FTM Female Body Parts=Not disposable

To the FTM woman who said : “Last time I checked, I couldn’t pick anything up with my breasts or walk down the street on my uterus. I’m perfectly fine without them. If you all want to hold on to those parts because you are female, then you should probably start having babies and breastfeeding because that’s what those parts are for.”
Your fantasy that women’s breasts ovaries etc. are purposeless beyond childbirth is a symptom of your self-hatred.
Women’s breasts are part of their lymphatic system, essential for cleansing the blood. And According to the Mayo Clinic, 20 to 60 percent of women will experience chronic pain after a mastectomy–a condition known as Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome (PMPS). Symptoms of this condition include pain in the chest wall, pain or itching in the shoulder or armpit, pain around the surgical scar and tingling down the arm.
Ovaries are part of the endocrine system which regulates hormones. Risk of cardiovascular disease following oophorectomy increases by 700%. Oophorectomy before the age of 45 is associated with a fivefold mortality from neurologic and mental disorders. Urinary incontinence frequently occurs as a byproduct of hysterectomy. If the vagina is retained, vaginal prolapse may occur from the removal of supporting structures, and normal lubrication is impaired. There is an increased risk of kidney cancer.
Your natural hormone balance is impaired. Males produce estrogen and progesterone as well as testosterone. Removal of estrogen and progesterone causes premature aging, as these are anti-aging hormones. This is also why FTMs experience male pattern baldness much more rapidly than men: not enough estrogen. Lack of estrogen causes levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine, acetylcholine, norepinephrine, GABA and serotonin to decrease. Estrogen stimulates the release of growth hormone and may help prevent Alzheimer’s although research is preliminary on that point. Progesterone is a precursor to other adrenal hormones and promotes lipolysis (fat breakdown). It normalizes levels of blood sugar, zinc, and copper.
And this is only what we know at this point in time. New hormones and hormone byproducts are being identified all the time. Over 50 recognized at this time, and many precurse, stimulate, or inhibit others in a complex feedback system.
Not to mention that hormone injections cause peaks and drops in hormone levels and feedback networks unlike anything naturally experienced.
So those useless organs that you think females have are actually beautiful, elegantly designed, complex and important.

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    1. Yes I left this as a comment somewhere weeks ago but thought it deserved reposting on my new blog since this self-hating attitude is so common among the young trans-trender girls. Let’s get the truth out there!

  1. We are in agreement on this one.
    While I personally believe that being a female-to-male transsexual is one of the worst things that can be done to the female body, it does not behoove me to tell them what to do with their own bodies either.

    1. Anorexia is another terrible thing girls of this age do to their bodies. Of course their isn’t a whole medical industry built up to support the dysphoric body ideals of anorexics. Do you consider treating young people with anorexia “telling them what to do with their bodies” ?

      1. Well that is certainly the crux of this whole issue, isn’t it? If a woman is doing something that she wants to do to her body, where should the lines be drawn at self-determination? Is it really right for a patriarchal society to enforce treatment on a woman, no matter how unhealthy her choices may be? (Especially given that such a thing can be and has been abused in the past.) Why do so many tend to care about the effects, and not the cause? If stick figure women were not hyped by society as beautiful, anorexia would practically cease to exist… and yet even women continue to participate in perpetuating that stereotype.

      2. Hexy,
        You do realise of course that giving thin girls and womyn shit is misogynist too? Thin womyn and girls are not ‘stick figures’ – they are human beings too and honestly, that is just as cruel and misogynist as calling women and girls ‘fat cows’.
        Anorexia has also had reported cases in the 19th century, so this thin modern ideal shit doesn’t fly with me.

  2. Excellent fact-based, well-stated argument gallusmag. It’s the male medical establishment that thinks women’s internal organs are expendable.
    Years ago my partner at the time was told that it would be no big deal to have a hysterectomy (to get rid of fibroids), she could just take hormones – if she wasn’t getting pregnant there was no need for her ovaries either! I raised holy hell with the doctor (in as respectful a way as possible, but I was livid) and pressed and pressed to get him to admit that there was no research to speak of on the long-term consequences of hysterectomies. For centuries they’ve merely shrugged and said, who cares? It’s just women’s bodies!
    And this is the establishment that would-be FtM’s have put their bodies in the care of. It’s beyond chilling.

