T-Mod Girls: Tweeners, Trenders and Fun with Censorship and Death Threats

Butch Pride blogger and spoken-word artist “Dirt” has been blogging for some time now about the teen/tweener transgender trend. Girls who believe that rejection of increasingly constrictive female norms means they “must be male”. They rightfully refuse to be “treated like girls” in all the ways gender is inflicted upon them. These girls don’t want to act out a “female” role in relationships with boys (understandably), but don’t want to be marginalized as the gender-non-conforming women that they are. Or they don’t want to be “othered” as lesbians because their only images of lesbians in mainstream media are presented as goony or the weird androids of male lesbo-porn. Femininity-rejecting females simply DO NOT EXIST in the media reflection that is so important to children and teens in western culture. These kids want to fit into social norms. Wear the right brands, get the right haircuts, look like the people in magazines.  “Transgender” has a certain cachet, a certain alterna-cool about it for those in middle school and high school years. Declaring one’s trans status is like getting the ultimate super-cool tattoo or piercing body mod and provides girls with “special” status and treatment among their peers as well as school officials, employers, parents and other authorities. This “special” status in the age of reality TV has commercial value, both actual and abstract. Among this Generation Z crowd, girls who state they are transgender can test some forms of male privilege and reject the misfit role of female nonconformity, as long as they strongly affirm traditional gender roles and male supremacy and deny that they actually exist as female.
And there is a whole decade of testosterone injecting “elders”, moon-faced  bearded and hirsute, (except for their estrogen-starved preternaturally balding heads), who realize they are now alone in a drug and surgery induced limbo, not male but no longer recognizably female, who are egging on and supporting this trend in the belief that greater numbers will equal a larger community for them to occupy comfortably. “I realize now I don’t fit in with anyone but you guys” is an oft heard refrain among the Testosterone-modders.
The trans tweener trenders bond and encourage online via YouTube groups and web forums which function much like pro-ana, pro-mia, and trans-abled communities, encouraging dysphoria and censoring questioning and dissent.
These are the issues Dirt’s been blogging about and she’s been getting quite a response from the trans trend community, including a coordinated attempt by trans trenders on facebook, tumbler, livejournal (who knew anyone still used livejournal) and twitter to actually get her blog REMOVED from Blogspot. Several blogs have sprung up to refute Dirt’s perspective or to protest her right to express it, including one blogger, Lorretta W. who claims they are an “online security professional” who promises to forward Dirt’s personal info, name and home address to people that email her, and sends it to anyone who publishes Dirt online in an effort to promote stalking and terrorism of feminist trans-questioning. She states her confusion about how Dirt “dresses like a man” as reason for her actions. Here are some recent comments as a result:
Anonymous said…thanks loretta for the address. now i can spread my christmas cheer to dirt!!!
Anonymous said…
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December 17, 2010 6:42 PM
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adindistr said…
@dirt 4:47 HAHAHA dirt I’ve seen you irl and you barely top 5 feet. No doubt just about anyone could whip your butt in 2 minutes flat
Here’s an example of a trans-trender instructing females that are not “girly” enough that they must be “male”:
Anonymous said…you are aware that you fall under the umbrella term ‘transgender’ considering you don’t conform to the gender binary by being butch?
That’s it- whoever doesn’t conform to old-fashioned gender stereotypes is “transgender”. There are no femininity-rejecting females or masculinity-rejecting males, according to these folks. And if you disagree- these online creeps will stalk you at your home and threaten you with beatings and death!
Male privilege is a pretty addictive drug. Especially for young women who have not yet come to terms with the state of the world around them and are only able to see the small picture. Like all males, these aspiring-to-maleness girls need to wield that dominating oppressive privilege on someone. These girls that feel too powerless conformist and impotent to survive in their female skins and to create real change in society. There seems to be a really high correlation between girls who strongly conformed to restrictive old-fashioned female gender norms and those who “transition” into modifying their appearance to disguise their sex. Years ago kids would create social movements to break down oppressive systems. Now they disguise themselves as members of the ruling class and embrace the same discriminatory systems that have oppressed them. Beyond merely bowing to male supremacy they’ve become active perpetrators.

