becoming even more segregated based on class, race, disability, and age. There are so many poor Lesbians in this area. It’s really cruel that there is no sliding scale — no attempt at all to make their events for all Lesbians. It’s all about the money.

  2. Well, that says it all, the scumbags. They also have an FTM as one of their main people. If only we had the money to start a National Center for Real Lesbians’ Rights. But it’s all about money — who they wine and dine, who will donate and keep those high in the hierarchy’s cushy jobs going. I wonder how much they make a year?
    So of course having a female impersonator and FTM working for them gives a lot more status than a Never-het Separatist with a heart of gold. I’m serious — Elizabeth is at the top of my list who I want for medical power of attorney to make life and death decisions for me. She’s the darling who paid for my birthday party, and has given money for years to class-oppressed Lesbians. Sorry to go on, but they make me so mad.

    1. 4.5 million in 2009 – fundraising done in the name of representing lesbians.
      3.6 million budget in 2010- 84% of which goes to the legal program and services. Guess the rest goes to administrative costs, fundraising? Not sure what they pay for “lesbian studies” that “show” that women’s sports programs will face expensive legal challenges (from THEM presumably) for excluding MEN. Funds down one quarter in the last year, that’s significant.
      The economy? Maybe. Are funds at all LGBT legal organizations down one quarter across the board since last year? I doubt it. Maybe lesbians just don’t like what their money is funding at NCLR these days.

  3. These aren’t lesbians, they are white male identified women and men acting in the interest of preserving an expedient, exploitative, hierarchal system.
    Fucking disgusting.

    1. What’s grossly unethical is that they are doing these things in the NAME of LESBIANS and in the GUISE of representing lesbian interests. They are exploiting lesbians. 🙁

      1. Agreed. The Queer agenda is deliberately fagociating opposition in the name of progress. Everyone who is being unwillingly merged into the LGBT borg machine should fight back, starting from this scum of an organization. “Lesbian” rights is so deceptive. “Queer” rights is what it really is and while I’m in favor of human rights for everyone LESBIAN issued are different from QUEER issues and invisibilized by them lately.
        I guess that in this case being a straight woman has its perks. I don’t get into the LGBT borg because I’m breeder scum to the mighty Queers 🙂

      2. Dream On, Blue! You’re femininity-nonperforming hetero, right? So your really trans! Not an actual female! Didn’t ya know? The Borg is coming for you too, lol.

      3. I’ve been part of the Borg for a long time but then fought back. Looks like that thing is not interested in me anymore…oh wait, now they are redefining “trans” to mean anything but Barbie and Big Jim! Pippi is so transgender you know!

  4. Richard Speck doesn’t need a sex change; he needs a bullet in the back of his head and an unmarked grave, Chinese/Russian style. I do not feel a shred of mercy for that piece of trash or any sick fucks like him. Not sure what he hopes to accomplish by transitioning in jail, but they should certainly continue to keep him in male jailing the whole way through, even post-op. I would say he has more than earned that.

    1. Richard Speck doesn’t need a sex change; he needs a bullet in the back of his head and an unmarked grave, Chinese/Russian style. I do not feel a shred of mercy for that piece of trash or any sick fucks like him.

      Well at least I agree with you on that Hexy.

  5. Here’s a project those assholes worked long and hard on:
    Groundbreaking Report Urges High School and College Athletics to Establish Standard, National Policies for Transgender Student Athletes
    You know, because it’s now perfectly safe for dykes to be out and proud college or pro athletes and coaches, we can now turn our attention to all those poor, poor men who were being left off women’s sports teams.
    This made me so f-ing mad I felt like Hothead Paisan.
    Actually, make that present tense.

    1. It always falls in the laps of women, doesn’t it? Whatever anyone’s problem is, it always comes at a cost to women. Need to help a straight man? Use the lesbian women’s group. Want to be a male who “feels like a woman inside”? Do away with women’s sports so men can feel self-actualized and so men’s choices are optimized. Criminal who wants a sex change? Let’s use lesbian money. Lesbians are living free worldwide, free from forced child marriages, genital mutilation, persecution, and murder. Like all women are. Women are free, free, free It’s time to take care of the MENZ! Right? No cases to represent in the world of lesbians and women. They’re doin’ JUST FINE.

    2. And this at a time when Title IX is increasingly under attack. (For those outside the US, Title IX mandates equal finding for men’s and women’s sports, or boys’ and girls’, in public schools. Some folks are crying blue murder because this has meant that some of the less popular men’s/boys’ sports have been cut. “Bbbbbbbut most girls don’t even WANT to play basketball, but we have still to get rid of water polo so the girls can have a team! It’s not fair! Boys are being victimized yet again by EVIL FEMINISTS WHO JUST WANT TO CUT OFF THEIR BALLS!!!!!”) So, uh, great, we have the NCLR making sure MTFs can join women’s sports teams. Way to go. I feel empowered.

  6. I assume you’re referring to Vanessa Adams. I don’t approve of footing the bill for SRS, but cheap hormones are fine to keep someone from mutilating their genitalia in prison. Not that the NCLR should have anything to do with that, mind you. Figured you should know that the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders is also participating.