    1. Thanks Noanadyne! The male medical and psychiatric machine really has no oversight except from the bean counters. For decades millions of women underwent completely unnecessary hysterectomies for the sole reason that they were profitable for surgeons. The only thing that stopped (or slowed) this practice was the actions of the insurance providers who were paying for them. The insurance industry started to demand a second physician opinion for hysterectomies before authorizing payment. This largely slowed the widespread unneeded hysterectomy cash cow. The only reason the trans trend is still such an unabated money maker for surgeons is that the only form of oversight-the insurance industry- is largely uninvolved. The AMA and APA have tried to float this profitable business as “medically necessary” but the insurance industry just ‘aint buying. Some insurance does cover hormones, but only because hormones are totally dirt cheap. If trans activists actually fought for oversight and standards of care, and demanded that drug companies develop balanced hormone replacement pharmaceuticals (that contained a proper mix of estrogen progesterone testosterone, sustained release, and taken dermally or by mouth thus reducing injection complications) the increased cost of such drugs would shut down any insurance coverage of such drugs. Surgical standards of care will never be adopted since procedures are largely not covered by insurers. So caveat emptor folks!

      1. You’re so right, gallusmag – the insurance industry is absolutely a major linchpin in the medical complex (that of course includes psychiatry and big pharma). It’s easy to see that, what gets regulated in the U.S. is what insurance companies want to be regulated because it will help them one way or another (with the bottom line always to shield them in the greatest possible way from having to pay out).
        Insurance companies have no doubt looked at the situation with trans medical procedures very closely and are staying far away from that mess. There is every reason to believe that there will be huge lawsuits in the coming years from well-heeled trans people who are damaged forever from one procedure or another. And there will be class action suits as well.
        When the king of trans surgery in the U.S. (Biber) retired, he said he was doing so because his malpractice premiums had gotten too high. He turned his practice over to one of his former patients, who has since been fighting with the hospital in their little town in so. Colo. If this were a cash cow with no downsides, the hospital would have been only too happy to continue making tons of money on that practice. Instead, the head of the hospital basically said good riddance, when the good doctor left for more lucrative practice elsewhere.
        We haven’t conquered the underlying reasons for anorexia and we won’t be able to do it for the body hatred that FtM’s experience. But the surgeries and hormone-dosing is making a whole bunch of professionals very vulnerable to legal action and that may finally be the end of this horribly vicious form of women-hating.

      2. Couldn’t agree more with every word you said Noan. Totally agree with the future class-action suits. It seems like SRS/GRS procedures in general are falling out of favor not only with health care providers but with transsexuals themselves, at least in the “Western” world. Places like England and Canada that for a time covered SRS under medicare/public health are beginning to back away from the “medically necessary” paradigm.
        And Trinidad Colorado the “sex change capital of the world” has booted out Dr.Biber’s predecessor (and former client) Marci Bowers who has now joined forces with the pre-emminent FFS surgeon in the Bay area, localizing and consolidating the U.S. MTF gender surgery niche market. http://www.denverpost.com/newsheadlines/ci_16843484
        (I’m sure you know this stuff I’m providing links for others to follow up if they want).
        Some of Bower’s clients have [allegedly- my lawyer told me to put that, lol] had absolutely heartbreaking and horrific “complications” from the procedure which turns penile material into a fuck-hole that somewhat resembles a females genitals externally. Far beyond the typical chronic UTIs and odor/infections of a the never healing surgical wound.
        Presumably Bowers, Garramone, et al are socking dineros away for a nice retirement run for the border when the shit hits the fan.

