NHS determines Breast Implants are "medically necessary": But Only for Men.

This story http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1343025/Transsexual-refused-8-000-breasts-NHS-AFTER-60-000-gender-swap-surgery-wins-court-battle.html is hard to believe. A man who wanted breast implants received over $15,000. in free legal aid to force his shared primary care trust provider to divert $12,000. from cancer patients to pay for his breast augmentation. And he WON. He will now get the larger fake breasts he wanted, paid for by taxpayers. “‘Now I can get on with the rest of my life and stop spending days thinking about killing myself” said the unemployed man, “… friends have said I’m a lot happier and more relaxed.’

17 thoughts on “NHS determines Breast Implants are "medically necessary": But Only for Men.

  1. Thank you for this info, GallusMag! More evidence of how selfish and narcissistic female impersonators/castrated men are. I so much want to finish my article, but am still caught up in other horrors. Very close though, and this is great info to add. I never want to try to reach them since it just gives them more info to use to con women, but I know that many of their supporters just need the truth to realize they are being used by misogynists.

  2. LOL now he wants financial compensation for the “inhumane and insensitive treatment” of having to fight (with free legal representation) for his “right” to have breast implants paid for by the NHS. He wants to syphon even more funds away from people suffering from cancer. Un-frakking-believable.

  3. “Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which there is an inflated sense of self-importance and an extreme preoccupation with one’s self. A person with narcissistic personality disorder:
    – Has unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
    – Disregards the feelings of others, lacks empathy
    – Has obsessive self-interest
    – Pursues mainly selfish goals”
    And probably will do or say anything (“thinking about killing myself”) to convince other people that they must be obeyed in all things. We know they exist; the surprise is that their core mental illness is overlooked by people in legal circles who are falling all over themselves to help these people pursue their selfish and wholly bizarre goals.

  4. because “being happy and relaxed” is a RIGHT!! you know, as long as you are a MAN. pfft. this is what “human rights” has been reduced to now, and all men, including MRAs, transwomen, and sex-pozzies all agree. which is not a coincidence.
    thanks, penis-people.

    1. I’m am upset about the comments here. A lot of transexuals/transwomen ie myself are out of work because they are discriminated by many people in society. If I could afford to pay for the surgery I would. I myself am currently unemployed. I would be more than willing to do voluntary work in return. Perhaps the NHS could offer something like that. Then I would not accused of taking the tax players money.

      1. Collins, you’re not hired because you very probably look ridiculous and pathetic, and employers don’t want you creeping out their customers/clients. Go cry “discrimination” somewhere else. We see right through your bullshit here. And way to totally miss the point of this post, too. It’s all about you, baby, it’s all about you, isn’t it?

      2. Did you listen to the two songs?! I just want to say, if anyone out there needs a good laugh, an “oh my god I am laughing so hard” guffaw, you simply MUST listen to Mr. Collin’s wares.
        “I never leave the one bedroom flat I love my computer it makes leaving the house unnecessary but I am so lonely” LMAO
        OMG this dood is a fracking genius.
        “I like my casio I like to stay alone thinking about having boobies”
        Seriously, if I was writing satire it would not be as funny (plus it would seem overdrawn).

      3. I had not listened to the two “songs.”
        Then, following your suggestion, I tried listening to the two “songs.”
        I hate you now. 😉
        On a sadder note, before I came here and tried listening to this “song” with him whining about living alone in his one-bedroom flat, I read an article about the rising number of homeless students in my city’s schools. So many are in homeless shelters, or having to hop around from place to place each week for a roof over their heads. One mother who’d lost her job had herself and her four kids sleeping in her parents’ living room in the parents’ apartment. And then I come here and listen to this guy whining about how he’s unemployed and his one-bedrooooooom flaaaaaat.
        You gotta steady roof over your head, buddy, and some elbow room to boot, despite the fact that your own fetish makes you unemployable. STFU already.

      4. Sorry! haha
        “I love my computer I do not like to leave the house I like to think about having laydee breasts and look at myself in the mirror when dressed enfemme it’s all psychological I have an apartment all to myself but only a one bedroom flat because I like to stay by myself instead of paying child support for my kids” LOLOLOLOLOL

  5. But luckily you find this shit to show us and we link to it so that women previously conned to betray women on behalf of such female-hating men will finally realize. This was a brilliant and such an important post.
    We just keep spreading the word: men are not and can never be women. For those who don’t believe it, just read them in their own words in the archives here.
    The connection is so obvious. Surgery can never make men even begin to have bodies like women’s. Silicon is not a woman’s body part. And the minds and spirits are even further away. This is as real as men becoming women gets: nothing female about them.

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