4 thoughts on “Top Boys/Girls Toys for Xmas 2010

  1. You know what? I find both quite nice, but I prefer the plane. I’d prefer it even more if it was a starship.
    I don’t see why a girl can’t play with a model plane (I always desired a remote control plane!), or a boy with colorful plastic bands depicting sea animals.

  2. Yeah the pocket RC copter is pretty cool- I may have to actually pick one up after the holidays for myself 😛
    I was thinking the band things were really lame, and who the FUCK would want them, but someone told me there is this whole communal social thing around them where girls collect certain ones, and trade the ones they don’t want amongst their friends, there’s a whole social collector trading culture around them. As opposed to the mini RC which looks totally fun for the operator but isn’t very interactive unless you count tormenting other humans (and pets).

  3. The inevitable evo-psych spin:
    The girls trade bands amongst themselves because they are naturally cooperative and relational. (Oh, vomit.)
    If boys were trading the bands, it would be because their brains are hardwired for systematizing — in this case systematizing little rubber bracelets.
    Same behavior, different gender bullshit to explain it.

    1. Ha! Good one! You’re right, some douchebag probably would extrapolate that sort of thing from my simple comment about a toy having additional play value beyond what is seen with the naked eye.

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