      3. “If this were a cash cow with no downsides, the hospital would have been only too happy to continue making tons of money ”
        If I remember correctly she only brought in 5% of hospital revenue in a tiny tiny (23 bed?) hospital. They brought in a gynecologist to replace her.

  3. I’m FtM and I respect everyones views and think that everyone should have their own opinion.
    But if you think that standing up for womens rights via opression is the right way to go about it then its a bit hypocritic. Everyone should have the right to live their life in a manner that they deem correct for themselves, if it were damaging like anorexia then the institutions around the world would be filled with trans people and there wouldnt be treatment.
    Hormones arnt dirt cheap, surgeries arn’t cheap. But in the end I will be able to live a life where I am happy and I will be alive.
    But the other option is just another one of the females you love and defend, but she would be dead and in the ground.
    The world should be about understanding and acceptance, but if thats not possible then we should just stop spreading propergander and hate.

    1. Feminism isn’t oppressing you.
      You think living life as a proud female is cause for suicide, and I’m sorry for you. You will always be female, just not a proud female. I hope other young women and girls don’t follow your tragic example, your trans propaganda, and your self-hate.

      1. Well, look what I stumbled across… You, dear poster, do not have the right to tell anyone they would ‘always be female’ or the like. You do not have the right to put yourself above them, as though you were superior to anyone due to the knowledge you may be in possession of.
        Surely, it is a fact and absolutely true that a transition is not the healthiest and most natural process and that it seems some people merely want to make money out of other people’s problems.
        However, it appears to me that everyone who does not harm other people and does not bear any intentions on doing so should be given the opportunity to live as what they feel the happiest as, no matter WHAT that is, even if it’s a life as a stool or a plastic bottle. And if someone expects to live an unhealthy, perhaps significantly shorter, yet satisfying and THEREFORE productive life, you CAN NOT forbid them to live it that way, otherwise you would not be worth being allowed to keep and follow your own convictions and plans, either by breaking one of the most essential human rights ever.
        Go on and be feminist as much as you wish, we all appreciate the insight you provided above concerning the topic of female anatomy and how an intact organism works (though our lymphatic system only aids to clean our blood, our liver and kidneys do much more when it comes to that) but don’t bash on others.

      2. jonathanan, what a lovely explanation of the beginner’s understanding of human rights: everything you want to do is fine as long as you’re not “hurting” anyone. Perhaps when you grow up a bit you’ll realize how shallow and insipid that idea is. Until then, do consider from time to time that there are people who know far, far more about how the world works and that if you spend some time reading and thinking, rather than displaying your ignorance for all to see, you might be further along in your understanding some day.
        Or stay shallow and ignorant, that’s an option too.

        1. Seeing that you’re apparently more experienced than I may be at my age, I suppose you’ll gladly explain to me why allowing individuals to choose their own fate and lifestyle would be a sign of shallowness and lack of profound thinking.
          Manipulating people into believing they felt alright or forcing them to suppress their feelings would be another solution, surely it would be, and perhaps that’d be an option one could consider acceptable in terms of preserving their physical health AND ending an industry that’s been thriving on these person’s suffering. Ignoring or denying their existance would be a solution, too, or you could attempt to gradually change and direct society towards a point where gender would no longer matter – Or you could let these people have their hormones and surgeries and accept it as a fact that the human race has been on this planet for far too long and has already crossed the line on the other side of which there is no going back. We’ve become a suicidal species, a parasitic one, and considering that we’ve already reached the 7 billion mark… Why not let people kill themselves one or another way? Joking apart – Some medical services, just like public ones, are just superfluous.
          Back to what I was initially intending to ask, though, before another association ruins what little of a concept I might have had before having started to write: How exactly is it shallow not to limit others by setting up rules about what was to be seen as right and what not, what was appropriate and what wasn’t if you don’t have such rules for yourself, either? Or do you have these? /Do/ you limit yourself and your intellectual capacities by trying to fit in one of these schemes? Explain to me what exactly is shallow about the concept of giving people the opportunity to evolve as a personality (even if you’re aware you’re going to intervene or interfere anyway at some point)?
          (PS: Actually, I don’t care whether or not they harm anyone, my opinion’s not worth more than anyone else’s and if someone decides to kill me for it, it wouldn’t be a big loss. We should stop perceiving the ideological construct we call our “world” as indispensable. I don’t need to know so much more of the world to see it is ‘rotten’ and ‘wrong’ and all the other negatively connoted adjectives and see the necessity of seeking and finding a comforting philosophy and of exploring the reasons beyond that wrongness.)

