The Science of Male Reproduction

BIG NEWS today- scientists using stem cell experimentation have produced offspring in mice using DNA from two males. Gay males rejoice! Of course they still have to implant the egg into some poor female’s womb.

Or maybe NOT. Scientists are hard at work figuring out how to insert cadaver uteri into males for purposes of male childbearing. With cloning, stem cells and transplantation, male dreams of motherhood can’t be too far off.

8 thoughts on “The Science of Male Reproduction

  1. Just pointing out that most male-assigned people who want to carry babies would be trans women, who would not be described as “men” or “male.”

  2. Male is a linguistic designation of biological fact regardless of one’s feelings.
    It’s interesting that some males consider conception gestation and childbirth “carrying babies”.

    1. Biological sex is not an “identity”. Neither is gender.
      Sex denotes one’s reproductive function. Gender is a system of oppression that is inflicted on the basis of appearance by external, not internal forces.

  3. Oh, nice. A comment I did back on the 10th is still awaiting moderation? And you talk about censorship on the dirt post, but feel free to censor my simple comment?

    1. Sorry nome I somehow missed your comment in que. Thanks for the attitude! Oh, and comparing your comment left in que to the experience of a woman being stalked and threatened with death and having her voice silenced? Nice.

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