12 thoughts on “T-Mod Girls: Tweeners, Trenders and Fun with Censorship and Death Threats

  1. I notice how you make no mention of the transsexuals who have defended Dirt against the behavior of these spoiled brats, inclusive of myself. Highly accurate and nonbiased reporting there… sarcasm intended.
    Is there really a need for another censorship-favoring echo chamber of a so-called feminist blog that paints all transsexuals as bad people or worse? Doesn’t the Internet have enough of these already?
    If that isn’t your intent, you certainly have an odd way of showing it with such selective opinions.
    I must admit I am astounded at how right lesbian/radical feminists insist they are, while they are busy clearing away any viewpoints which demonstrate otherwise.

    1. If you consider it necessary to state that not EVERY transsexual responds to feminism critique of gender with murderous threats than I will state so. Not EVERY transsexual responds to feminist critique of gender with violent threats. Enjoy your cookie.

      1. I was merely looking for a more fair version of events, since I am among those who get bitched out, harassed, and called a traitor for taking Dirt’s side at all. Defying the trans hive mind is strictly forbidden.

  2. Have you investigated transgender people beyond Dirt’s blog? I’m sorry you see them so negatively. Let me see if I can explain my perspective on it – I hope you’re willing to hear me out.
    FTMs are not upset because they do not fit into the typical image of females. Or at least, not true FTMs. There are many FTMs who are in fact feminine, with eyeliner and manicures, and they date men. They were never “butch.” It would make no sense for them to transition because of societal roles, because they see more media examples of women like them than men like them. They move from the comfortable position of a healthy straight woman to the highly uncomfortable position of a gay man who is anatomically abnormal. They realise the potential negative effects of testosterone, the high violence rate against transgender people, and the fact that they may lose the support of their family, friends, and government. They transition because even if everyone else finds them beautiful, even if they see a pretty girl in the mirror, that’s not what they want. They dream as men, and wake up surprised at what they find. It’s as if a woman had a penis sewn onto her – she will always know it’s not meant to be there.
    Contrary to the image depicted by you and Dirt of trans as a trend, there is no trans crowd or even visibility in my area, or anywhere nearby. I have met two or three transwomen, in their 20s and 30s, within a 2 hour radius of my town, and only one transman, 6 hours away. In New York, 1/3 of trans youth are disowned and kicked out of their homes. 1/2 attempt suicide, nationwide. Peers are slightly more accepting than older generations, but bullying of trans teens is practically universal. Trans people cannot visit certain countries for fear of death. The insurance system has denied transmen coverage of both male and female exclusive treatments. Saying transgender people are transitioning because it’s cool is like saying depressed people commit suicide for the glory.
    Also, you misunderstand the “trans-trender” last quoted. “Transgender” is in fact an umbrella term, and it doesn’t mean that everyone who is trans is the opposite gender of their birth sex. It involves people who are “genderqueer” and enjoy presenting as both male and female at different times. Trans = transcending. Transcending gender norms. You can be masculine and still be female, of course, but many people self identify as both butch and trans, because they’re proud that they go outside of “binary” – the idea of two, restrictive gender roles. They weren’t at all instructing girls that they’re male if they’re not feminine, simply saying that transcendence of gender, to some extent, even applies to Dirt.
    I’m curious – how do you explain transwomen? With this idea of it as a trend, embracing the oppressive privileged gender, transwomen would be acting contrary to logic. They not only withstand the same discrimination as FTMs, but they willingly give up male privilege. They accept that they may never fit the ideal of female beauty. It’s a difficult world for them, and transmen too, regardless of what you say.

    1. NikSebastian- I’m going to use your comment, and respond at length in a whole new post which will be titled: “Transgender Tropes 101”. You pretty much run through most of them here. Thank you.
      P.S. Why do so many trans people adopt new DOUBLE names for themselves? Like Kayden Alexander, Jennifer Christine, etc. Is it because they have trouble choosing just one or does the doubling of traditionally opposite sexed names confer additional opposite sexed “identity” among those trying to “pass”?

      1. I’ll be interested to read it, glad you’re taking the time to respond.
        I don’t have a double name, I go by Nick. Sebastian’s just my middle name and I add it for some things, since “nik” alone is too short to work as a username. 🙂

    2. Sebastian, if trans as a term means so many things, then in the end it means nothing. You can’t be both a butch woman and trans – it would be like being an invisible pink unicorn.
      Trans*gender* is not about transcending gender, it’s about making even moregender! First we had two genders, now we have 100. “Divide et impera”

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