      3. Your philosophy that: Life is cheap and who cares about anything- adds nothing to this conversation. If you feel that way then why bother commenting. That was rhetorical. Unless further comments from you have something to add to the conversation your nihilism will not be published.

      4. Also, Noan is right- your comments reveal that you have never thought about or researched any of the topics covered in this post and comment thread which you have “stumbled across”.

    2. Just to address a few of your points, Jarv:
      It took decades for the medical establishment to finally get around to reacting to anorexia, for all the reasons that this post and comments are covering. It could be decades before it is forced to admit that dosing people indiscriminately with hormones and butchering their bodies wasn’t such a great idea afterall. In the meantime, there are a whole bunch of very naive young people signing up for this experiment.
      But we don’t have to wait decades to know something is very wrong. We already hear stories from trans people who have found that they are no happier playing the opposite gender. They are still who they are and they are still living under the oppression of the patriarchy.
      Women are dead and in the ground because people keep telling us and showing us that we have very little value as human beings. People who transition to being men, instead of being the unique women that they are, are giving that exact same message to women: you’re not good enough the way you are, so you must take drugs for the rest of your life and butcher your body.
      And your choice is not just affecting you, it’s sending a hateful message to a whole lot of other women.

      1. Brilliant summary Noan.
        (just going through your back catalogue GM)
        This post and the thread are brilliant. I have put it in my Essential Reading list.

      2. Noanodyne, you are right about naive young people signing up for this, but wrong about it being an experiment. In the late 90s an FTM I knew tried to joke ruefully with the doctor about being part of such an experiment and the doctor himself corrected this idea thusly: “If it were an experiment, we’d be keeping data.” They don’t care enough to do even that much. There’s no long-term follow up. There are no studies. I don’t know what to call it but an experiment would be a much more careful endeavor than this. (Reading through the backlog here, so this response is quite delayed; sadly, still relevant.)

      3. Noanodyne,
        I’d like to point out to you that Ftms are not the only form of transgender individuals. There are also Mtfs. Mtf stands for male to female. My question to you is why would a ” man ” want to transition to be a woman if there is a message being spread by society that women are not good enough. Transgender people don’t transition to the opposite gender for any reason other than that it’s who they are. I know that what I’m saying probably won’t change your opinion, but to any transgender person that has happened to stumble upon this webpage, know that all that matters is your happiness. Know that for every one person who doesn’t care or understand and hates on you for who you are, there are thousands who will love you for you and just want you to be happy. I normally wouldn’t reply to things like this, but when I see somebody bashing a group of people who are so brave and courageous for doing what makes them happy I have to say something. Just know that every human being is amazing and the only persons opinion you should ever let effect you is your own.

      4. Kym/Christopher- you are really embarrassing yourself here. It’s funny how you’re all “gender” “gender” “gender” but you’ve actually never been interested enough to delve into what gender actually is.
        Since you are a young woman still in middle school, I am going to go easy on you here.
        Rather than embarrass yourself speaking about matters you know nothing about (gender), and posting braindead thoughtless blather at feminists, I challenge you to do an investigation into the nature of the “gender” you claim to adore.
        When you are done, if you want to try commenting again I will give you another try. Best of luck to you in your studies. Good day.