  7. I wish more Lesbians would know about NCLR, but no one I ever talk with knows, or seems to care. I’m so glad you’re getting this info out.

  8. From a human perspective, Speck’s crimes are unthinkable and unspeakable, but from a radical feminist perspective, we have to be realistic and see that he’s just one of boys in our women-hating world. Thanks for bringing him up here, gallusmag.
    Speck was as depraved and evil as one could possibly imagine. Everything he did and said screamed psychopathology. The things he did speak to a level of hatred of women that knew no bounds. And if that wasn’t horrifying enough to everyone familiar with what happened, he then let everyone know that he wanted to become a woman. He was arrogant and cocksure; he barely tried to hide anything he did or believed.
    It makes me wonder how much of this type of thinking and behavior – in all its forms – has actually been fully studied and how much has been ignored because it’s on the continuum of how men hate women, yet want to possess and control them in one form or another. Speck was at the extreme end of that continuum, but patriarchal society acts as if it’s an anomaly to hate women, yet have some form of sick fascination and obsession with them, when it’s not unusual as all.

    1. Speaking about his behavior being on a “natural” continuum of how men hate women: Speck was chromosomally tested after his arrest in the belief that he might be an example of an XYY male- which was believed to mean an extra manly, extra aggressive male prone to “natural” male violence through no fault of his own. He was NOT XYY but it was widely reported (including the NYTimes) that he was and he was used an example of this theory of chromosomally based “SuperMale” natural criminality. Unbelievable.
      Yes he is an extreme example of an incarcerated male claiming transsexuality (presumably to be more marketable as a “prison bitch” to use the vernacular) but it’s not uncommon. I had someone message me that “Richard Speck is not being represented personally by the NCLR!” Duh. No shit. He’s an example of who would be given gender reassignment if the NCLR case succeeds. Once you claim that gender reassignment is medically necessary, you aren’t going to decide who qualifies for treatment based on their criminal acts, right? It would be cruel and unusual punishment to refuse treatment for cancer based on one’s criminal history, right? So it doesn’t matter if you’re incarcerated for raping and torture-killing 8 nurses or for stealing a car- you’ll get that taxpayer funded sex change whenever you feel like claiming “womanhood” during your stay in prison.
      But the real point is, WHY is this a WOMEN’s issue? Why is this a PRIORITY for a LESBIAN organization? Do lesbians who support NCLR KNOW that THIS is what they are supporting? Do they KNOW that the legal director of the LESBIAN rights center is “MALE”? Do they know that MOST of the cases represented are MALE?
      Let’s just admit that we don’t actually HAVE a “National Center for Lesbian Rights”. If lesbians realize we don’t actually HAVE such a center, perhaps some lesbian attorneys (like the one Bev mentioned) can START an ACTUAL Lesbian Rights advocacy group.

    2. It makes me wonder how much of this type of thinking and behavior – in all its forms – has actually been fully studied and how much has been ignored because it’s on the continuum of how men hate women, yet want to possess and control them in one form or another. Speck was at the extreme end of that continuum, but patriarchal society acts as if it’s an anomaly to hate women, yet have some form of sick fascination and obsession with them, when it’s not unusual as all.

      As someone who used to be pretty obsessed with serial killers, I’d say males unwillingness to admit they hate womyn and girls far and wide has a lot to do with it. I used to want to try and understand the psychology, now I see it for what it is, misogyny, acted out way I bet most men wish they could.

  9. Richard Speck! I am speechless, how did they get away with this for so long? Must be most of that 4 million plus budget is coming from non-lesbians, and they wanted the big bucks and wine and cheese fundraisers, so they sold out lesbians to do it. This is the biggest outrage I’ve ever read, and I thought I had seen and read it all!

    1. Yep. He actually decided in prison that he “was a woman” and wanted a sex change. The NCLR has made it a priority for men like Speck to be treated to taxpayer funded “medically necessary” sex-change hormones and surgeries. (Speck himself is thankfully dead now, btw. He’s just the best example I could think of who decided he was transgender after imprisonment.

  10. Befitting the topic, I should mention that castrations are cheap and easy. If they mandate anything, I think it’s safe and effective to castrate people. It would also serve to prevent them from getting into the women’s side of the prison, while they are in prison.

  11. Both my partner and I in our respective fields as Butch Lesbians approached NCLR at separate times in our careers about discrimination we were facing on the job and in our careers. We both had documented what had gone on and both of us were refused any help whatsoever.
    A Bay Area organization I would recommend is Equal Rights Advocates especially if you’re a female in the Trades…they have represented women I know including Lesbian women.
    Though her choice of career was different than mine she still experienced a lot of discrimination as an out and obvious Butch Lesbian..and this in a mostly all female environment. NCLR did NOTHING for her either..After that neither of us had use for the organization except in the marriage equality b struggle which we both participated in.
    They ONLY take the most popular class action lawsuits but like you’ve mentioned they are far more obsessed with trans rather than Lesbian issues. I was highly disappointed when they subsumed the Trans gender Law Center under their umbrella and Shannon Minter along with it…

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