    3. I concur on the fact that thinking that transsexuality is somehow exempt from critical analysis is wrong. This is a condition whose prescribed “cure” is lifelong hormone injections and castrating surgeries. But apparently telling some confused naive young people they might not be trans, not even saying they aren’t, is a crime to the eyes of the trans police. Shame on that, it’s no wonder the suicide rate is so high

      1. Right? People discuss treatments of other disorders, discuss other social trends, discuss sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, culture, etc. But discussing transsexuality is a “hate crime”. No one here has ever (or will ever) stated anything hateful. We all agree that all humans should be free from discrimination and harassment and male violence. But injecting any critical analysis is “hateful”. Like a religion or cult I guess. Blue you made such an excellent point on your blog about the idea of suicide in relation to people not occupying their body ideal, particularly the contrast between actual disabled people and those with GID dysphoria. It really underlined how the psychological distress is what needs treatment and also made the point about the incredible able-ism of much of transgender politics.
        *Blue I tried to wish you happy holidays on your blog but it wouldn’t accept my wordpress id for some reason. So happy belated holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I agree, Gallusmag. There’s so much cult potential in trans “support” sites, in my opinion at the present moment they are nothing more than trans *cult* sites. Telling someone, for example, they might not be trans is a mortal crime, even if the teenager in question is the yaoi j-rocker loving type who wants to look like a bishie. The mods have set the perfect recipe for disaster. (I talked about this issue in my more recent posts).
        Happy holidays to you too, Gallusmag!
        I saw who the real Gallus Mag was, and was she badass!

  4. I’m interested in hearing your perspective on male-to-female transsexuals. Their transition removes them from the dominant, ruling sex (the one we are trained to think is perfect/ideal) into the oppressed minority. Still they share the common experience of dysphoria/discomfort with female-to-male transsexuals. Just something I hadn’t seen addressed here yet.

    1. As the gender caste system effects females and males vastly differently (oppressing one and benefiting the other), so the reasons for attempting to abandon one’s sex manifest very differently. There are very few females that become sexually aroused from”crossdressing” for example, or from wearing male masks. There is a cursory answer to this question tacked onto the end of the newer “Transgender Tropes 101” post at the top of the page.

      1. Has more to do with it today than it used to, gallus. It’s because of the steadily blurring lines between cross-dressers and fetishists, as opposed to those who simply want to exist as closely to the opposite sex as they can. You may find this very informative, as Cathy has lived through the steady devolution of transsexualism.

      2. Not just that, but making trans vs. cis just creates a semi-new binary. As it stands, unless it’s something you do with your genitals, you should be able to do whatever you want, and trans is against that, as they state that female is largely about secondary sex characteristics (boobs, fake hormones, etc.), and social behavior (which is made up).
        Last time I checked, no one drives a car with their genitalia, and so logically both females and males should be able to drive, and should be equally considered good drivers, until and unless they prove otherwise. People often joke about how females are the ‘bad drivers’ but in the UK, men cause 75% of the traffic accidents.
        The truth is the truth, and is measureable; we cannot measure a trans person’s feelings, but we can measure their chromosomes, their genitalia, and their sexism.

  5. Stop hating on other peoples choices, because close minds, and self rightousness will end lives due to negative energy long before trans people with see any negative effects from their hormones.

    1. Erin I hit the wrong button and lost most of your comment! I’m posting the part that was saved because it basically states the jist of your comment anyway.

  6. I did not even know some of this stuff and one of my hobbies is learning about female biology. Thank you so much for this post gallusmag ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.S yay, now we can communicate in more than 130 characters ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I too am reading through your oeuvre. Every woman should read this, every rad fem. We know we are complex and every part of us necessary, but I think few of us know the fullness of it. You are a wonderful teacher.

  8. To respond to the above conversation about why can’t the trans just do what they want when no one is being hurt: Beside the young people being hurt by the trendy trans cult that feeds them lies and damages their bodies, any man who appropriates our identity and then fetishizes it and thereby adds to female oppression, is hurting all females. These men are doing tremendous damage to us as a community. Out of proportion to their numbers, they have gotten into power positions re-writing Lesbian history, representing us, and advising us. They are destroying our last female only space. And they give us mutilation and death threats.
    These men are also using and appropriating intersex identity, again trying to use people they are oppressing.
    Of course, the women claiming male identity are also harming us. They can’t ever be men, but they are both abandoning/betraying our community for whatever male privilege they can get, at also demanding they still be welcome in female only space.
    Only someone who doesn’t care at all for Lesbians, women, girls, and intersex people could not see all the damage the pretenders claiming “trans” identity are doing. It’s a right wing politics, and it’s spreading because of that.
    Jonathanan also continued the myth of the trans “suffering,” implying also that these men are suffering far worse than any girls of women, some of whom have been the victims of these men, I know we are supposed to believe that male suffering is the most serious, and certainly men appropriating our identity even more so. Part of fighting the trans cult and con is to challenge every myth about trans that their supporters try to spread.

  9. Not just that, but it’s the uterus and the female sex that has been used to enslave women. After all, if women weren’t generally capable of getting pregnant, would men enslave them? Would it have been possible, since 1) no women would have been trafficked for the purpose of producing a child 2) women wouldn’t get sick/ill from pregnancy, or die in childbirth, and 3) women wouldn’t menstruate, and so wouldn’t get sick then either.
    (Yes, I know, not all women have bad periods/pregnancies, and some women are infertile, but wait for the second part).
    Once women’s role as child-producers was codified into human societies, what happened next? Well, first, any women who didn’t want kids was stigmatized/stopped, second, women’s duties became increasingly limited to the house and home and children, third, those women who COULDN’T reproduce were considered worthless, the same as the old women.
    Even if the male was/is the one with the reproductive problem, his wife was/is often blamed.
    Comparatively, transwomen are men, and so aren’t ever expected to get pregnant. As for transmen, the same rules don’t apply to men about their fertility (they don’t get in trouble for being sterile like women do), so it’s a non-issue.
    So yes, having a uterus/growing up with people pushing the ‘babies/housewife’ on you is important, and it stems from being female, and having a uterus. Most people don’t know if a female child will be infertile at say, age 5, but imagine if they did. Now, we’ve managed to get rid of the ‘housewife’ thing a bit, yet I remember in highschool (only a few years ago), and in uni., everyone expects me as a female to like babies, and I don’t. Why do they assume I’ll like babies? Because I have a uterus. They don’t treat my male peers the same.

  10. Wow, I didn’t know those organs did so much stuff. When I was a kid I saw a special on breast cancer and a woman who’d had a mastectomy and I seriously thought “I hope I get breast cancer”. I WAS A KID. Buuuut even now as an adult I kind of always thought it would be an easy choice, if getting rid of the breasts meant getting rid of the cancer. I wouldn’t be one of those people who tries to hold on to them, and mourns when they have to go. But now I guess I’ll think of them a little different. Thanks.

  11. Your complete disrespect of referring to ftm MEN as women is disgusting, if you’re going to be a transphobic shit then at least refer to ftm men as men.

    1. It isn’t “transphobic” to acknowledge that F2T women like yourself are female. Thanks for reading and leaving a disrespectful comment, you shit.

      1. I am a person who deeply believes that women are completely equal to men. To me the isn’t anything a man can do that a women can not. I am a strong feminist and will always be. I am also a FTM. I did not transition because I thought being female would make me less of a person or that there is anything wrong with the female body. I believe the female body to be beautiful and sacred. I am not nor have I ever felt female. My internal world does not match my physical body and that is what causes the issue. The amount of distress, shame, hurt, and so much else from feeling different because the body does not match the gender is what many many transgendered people struggle with every day.
        No one has the right to tell anyone who they are or should be. I support your fierce struggle in a patriarchal world but know this article is horribly offensive to a person like me who has had to prove over and over and over again that my choices for my body are legitimate and certainly not done so lightly. I don’t believe that female body parts are expendable in any way shape or form.
        It’s true that they’re are any long term studies showing what the risks are for using hormones or surgically removing parts of the body because the medical profession doesn’t care.
        I would ask that you think very carefully about this issue and truly listen to those who have decided to make changes as not many ever take them lightly.
        No one should have the power to tell someone to so something to their body or not to. It is in that persons right as it is their body. I argue the same point for women reproductive rights. No one has the right to make that decision other than the person whose body it is.

      2. โ€œThe amount of distress, shame, hurt, and so much else from feeling different because the body does not match the gender is what many many transgendered people struggle with every day.โ€
        I take great offense at the idea that bodies should match genders. It is like a slap in the face and a great harm to me. This is incredibly offensive to me as a woman and the concept causes me great distress. I find this premise to be outrageously offensive. Stop doing that. I would ask that you truly listen to women who are gravely harmed by your idea that gender should match the body.
        โ€œThe amount of distress, shame, hurt, and so much else from feeling differentโ€
        So you feel different. Tough shit. What are you, some insane conformist? Donโ€™t come to a blog written by a lifetime bull-fucking-dagger and whine to me about feeling different you whiny baby. Whaaaaaaa! Woman-up or shut the fuck up crybaby. Boring-ass medico-industrial norm-bait.


        1. Huh that’s sad. I thought you were an adult who could have reasonable discourse about ideas. Clearly you are just another fearful bigot. If your response to someone is to personally attack them for saying what they think is right then you are one very sad, lonely closed minded person with a very narrow world view. I don’t need to attack you to share thoughts or an opinion.

      4. Fearful bigot? Fearful of what? Self-hating crybabies who can’t handle being “different”? Dream on. It is you who are intolerant. Of women, and obviously by extension yourself. Sad. Keep shooting that Vitamin T “Jack”. Good luck with that gender matching body project. Ta.

      5. “I take great offense at the idea that bodies should match genders.”
        Thank you so much for this, GallusMag. This is at the root of so much of my discomfort as well. I can kinda understand the idea that some people might have actual body dysphoria about their genitalia for whatever reason (just as some people have anorexia, and some people want to lose a leg), but just on a general basis, I don’t see why there should even BE a concept of “trans” (never mind “cis”) at all, surely any thought pattern you can have and any genitalia configuration you can have is a valid human pattern, if some human exists with that pattern! Even if it’s very minority, it’s okay as it is!
        (….don’t say I have to or “should” “want to” change my genitalia, y’know? That’s what got me into this…)
        Love this blog, btw. It is a breath of fresh air, though I can only make feeble comments at it.

    2. The truth is this comment is a sign of male entitlement. You grew up wrapped in privilege and still are. You think women should every little thing to be ‘nice’ and coddle you. Well guess what? Feminists could CARE LESS about making you feel comfortable while you appropriate womanhood! Despite your self identification as a woman which means nothing you are obviously an entitled little shit. We will go on and keep calling men men. Unlike pseudo activism groups like trans we actually fight real battles and ‘humans rights’ to us does not mean men’s entitlement to demand to be in female spaces. We tell the truth about men!

  12. Well said, Gallus Mag, and thank you for being such a proud poverty class Bull Dyke! Talk about fear and courage? Your surviving is courageous, your speaking out even while getting death threats is courageous, your saying no to the cult line is courageous.
    What’s with the “sad, lonely” etc. projection of those who oppose common sense and Radical Lesbian Feminism? It’s a common tack and way off. We have a strong and warm international community. Any time, day or night, friends and support are there. Meanwhile, we are seeing how sad and lonely women who are pretending to be men are. Het women don’t want them and Lesbians don’t either since they think they are better than us. That’s why so many want access still to rare women only space, even though they say they aren’t women.
    And what sane woman would not feel upset being in an objectified and often abused and raped body in this patriarchy? The answer is not to try to join with those who are in the power position oppressing girls and women. When an F2T I know said she didn’t want to be raped anymore, I asked her why she wants to ally with and be perceived as the rapist caste. Even if all men don’t rape (though I believe most would if they thought they could get away with it, which is why so many rape animals who can’t report it), maleness and men are still the image of a possible attacker. No woman and many men don’t feel safe seeing what appears to be a man walking behind them at night. As a Butch, I never identify with the grotesque plastic-surgered, made up, toxic silicon imitation breast implanted patriarchal media images of “women,” but I also do not want ever to be considered male.
    The fear is not having the guts to be a proud women and instead opting for male privilege.
    But the reality is that it’s an impossible fantasy, as realistic as a woman wanting to change species. It’s not about your saying what “someone can do with their own body” — it’s about that all the synthetic hormones and surgery money can buy cannot make a man out of a woman. No one looking at the body of an F2T would be fooled. So it’s a sad fantasy of pretending to be something that is impossible. And luckily their mind and spirit doesn’t transition either. As infuriating as they are, their words never sound like a man. (I’m not just meaning the cartoon chipmunk voice, but their writing.)

  13. Ftm are not self hating people. I get what you are saying in your essay but please do not assume that this is the idea that all trans men have about the female body because it is not.

  14. I know this is old, but this is fantastic! Thank you for showing that there’s more to female anatomy than simply breeding purposes.
    This is a form of internalized misogyny. At least with a tubal, it’s not affecting your hormones. It’s just blocking the bridge so egg can’t meet sperm.

  15. Hi! I love your post. I know it’s old, but I just came to it because a feminist from Brazil translated it. Could you please share the sources you used on the article?

    1. Looks like I cited the Mayo Clinic seven years ago, but I’m sure you can find more current sources. I’m happy to do it for you if you send me a check. Looking forward to it! Thanks so much.

  16. wait was mr potato head an inaccurate model for biology???? I was so sure I could just add and subtract parts willy nilly! damn!

  17. Wow, you threw those way out of context. I know plenty of women who havent suffered any physical problems AT ALL from having a total MASTECTOMY due to breast cancer, or having a HYSTERECTOMY & OOPHORECTOMY, & cervix removed. Only symptoms, minute depression for 3 months after the procedure, soreness for up to 6 months and a little dryness having sex. Did you know that a lot of women need to use a lubricant regardless of hormones or ever having surgery? Or how bout the considerarion that low dose HRT is available for everyone. And not everyone has problems after they have a procedure. You are throwing these possiblities out as a scare tactic and that is shameful.
    Yes, hormones are reduced and the depression felt is stress that happens from “MOST” invasive surgeries. Your norepinespherine, & dopimine in flux with reduced sex hormones. Its a normal cause and effect caused by surgery. Everyone goes into surgery educated on what might happen.
    Stressing people out more with outlineing with the worst possible outcome… reduce chances of positive outcomes for readers looking to not be as stressed out. You are doing more harm than good. Telling people not to get surgery by telling them they are going to have major issues, is a falsehood that hurts women and transmen alike.
    These things you speak of are VERY RARE occurances.
    Transgender persons know the risks, and they are monitored and CLEARED for surgery prior to going into surgery. Meaning. Reviewed for the highest success rate and chances of not developing any problems.
    The goal for any patient is to send them into what ever surgery they need feeling CALM, with ALERT selfawareness. Those are anyone best chances. Best physical health possible going in, and going under, give you the best outcome after surgery.
    Dont mess with people like this. There are young people who will stumble upon this and commit suicide due to your lack of in depth consideration. Health awareness is best served when you have considered both physical and mental health, fully.
    Dont go misleading women, children, and worried parents. You make it worse, and waste peoples time.
    Both of my mothers, my aunts, all underwent surgeries & none of them has suffered bizarre consequences, & many years after they are still problem free. It all comes down to the “individuls” health proir to surgery. 2 of these women had cancer, and both are just fine. They had hormone therepy during surgical recovery. After that, it wasnt needed. They had comprehensive care. That is very important. Just as chooseing with your physician the right surgeon for your specific needs is important.

    1. “..There are young people who will stumble upon this and commit suicide due to your lack of in depth consideration…”
      To everyone who commits suicide because of this post:
      Please don’t leave a big mess for someone else to clean up. Thanks.

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